One of the things I love about writing Violet’s ability is coming up with the echoes of the dead because I can let my imagination run wild. I literally have lists of ideas, and I’ll write them down on anything: scraps of paper, receipts, my hand, depending on where I am when inspiration strikes. The best part, they’re totally random!

Some are better than others, like: Brain-freeze

And others…maybe not so good, like: Cat breath

Usually, I just come across something in my everyday life that, for whatever reason, has an impact. Like the smell of sunscreen, which triggers these great childhood memories of hot summer days, Popsicles, and swimming pools with too much chlorine.

Will these “echoes” actually make it into the books? Who knows. (Okay, cat breath…probably not.) But I love the randomness of them.

So here’s what I want from you (you knew this was coming, didn’t you???), I want to know what echoes you can come up with. Be serious or be ridiculous. Be succinct or long-winded. I don’t care, just be creative!

The Echoes of the Dead Contest will run until Feb. 10th, when I will choose one random winner to receive a signed, FINISHED copy of Desires of the Dead along with this brand-spanking-new Desires of the Dead cinch bag!

AND! I may just use one of your “echoes” in an upcoming book!

C'mon, you know you wanna!!!!


MTR said…
When I think of echos I think of a new book smell or the first day or spring when everything is in bloom and sunny.

xkenaix said…
The 'echo' that I get is when I smell a certain washing powder it reminds me of when my husband and I first got together and I would snuggle into his jumpers.
Dog farts
The feel of feathers on your skin
The taste of cake batter
Bakery smell
The feel of cat litter under your feet
The feel of a cat’s tongue against your skin
The gushy in your mouth feel and taste of Oreo cookies soaked in milk
Paint fumes in the nose
Burning flesh
If Violet starts having more visual echoes, then totally seeing a girl get burned at the stake for being a witch.
Salt water
Having a heart attack


Love this contest, Kim! And yay release! Congrats!
Jessica Secret said…
For me, it's always emotions that stick with me. Like the super-light-yet-heavy feeling you get when the guy you like compliments you that you can never seem to reproduce any other way. :)

shutupjessicasreading @ gmaildotcom
.Ambur. said…
Things that stick with me are usually smells. But sounds, and feelings kind of bring back 'echos' to me I guess too.
Smells like:
-mint gum (I absolutely LOVE this smell!)
-wet dog smell
-coffee brewing
-fresh cut grass
-the old fashioned ring for telephones, like from phonebooths or the rotary dial phones.
-a fire alarm bell
-the part in the Little Mermaid when Ariel trades her voice to the sea witch and she sings the long note 'ahhhahhhahhh' (not sure if that one makes much sense lol)
And some feelings:
-the deja vu feeling
-sand or mud between your toes :)

And I feel bad for Violet if she ever gets a brain freeze echo...she didn't even get to enjoy ice cream for that :P it is a really awesome idea though :D

Diane J. said…
A dank musty smell. It reminds me of the dirt cellar in the house I grew up in Montana. It was built in 1909 and the barn out back (which was older than the house) still had the gun slats in it and bullet holes.

Anyway the cellar was under the hallway floor and we rarely used it, but a few of my moms attempts at canning were stored down there.

It was freaky lifting the heavy wooden floor and using a small thin pipe to hold it in place. The stairs were rickety and, of course, it was dark and the bulb that hung from a lone piece of twine wrapped wire was never bright enough.

There was a dark section off to the left under the stairs, more of a mini cave/hole than an actual section of the cellar. I hated it, it always scared me and I swear the damp musty smell was stronger in that area.

After my older sister and I fought about who would walk to the shelf and grab a jar of peaches (we didn't trust each other, I always thought she would shut the floor on me and vise versa) my mother would give up and go get the fruit.

That only happened a few times, and the last 5 years we lived their I don't recall any of us going back down there.

So, yea, that was long, sorry.
Chloe said…
-Feeling of falling
-Feeling of catching raindrops/snowflakes on tongue (including coldness)
-Smell of seawater
-Smell of nail polish
-Smell of overpowering deodorant/body spray
-Taste of burnt toast
-Taste of wasabi (or something really spicy)
-Taste of Vi's favorite or least favorite food
-Taste of salt or sugar
-Sound of ripping paper
-Sound of breaking glass
-Sound of wind chimes
-Sound of children laughing
Diane J. said…
Um, whoops, I meant there not "their".
These are awesome! Keep 'em coming...I see some serious potential here!!!!
Looksie Lovitz said…
The texture of mushy slimy mushrooms in your mouth. This is why I can't eat them. Flavor has nothing to do with it.

