Let's Talk Books, Shall We???

I was sitting here thinking about all of the incredible books coming out this year--some that I’ve read and some that I haven’t--when I decided to put together a wish-list post!

So here are (just a few of) the books I’m most looking forward to in the next few months:


GRAVEMINDER by Melissa Marr, May 17th (HarperCollins): Marr’s adult debut is a gothic horror that gives Stephen King (and we all know how much I loooooove Stephen King!) a run for his money. Its multi-layered, multi-dimensional story revolves around a small town bound by an age-old curse. I could NOT put this one down! And it’s written by Melissa Marr…need I say more???

A NEED SO BEAUTIFUL by Suzanne Young, June 21st (Balzer & Bray): A totally different twist on angel lore, Charlotte is one of the Forgotten, a kind of angel on earth. This uber-fast-paced thrill ride had me flipping the pages (or rather, scrolling down, since I read it on my computer) faster than I could keep up. Young’s writing—and Charlotte’s story—completely sucked me in. I’m still thinking about this one.

LIAR SOCIETY by Lisa and Laura Roecker, March 1st (Sourcebooks): These ladies can write! This was another page-turner. It has a private school with secret societies, a ginger-haired, conspiracy theorist neighbor, and a dead best friend sending emails from the grave! LOVELOVELOVED IT!

DESIRES OF THE DEAD by...well...me, February 15th (HarperCollins): Sorry…I just had to…


ANGELFIRE by Courtney Allison Moulton, February 15th (Katherine Tegan Books): This is next on my reading list. Tough girl, hot boys, sword fights, and demons…what more could I ask for???

THE DARK AND HOLLOW PLACES by Carrie Ryan, March 22nd (Delacorte): Because it’s the third book in The Forest of Hands and Teeth trilogy. And it’s Carrie Ryan. Doesn’t that say it all?

DIVERGENT by Veronica Roth, May 3rd (Katherine Tegan Books): I’m actually still waiting to get my copy back from a friend, but I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about this book. Apparently it’s dark and gritty and action-packed…just the way I like ‘em. Plus, Veronica’s totally adorable in real life. I can’t wait to read it!

BLOOD RED ROAD by Moira Young, June 7th (Simon & Schuster/Margaret K McElderry): Okay, so I don’t technically HAVE this one yet, but I’ve heard it’s on its way. (I really hope it’s on its way!!!!)


THE VESPERTINE by Saundra Mitchell, March 7th (Harcourt): Okay, maybe I’m a bit biased because I LOVED Mitchell’s debut, Shadowed Summer, and I can’t imagine she’ll let me down with this tale of grifters, prophecies, and forbidden romance. Plus, look at that GORGEOUS cover!!! *want*

THE DAY BEFORE by Lisa Schroeder, June 28th (Simon Pulse): Another of my fave authors and another HAWT cover! If you haven’t read Lisa’s books, you should totally remedy that. Now!

CRYER’S CROSS by Lisa McMann, February 8th (Simon Pulse): I mean, you know she wrote WAKE, right? A small town with deep, dark secrets, a missing girl, ghosts (!), and an OCD protag! How could you NOT want to read Cryer’s Cross???

POSSESSION by Elana Johnson, June 7th (Simon & Schuster): Another dystopic thriller that I’ve heard good early buzz about! Plus, do I have to say it…I adore that cover!!!

Can I just say that 2011 is going to be a kick-ass reading year??? And just so you know, there are about a gazillion other books that I’m looking forward to, these are just the ones my coffee-deprived mind could come up with this morning.

So, what upcoming books would you recommend? And what books are you most looking forward to?

Oh...and P.S.
(Because it might not be freaking you out, but it is me…) Check out that countdown clock! Are you kidding me??? Only 21 days until Desires of the Dead hits stores**.

21 DAYS, people!!!

**Also, the paperback version of THE BODY FINDER, in case you’ve been waiting...


Francesca said…
I love Angelfire, Will and Ellie are very cute! I hope you'll be able to read it and to enjoy it. :)

You're very lucky, I so want to read Graveminder by Melissa Marr! And of course, I'm waiting for Desires of the dead, the book is already preordered. ;)

Thank you for the book suggestions!
Pam said…
I have all of those! Except The Day Before, I need to email Harper for Graveminder.
Lisa Schroeder said…
Awwww *gives Kim a BIG hug*

Thank you for mentioning me in your list. I feel like it's the Sesame Street game - which of these just doesn't belong?

How are we supposed to keep up with all of the awesome books coming out this year anyway? Can't wait to read yours - everything I've heard has been wonderful. You're going to be much more zen about it this time around, right? :) Of course, we all are. (ha)
Cari said…
I'm so excited for both Graveminder and Darkest Mercy. I believe Melissa Marr can do no wrong other than make me cry with her books but let's face it that's part of the reason we love her!

Desires of the Dead I love you so so much! How can this only be your second book?

PS Come to Texas um yes I might say that in all my post to you.

Angelfire and DIVERGENT are on my to read list.

Lisa McMann will be here on her tour of CRYER’S CROSS so I'll be sure to pick up a signed copy.

I'm so excited to run out and buy a finished copy of Desires of the Dead! Also I'll be giving away one on my blog.
YA Bibliophile said…
I LOVED The Vespertine! Angelfire is high on my TBR pile. I'm not-so-patiently waiting for Graveminder! So jealous!!
You guys have great taste...and I guarantee you'll LOVELOVELOVE Graveminder!

Lisa - You're crazy. A) Of course your book(s) belong there, and B) Zen?! Not me!!!

Cari - I would LOVE to come to Texas. Now convince Harper ;)
Little Ms J said…
I love seeing all my friend's booked being pimped by my friend who is getting ready to release her second. This is such a great little community!
Suzanne Young said…
OMG it's ME!! :-)

Thanks for the mention, Kim! I suddenly feel so much cooler...

And I'm looking forward to all the books you mentioned plus The Demon's Surrender. *Swoon
LMJ - I can't wait to pimp your book :)

Suzanne - YES! The Demon's Surrender, and Red Glove, and The Gathering, and City of Fallen Angels, and... (SO MANY BOOKS!).
Lisa and Laura said…
Thank you SO much for the shout-out, Kim. You're amazing. Can't wait until Desires of the Dead is released into the wild. Our YA book club is drooling over it!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for all the book recs! I'm stoked to read them all,especially desires of the dead which I have been waiting for with bated breath since I read the body finder last April. So excited I can hardly stand it!
Melissa Marr said…
You're too sweet :) Thank you. I'm looking fwd to yours too. It's in my stack waiting for my schedule to cooperate. . .
Elana Johnson said…
What a great post! I also loved THE LIAR SOCIETY. And I just got THE VESPERTINE on NetGalley. *squee* And I'm on the list for A NEED SO BEAUTIFUL, and I can't wait for that one.

And hey, thanks for putting POSSESSION up. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

And I can't wait for your Violet's second installment!! DESIRES OF THE DEAD FTW!
LiLa, MM, and Elana - I was thrilled to include your books!!!

Anonymous - Thanks, I hope you love it!

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