FRIDAY FIVE (Some Big Things)

1. Today is my youngest daughter's birthday and she's in the double-digits now. She's my firecracker (that's my polite way of saying she's stubborn as hell), but I'm sooo not ready for her to grow up just yet.

2. In case you missed the news on Twitter, I'll be revealing the synopsis of The Pledge either tomorrow or once I reach 2500 Twitter followers...whichever comes first. Let's just call that tomorrow.

3. If you're in Portland, OR, I'm really hoping to see you on Sunday at Powell's Cedar Hills Crossing store in Beaverton. It's at 2:00PM, people, don't make me beg!

4. Today is also the last day to enter the MARCH MADNESS giveaway for a chance to win a signed copy of one of seven fab March releases!!!

5. The Chicago Public Library named THE BODY FINDER as one of its 2011 BEST OF THE BEST Books for Teens. YAY, Chicago! I'll see you in a couple of weeks!!!!


Buster815 said…
Ahh Happy Birthday to your daughter!! Hope she has a great day!! So ezxited for the Pledge synopsis!!
WOW!! That is a great acheivment!!! Congrats KIm!!!
Little Ms J said…
Happy Bday to Miss Abby! Have a wonderful day and I'm sure Twitter will implode with the masses dying to click follow shortly. I promise.
Happy birthday to your daughter! :D
Emily said…
Yay! Tell Abby I wish her a happy birthday!
Heidi Willis said…
Congrats on all your continued successes. Happy birthday to Abby, and have a great time in Beaverton. I used to have great friends there. Wish I could come.
Cari said…
Happy Birthday to your little one! She is such a cutie!
Amber Argyle said…
My son turns 9 today. *sniff* If we put them in the fridge to sleep at night, think it'll slow the growth process?
Heather said…
Happy birthday to the double digit birthday girl!!!! They do grow so fast. I do not follow twitter :o( I should though. Good luck I am sure you will reach you goal and beyond!!
Heidi - I wish you could be there too :(

Amber - I would love to figure out a way to slow down the clock!

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