That feeling of having bugs all over you. Once you find one, every itch feels like it's a bug. I hate that.

the sound of the ocean roaring in your ears. It kind of dulls out all the other sounds.

Getting a hot flash. I get really hot at night and I'm always looking for cold spots. Who doesn't?

normally when I think the word 'echo' I'm thinking of a cave full of bats that are flapping around your head. And that noise and the breeze you feel coming from their wings is freaking scary. There was a bat in my house once. They get so close!

That's all I got! Thanks. That was kinda fun. :)
Jay said…
Thanks for the great contest, can't wait to read the book!
-The smell of books
-The smell or fresh fall air
-The feel of soft fur when your petting your pet
- That feeling when your on a roller coaster and your stomach lifts into your throat
Britta said…
~Tingling when your foot falls asleep
~Smell of apple pie
~Sudden blurry/fuzzy vision
~feel/hear breath in your ear (I hate that!)
~ Smell of roses
~ Taste of honey
~Smell of cigarets (yuck- and maybe she doesn't notice at first cuz it is a common scent)
~ shrill laughter
~ Feel of sand between toes (like a the beach)
~ Sudden energy/excitement so great that she just wants to scream/run

Those were just a few that came to mind. And I don't know if any of these were in the books. The only one I clearly remember is the flashing light.

Britta :)
Ana Lucia said…
-Smell of damp earth (when first rain after summer)
-Freshly brewed coffee
-Some old wooden houses (the smell when you first enter the house).
-The smell of clothes dried in the sun (is so fresh and clean)

Is all I can think of so far, fingers crossed I'm the most random person =)

Buster815 said…
My first idea of an Echo Violet could come across would be a woman who Violet sensed an echo from that smelt like newborn babies. This Echo made Violet feel unsettled the exact unsettled emotions she feels when she visits hospitals. Which was the exact reason she avoided those places. But this was a strong echo not a light echo that people like Jay's mum had carried around. Violet had a strong feeling come across her. it was like she was being told she couldnt ignore this echo. This was a dangerous idea but she just couldnt ignore it.
Alison said…
Oooohhh awesome contest! Thanks a ton! I'm loving everyone else's (:

I thought for a little bit and came up with a few. Hopefully they're good...?

-Butterflies in the stomach
I'm pretty sure everyone gets that feeling. And you can get it before having to present in class or because you like a cute guy...I think this one would be pretty cool.

-Vibration (waitt, can you feel?)
Haha I don't know about adults, but a ton of teens put their phones on vibrate. A lot of classmates text in school (I don't!) and some phones vibrate low enough that it doesn't makea sound). And so maybe since Violet is a teen, it would be common...

Ummm haha that's pretty much what I came up with. Hope they inspire something better!

Lexie said…
Music is always what pulls me back to a different time or place. I associate music with certain events in my life and I always feel nostalgic after I listen to it later in life.
Tegan said…
When I think about friends, theres always a song that goes with them, weather it be there ring tone on my phone, or there fav song.

When i think about my mom I think about her perfume that she's wore since before I was born. the smell echos in me.

My sister, I think of the smell of candles, even after she leaves, the smell of them still rings through, me, personal scents, I guess is what i am going for.

When I think about the past I can taste the pizza even though there is nothing I have had in a while
Judy S said… when you open the can - it never tastes like it smells!
...freshly mown grass
...a dictionary
...clothes dried outside carpet
...a pine forest
...vanilla candles powder
...just snuffed out candles
...spring rain
...walking barefoot in the garden
...jet fuel
...bus exhaust makes me think of the city where I grew up
...the sound of rain on a tent or a trailer
...baking bread or rolls
...chalk squeaking on a blackboard
...smell of permanent markers
...feel of butterfly kisses
Some of these are lovely and some not so much!
- Baby vomit
- A dog's tongue on your toes
- Sour milk
- The sound of a plane crash (I once witnessed the Canadian Snowbirds - "Demonstration Team" of Pilots - crash years ago) is not only a lingering sound but an image burned into my subconscious
- The smell of fresh cut grass
- The 'hospital' smell

There are so many other ones up there that are good! Many I would have mentioned myself LOL!

