Is Pink My Color???

And now it's MY turn...

I know, HAHAHAHAHAHA, right?!?! I'm the worst actress ever. But seriously, THE LIAR SOCIETY is a great book, and it's out next week, so get your orders in now!!!

Tune in tomorrow for a more natural me in front of the camera at the MEGA EPIC LAUNCH PARTY. We had an awesome time and got some great pics!


Buster815 said…
OMG thats was so funny!! Hahah loving the ringtone!! And your hair pink looks awesome!! Hahah gottq get myself a copy of that book!! Looks like its fun!
Matthew Rush said…
I'm still trying to figure out how she left voicemails so fast. It's amazing.

Seriously though? This is awesome. Lisa and Laura are incredible. I don't think I know anyone funnier.
This video is hilarious! I love how Suzanne's phone calls are all in there...and the ending ;)

The Liar Society is getting some serious love. I can't wait to read it.
Yes, that's amazing, isn't it, Matthew???
haha! These videos have been awesome!
Marsha Sigman said…
You were great and really...the pink hair is

I also finished Desires of the Dead the other day in one sitting.
Incredible and no less than what I expected.
Mundie Moms said…
LOL You look HOT in pink! That video was great!
LMFAO. "Set the alarm" hahaha. LOVED this. But, aw, don't lock Suz out =P

But really. I couldn't put that book down either! It really is SO good. Awesome video!!!
Jewel said…
HAHA that was great. I love it
Amber Argyle said…
Pink is totally your color. After watching so many of these, I'm sure there's some warehouse somewhere that's scratching it's head over the sudden increase in demand for pink wigs.
Jessie Clark said…
That was a funny video! I wish I had someone calling me and pestering me to read good books. And yes, pink is your color :)

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