Thanks for the amazing contest!
This is an awesome contest! Smells are always an echo for me. Especially food smells, because well... I'm greedy :)

Here are a few echos...

1. The smell of burnt spaghetti
2. Vanilla Frosting
3. Oatmeal Cake (my dad bought me one after I was wrongly spanked at my pre-school)
4. BBQ Sauce
5. Cheetohs- (I got my teeth pulled out and had to gum these for hours because I wanted them so bad)
6. Burnt bacon
7. Banana Now and Laters (a traumatic school bus experience accompanies this smell...) food accompanies some bad times for me.

Thanks again for the contest!
I keep thinking of a barn - the smell of dust, horses, manure, and hay as they all blend together.

Freshly baked cookies or even someone singing off in the distance...

I don't know. There are way too many things that could be echoes.

Love this contest. Can't wait for Desires of the Dead to come out! :)

Whenever I walk into a library the musty smell always reminds me of the old librarian who kept telling me that once I started reading the world would expand a great deal of my knowledge. And that once I learned to read I would be a force to be reckoned with. And Boy was she right, although I was the last kid in my kindergarten class to learn how to read I was the first to go straight to chapter books!
Orchid said…
A song that you've heard a thousand times, yet still can't get enough of. ^_^

Congrats on the upcoming release of Desires of the Dead.

Lena said…

*vomiting butterflies and daisies
*having your arm hair and eye lashes turn into rainbow colors
*the taste of bread pudding

Hmm...that's all I can think of!

*crosses fingers and hopes*

Sharon S. said…
baby powder (my children)
wood burning fires (fall)
songs from the 80's (remind me of long ago loves)
smell of:
bread baking
old books
new books
new car
the ocean
sea weed
moth balls
tooth paste

sound of:
rain hitting the roof
fly buzzing
dogs growling
slippers rubbing on sand on concrete
air conditioner
chain links
branch breaking
um.....zombie camp.....GO!
Heather said…
These would be great echoes:

-Smell of salt water
-Sound of waves crashing into the beach
-Feel of the air after a hot summer rain
-Butterfly feeling in your stomach
-Smell of a man who has worked hard outside all day
-seeing the color that leaves give off right before a thunderstorm.

I think that is all I have for right now!!

Thanks for what you do!!!!
Kristina said…
Just last week I was walking through my parents property where I grew up playing in the woods. I brought my camera with me to take some pictures of random things that I use to play on. I wish I could add some of those pictures, but I'll try to describe them and my feelings.
The greatest play areas were the giant stumps of trees that were burnt and started to grow new trees on them. My favorite one in particular is about 4 feet tall and 3 feet round with huckleberry bushes on top. As a kid we would play house on those stumps, eat all the huckleberries and jump onto the tree next to it and climb well over 15 feet. We would jump off the trees or stumps from 5 ft high landing on the balls of our feet and then running down the little hill to the huge tree that had a rope swing and jump off the little log and fling ourselves over the big muddy puddle. Now the tire swing is covered in dead leaves on the ground.
Seeing all those stumps and all the fun time we had climbing over them, jumping off them was awesome. There was the Robin's Nest that one was 10 feet tall and we had attached a little rope to help climb it and only certain people were allowed onto that one (me being the dictator)! The Elephant fort was another very cool one! It truly did look like an elephant the trunk was a cut branch, to the side were two intends that looked like eyes and it was cut as well so there were ears and a big hole under the trunk that you go through and in the mouth.
Seeing all those places always brings me back to greatest times in my childhood.
Joy,Running, playing, climbing, jumping, trees, burnt stumps, huckleberries, dirt and cuts
It really is memory overload when I visit those areas and I love it!
What can I say I love trees and green and I won't ever leave Washington!
I only wish I have photos of what it use to look like.

Yep that was a bit winded, I could have gone longer but Ill stop. :)
Llehn said…
Freshly baked cinnamon rolls :D

ReviewerRachel said…
My most powerful 'echo' only a slightly modified story at the end.
*summons courage*
I was seven years old, at the beach, in a motel with a huge bay window. Outside, you could see the waves crashing to my Californian shore. I was quite short, so I bent over the back of the white wicker chair to see the view. It was a tad painful, but I couldn't tear my eyes away from the blue beauty. My grandfather came over with his signature limp. The limp came from an farm accident, it didn't hurt him anymore, but he was ever using it for sympathetic humor. He lifted me up to his strong torso, and for a minute, my eyes left the waves to look at his eyes. They were just as blue as the water, the same ones I had inherited. I continued my vigil. "Aren't those waves so beautiful?" I nodded my bleach blond hair up and down on the speed only a kid could reach. He chuckled, but it was short lived. He said in seriousness "That's why, when I die, I wanted to be burried in the ocean." As a kid, I just thought that it was a smart choice. Why would someone pick dirt over that ocean? But now, I know so much more...
9 years after-
The wish would be unfulfilled. I knew why, it caused me tears many nights. I even knew who. The worst kind of perp, not the one that just killed you and got it over with. No, it was the kind that disected you over a long period of time, the ones that stabbed you in the back again, and again. One at a time took your spirit, your trust, your morale, then your heart, perhaps they even took my soul. Until the only thing left was memory. I was going to use my memories. I was going to stop them. Even if it killed me, just like my grandfather.
Valia Lind said…
Oh there are so many!
*Smell of snow
*Smell of rain
*The smell of cooked beats always remind me of home
*Taste of parsley
*Taste of grass...yes grass...reminds me of when I was a little girl and chased cranes with my cousin. We hid in the grass for hours.

I can go on and on lol
Sharli said…
Smells usually sticks with me:
- coffee brewing
- old books at the library
- someone's cologne
- something baking
- burnt toast
- clean sheets
- coconut sunscreen
- new clothes
- bubble gum
- leather
- movie theater
- brand new notebook

But also stuff like:
- eating ice cream in cold weather
- A song (or singer) that reminds you of someone
- being carried by a wave
- the feel your fingers tangled in someone's hair
- singing in the shower

So yeah, there you go... I hope that was helpful :P
Thanks for the contest!
buddyt said…
If the giveaway is open worldwide, I would love to enter.

Smells that come to mind for me are:

Newly mown grass
The smell of earth after a rainstorm
Wet dogs (and cats, I suppose)
Popcorn in a pan
The first flowers of spring on a tree.


Carol T

buddytho {at} gmail DOT com
Rambling Wraith said…
Things that imprint on me to the point that they actually echo are:
The smell of wild honeysuckle=childhood
A certain song that was playing at one of those alomst perfect moments.
The treacly sweet taste of pancakes on Saturday morning, on which I used so much maple syrup I got a tummy ache.
A particular movie that makes you think of that certain someone you saw it with the first time and you miss them.
A stuffed animal given to you by the only boy you ever loved, and when you hug him, his phantom cologne still haunts you.
The waxy smell of crayons and the feel of them as they press against the page.
Thx for the fun contest!
Buster815 said…
Another Echo could be:

The taste of Candy Corn! which would remind Violet of Halloween! knocking at peoples doors saying Trick R Treat! and receiving candy corns and other sweets
! and seeing all the Jack O Lanterns perfectly carved outside peoples houses. Then go home and stuff her face on candy corn and other delicious sweets until she felt sick and she could not eat anymore!
Nastya-Belikova said…
Ocean breeze after a stormy day, the salty smell of the waves, that crash against the sand.
A sand castle, crumbling under the pressure of a tractor.
An echo to me is a force of nature, a storm. Every moment of it seems to burn itself into my mind.
For instant-
-The blinding flash of lighning.
-The heart pounding hum of the thunder shaking the windows
-The sound of the footfalls of rain, trampling on your roof.
-Then, of course, the sound of the wind, howling to be let in.
Aeriell Choquette said…
I love this contest!

Smells that stick with me are:
*Smells like rain and cold (if that makes sense to anyone but me lol)
*The salty smell of the ocean

*The wind rustling the trees
*The cracking of a fire
*Classical music (I have a particular song but anything classical sticks)
*Ice cream truck music too

*A light breeze in spring that tickles your face
*The feeling of being surrounded by water when swimming underwater

Aeriell Choquette said…
Forgot... My email:
Ashes of burned flower petals floating in the breeze on a cold winter night.
banana83854 said…
I get an echo whenever I smell pine trees. It reminds me of Christmas! <3
Jessy said…
The smell of chocolate chip cookies.
The sound of an airplane going overhead.
A baby crying
A snake slithering

findjessyhere at gmail dot com
jeannette said…
the feeling of the sun on my bare skin as i drive down the highway with the windows down and sunroof open...even if it's the middle of winter, the warmth of the sun can make it feel like summer again.

mrsjbruce at gmail dot com
Samara said…
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Samara said…
Smells that always echo to me

*A campfire reminds me of nights at grandpas house curled up next to the grate for the wood burner.
*Spearmint anything is a reminder of grandpa after work (he used a spearmint rub to lessen the ache in his back)
*Baby lotion and snuggly yet sleepless nights with a newborn.
*Fresh cut grass brings back memories of summers running barefoot through the fields behind my house.

Some wonderful feelings that echo in a memory

*Butterflies from a soft kiss
*A baby's hand on your chest
*An ice cold drink of water after a run
*A tight embrace after someone has been gone or when you are feeling sad.
Sasha Switz said…
Some bad ones:

-the cold metal feeling of a gun pressed into your neck
-the plummetting feeling in your heart when you hear footsteps behind you and you thought you were alone
-the smell of burnt rubber
-the sound of breaking glass

Some good ones:

-the sound of rain when your falling asleep
-the smell that babies have right after you give them a bath
-the smell of coffee first thing in the morning
-the sound of your favorite song coming on the radio
-the smell of wet earth after it rains
-the feeling of just sinking into a warm bubble bath
Bwyatt said…
The smell of rain and fresh cut grass
the smell of cardboard boxes and packing tape (I've been moving all weekend and this is the 3rd time in a year and half!)
Monica said…
The smell after it rains
birds singing
waves crashing
someone tickling you
Dust motes
The taste of meatloaf
Noelli Spanelli said…
-the tinkling sound of a music box

-the feeling when someone whispers "I love you" in your ear

-the feeling you get when you are half asleep and wake up feeling like you're falling

- the excitement and anticipation when you open a present or a package

-comfort of cookies and warm milk

-the sound of waves crashing

-the taste of apple strudel bread

-the feeling you get when its raining (some people hate it, I love it) or the feeling of raindrops falling on you

-the tingly feeling of excitement you get when you win and awesome contest! (wink wink hint hint);)

thanks for the contest opportunity!
Noelli Spanelli said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Noelli Spanelli said…
oops ee daisies! forgot my email!


daisies, that makes me think of another one:

-running through a field of tall grass and flowers

-the way you feel when the one you love looks at you, like you want to believe in yourself

thanks again! :D crossing my fingers!!
GothGirl said…
The echo I remember from childhood is Fresh cookies, popcorn and fairy washing up liquid
Maria said…
Since I get allergies in the spring the echo would be the feeling you get when you have to sneeze but can't. I hate allergies!
Shani said…
the feel of fruit gushers bursting in your mouth
wet leaves tickling your toes
the clean, sweet smell of freshly chopped wood
getting goosebumps when someone runs their fingers through your hair
the feel of butterfly kisses against your cheek
the taste of your first ever fresh picked raspberry from your grandmother's bush
aintcoollol said…
the feel and scent of freshly washed sheets
the feel of a cat's tongue on your skin
Avery said…
-feel of Pop Rocks on your tongue
-taste of pickle juice
-that jumpy thing that you do right before you fall asleep (you know the one where you fall off of a curb or a soccer ball comes flying at your face)?
-the feeling that a bug is crawling on your skin
-the feeling of really sun burnt skin where your whole body feels on fire/ the skin is so tight that it hurts to move
-wiggly tooth feeling
-sound of nails on a chalkboard
-feeling that someone (usually someone creepy) is breathing on the back of your neck

Thanks for the contest!

Anonymous said…
Love the contest!
The things that echo are the
-smell of crayons
-smell of fish in the market
-smell of old books
-feel of clay
-feel of rough hands
-feel of a soft blanket
-sounds of the wind
-sound of an almost sneeze
-sound of heavy footsteps
jordandthomas said…
The feeling of sorrow yet happiness of losing a love one but you know they're in a better place now.
Anonymous said…
The feeling of little pin pricks all over
the sound of thunder
the sound and feeling of strong wind
the sound of crashing waves
the feeling of bass music

harlequinluv said…
The echo I would leave:
- The feel of a crocheted blanket wrapping around you
- the feel of rubbing against soft curls
- the smell of fresh baked snickerdoodles
- the taste of resess (yummy)
- smell of fresh cut apples
- sounds of laughter
- sound of someone sleeping
- sound of someone softly singing (preferably a girl singing)
Ala said…
When I think of an echo, I think mostly noises like howling wind. Love the contest! Can't wait to read!
cynthia said…
when i think of an echo i think of sound and feelings. like when u feel deja vu and when you hear a song and it brings back an emotion you felt when you first heard it. when you get up fast and get a headrush or when you smell the air after it rains and it reminds you of somthing thats what echos are to me
kel said…
Usually echos of songs come to me, they bring me back to a completely different place. For example the song Somewhere Only We Know imdediatly bring the memory of snow piled high out side, the cold crisp air of winter and the sun shining brightly. Even if I hear a few bars of guitar that match the song or a couple words from the chorus, thats the image I get.

Other things include the smell of polished wood. For me it brings the memory of our new house, completely empty, with no furniture anywhere. A few more are the smell of cinnimon, the crisp smell of winter when everything is frostest over, and the smell of honey and camomile tea.
For sounds, thunder crashing, the sound of a large branch breaking, the hollow sound of wind rushing thorugh a tunnel, and footsteps up creaky stairs.
I hope you like my ideas :)
fingers crossed for winning the book (:
wolfie 402 said…
Here are a few ideas:
The feel of spring grass under your bare feet
The feel of hands clawing at your back
The sound of a little kid singing ring around the rosie
Smelling baking bread (always a wonderful smell, unless it's burning O: )
The smell of the ocean
The feel of being buried in sand at the beach (it can be fun or scary)
Sometimes I ride my bike and I get to a point where I am going so fast that I get this little rush nd it just reminds of times where I used to be so care free. Or if I see a sea shell it reminds me of living by the beach, every time I see a semi truck I go into shock because that is what killed my aunt. When I bleed it reminds me of my dad hurting me.
There is this certain lip stain it has this powdery scent to it, it reminds me of my Olma's lip stain. There are so many echoes out there I wish I could list them all.
Amy Deatherage said…
Being a high school teacher, I thought of ones related to school. We have had a lot of suicides in our area related to school bullying or crazy stuff kids do to each other not realizing they are mortal.

Sound of the Pencil sharpener
Smell of pencil led
Sound of erasing
Sound of writing on the chalk board
Sound of clanking lockers & cafeteria trays
Sound of bells
Sound of a fire drill
Sound high school drum line
Old one --smell of purple mimeograph copies
Sound of clanking bells on Homecoming Mums (kind of a TX thing)
Smell of cut grass on the football field, locker room or a Homecoming bombfire

Love the 1st book. Can't wait for the new release.
Emily Rose said…
Thanks for the giveaway!

some of my echoes:

the smell of coffee (I really hate it, but it reminds me of all the times I've stayed the night at my boyfriend's house and woken up to that smell.)

The board game Clue because of all the Sunday afternoon's that my parents and my older siblings got together to play while dinner was cooking.

the Nightmare before Christmas soundtrack because it reminds me of senior year in high school when I wrote the show for our competing winterguard team.

The album 'Seattle Sessions' by the Classic Crime, because that's what was on when my boyfriend first told me he loves me. (incidentally, also when I lost my V-card.)

the song 'I'll be there for you' always reminds me of watcing the TV show Friends every night with my roommate.

the smell of really, really good chocolate.

the smell of nyquil, from driving my sick boyfriend home after he got drunk and taking care of him when he had a hangover the next morning.

the taste of smoke in the back of your throat.
Amanda D. said…
The smell of chocolate thats so over whelming you have to get away from it.

The feel of accomplishment but you can tell its from a dark place because every time your around it. it makes you cringe from its evil intensity

the smell of freshly lain soil
HayleyAG said…
When I think of echos I think of mccoy- my puppy and the way he smelled for the first fews months of his life.
OMG I love it!!!

Awesome contest!
Danielle said…
the feeling when you walk in fluffy socks, the smell of fresh sheets, the smell of at a hairdresser, paper cut, the smell of burnt eggs, sunburn, the greasy feeling when you just put on sunscree...the list just goes on and on...
Buster815 said…
Another Echo could be:

The smell of burning metal. The kind of smell that made Violet think about when she was a child and she went on the bumper cars with Jay. when the antenna of the car use to spark from the ceiling above giving off the almost identical smell
Buster815 said…
Another Echo could be:

The smell of the dentist! the smell that would always and forever remind Violet of the time she had dental work done and they temporaily numbed her mouth and her mouth felt slanted like she just came out of a Rocky movie. and her lips felt like they were the size of Angelina Jolies!
Buster815 said…
Another Echo could be:

A bright iluminous White light that Violet could only explain as being so bright and pretty that it looked like one of those movies when an Angel comes down from heaven. But what she sensed from the man carrying this goregous Echo was far from Beautiful in fact it was the total opposite it was Dark and Evil. Violet dreaded at the thought... could this be the innocent victims souls he carried with him as an echo?
Buster815 said…
Another Echo could be:

The feeling of your stomach dropping out of your mouth! which reminded Violet of when she visited Acelerate Park, a park which was notorious for its ultra fast rides. Violet never really was a rollercoaster kind of person but on this one occasion she gived in to her family pleading with to come on Mountain High, a ride which is an 150 ft drop. As Violet reached the peak and it dopped that was the exact feeling she had now while walking past a lady who was buying lots of clothes. Violet immediatley thought of Chelsea who was probaly buying lots of clothes right this second.
Writer Girls said…
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Writer Girls said…
When I hear echoes I think of the grand canyon. Like when you yell and people claim you can hear it for miles! Or when your in a dark room and your friends are messing with your Karaoke machine and they turn the echo all the way and say the most random stuff into it and it scars you because you don't know where it's coming from! (it also scary if you just heard a super spooky ghost story that scared you half to death!)
Don't know if this is one - and it's kinda a sad one - but when I went through chemo I would always stop in one bathroom and use it before I went in. They smell of the soap was strong. I will smell that sometimes and it pulls me right back to that time.
Anonymous said…
I think of:
strong chilling winds,
or desert heat
sometimes sounds:
rustling of paper,
scratching of pencils,
sometimes even tastes:
Hope you like them!
-Aradia M.
KFelz said…
-freshly brewed coffee
-New Shoes
-New car
-Car freshener
-Pickle Juice
-candied ginger burning your tongue
-blaring sirens
-sound/feel of crashing ocean waves
-papercut (I HATE those)
-your leg going numb/falling asleep

Julie! said…
The scent of rain after a storm. The salty smell of the ocean.
Fresh-cute grass.
Biting into a super juicy fruit.
Amber Argyle said…
The smell of burned sugar.
It reminds me of learning to cook and holiday cooking disasters.
It's sweet, yet caustic.
hilly-wa said…
When I was fifteen I used to wear this perfume all the time. It was maybe only three ounces but had cost sixty dollars. My aunt had bought it for herself, it smelled sort of like nectarines or mandarins or gardenias. Something really sweet. When my aunt would wear it, it gave her a migraines but she said it smelled amazing on me, so she gave it to me. Now, whenever I smell a perfume that has even the vaguest hints of nectar it makes me miss being fifteen and chillaxing with my best friend over the summer, constantly waiting for the bus or walking to the library and giggling hysterically about nothing in particular and everything at the same time.
Cara said…
I always thought that if I had an echo it would probably be the feeling of sunshine on your skin. I live in the sun and it's one of the best feelings in the world to me.

Thanks for the awesome giveaway! :)
Cem said…
My echoes:
Smell of melted cheese. Every Christmas Eve it is our little family tradition to have a cheese fondue.
Sound of nails on chalkboard *shudders*
Smell of fresh coffee. Don't like drinking it, but worked in a coffee shop for a while.
Horseshoes on roads/pavements. I'm a horse lover/rider, hearing them away from the yard makes me think I'm there, smells, sounds, everything. Seeing them away from the yard can do the trick as well.
How about a lick of an envelope, the taste of it? Or the vibration when lightening strikes? The kick of a rock when you're walking and you don't see it coming.
Melissa said…
The smell of old books (I just love them)
The feeling of a nice bath
The taste of chocolate after a long diet
The smell of spring after a long winter
Thanks for the giveaway^^
Diane J. said…
A dripping faucet - that light plink into a pool of water.

Humming - I'm thinking of the creep lullaby type.

Floorboards squeaking

As for touch: goosebumps
The flash of heat from the oven; you know when you go to pull something out

The smell of rotting fish - blech!

Have a great day!
I normally think of smells:

The smell of bubble gum that's been sitting in a hot car (reminds me of my best friends car)
smell of hot wood and hot grass (what I think of when I think of summer in Arkansas - everything just smells hot)
The smell of an empty house (always different depending on how old/new the house is)
The smell of fall leaves on a cold and damp day
When you run your hand the wrong way on velvet (HATE that feeling)

Jennifer (An Abundance of Books)
Lauren said…
My echoes:

-The taste of gingerale reminds me of being in a hospital recovery room with a needle in my arm.

-East Indian accent. This is very weird, but whenever I heard an East Indian accent I remember lying down on a hospital table with a doctor holding my saying saying "It's going to be ok, don't worry"

-The sound of leaves crunching brings me back to running through the woods near my house

-Purple chalk reminds me of the hopscotch my friends and I drew in elementary school (and where our principal found a woman's dead body the next day. The school was in a bad part of town).

-The smell of vanilla and oatmeal reminds me of washing my dog (mostly unsuccessfully)

-The smell of laundry detergent and fried latkes reminds me of my boyfriend
Anonymous said…
1. The sound of somebody whispering "I love you."
2. Being hit in the back by a snowball.
3. The smell of pages in a book.
4. The sound of creaking wood floors.
5. The sight of a butterfly landing on you.
6. The sound of a faucet running water.
7. The feel of being covered in water.
8. The smell of broccoli.
I don't know why this has kept me awake at night but it has. Probably because I was thinking of things I normally don't take the time to remember - so thanks for the reminder to enjoy the small things in life! :)

-the sound of breeze/wind in trees
-the smell of wool always reminds me of my grandfather in his WW2 uniform and the cost of freedom.
-speaking of freedom, the sound a flag makes when it whips in the wind (or towels on your clothesline if your a country bumpkin like me)
- laundry soap
-barnes and noble. :D :D :D :D
-swimming pool smell and splashing
- floating/rocking in a boat
- the smell and sight of rain and fog in the morning. Always reminds me of home away from home - Washington.
- baby birds chirping in spring
-- squishing something in your hands like a tomato or berry
- the smell of burning food. WHY? because my wife burns everything including the green salad! LOL. We joke about it and had to even take the smoke detector out of the kitchen. :)
Thanks for the fun!
Francesca said…
For me, echos mean the smell of my pillow, the touch of my cuddly toy, the sound of the sand under feet...
Buster815 said…
Here is a list of Echoes i thought of today:

Nails scraping ie Nails scratching on a chalkbaord or someone beinng dragged on the floor gripping their nails into the floor.

the sound of a rocking chair rocking back and forth! i personally think this is a VERY creepy noise i always think of ghost stories or movie when i see a rocking chair.

The crackling sound of lighting.

Smell of burning logs like a campfire.

The sizzling sound of something being fried or cooked.

The noise of a steaming kettle.

The sound of radio or TV static White noise (This always reminds me of the Poltergeist) "Shivers"

The sound of heavy footsteps walking behined you.

The taste of metal a dental brace leaves in your mouth.

The smell of stagnant water from an old flower vase.

The smell of fresh hay in a barn.

Hope you like some of them "Crosses Fingers"
Racquel said…
What a great contest! Here are some of mine!

burnt popcorn
incense used during mass
an old book with water damage
juicy burgers sizzling on the grill
storm-heavy atmosphere *before* it rains

car backfiring
unrelenting buzz of florescent light
inner ear pops when pressure changes
a dentist drill on a tooth
the high-pitched whistle of someone deflating a balloon in increments
the low tones of a grade school hearing test
red dodge ball when it bounces off someone
P.E. coach whistle blaring to stop a fight

Cotton candy from the wheel (not prepackaged)
Freshly made funnel cakes with powdered sugar from the fair
Novocaine right before your mouth has gone numb
still warm caramel
hot chocolate packed with marshmellows

the ache in the bones during a cold windchill
the pressure of having a bubble in your throat
the empty rumblings of an empty stomach
the purr of a cat on your chest
Becca said…
Or some other chapstick/lip gloss

The jingle of car keys

the crack of a bone/knuckles

fresh bread just out of the oven

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