A Five Star Review of THE PLEDGE!!!!!

Okay, so I promise not to bore you with every review…I mean, I haven’t before, have I? But come on, this is the first one I’ve seen pop up on Twitter. And it was uber-FAB. So I just had to, didn’t I???

Here’s just a snippet, but if you want, you can read the rest on Bibliopunkk’s site:

“Derting explodes onto the Dystopian field in high style. This book is gorgeous, vivid and imaginative. Derting uses her trademark style of narrative, switching back and forth between pro and antagonist as the story progresses. In this she makes a really smart choice though: not only does she switch narrators but she also plays with First and Third person for represent Charlie and Queen Sabara respectively. This adds a flair to the telling, and renders the two characters with very distinctive, different voices. I adore alternating narrators but some authors don't know how to pull it off. Derting does, and it makes for a superbly dynamic telling.”


And can I just tell you how hard it is to Google “THE PLEDGE’”??? Yeah…that pesky Pledge of Allegiance gets all the prime Google real estate.

Not cool!

So I’ll be nervously Twitter-stalking instead. And trying not to chew my nails down to nubs.


Alba said…
now I'm dying every breath is hurtfull!! I Need that book or I'd be fearing for my health soon enough!
Aravis said…
Bit if you enter Kimberly Derting>The Pledge... no problem. :0)
I was just going to let you know that a friend was reading The Pledge and loving it. It's the same person that wrote the review, haha. :-) Congrats on the 5 stars! You deserve 'em! Can't wait to get a hold of The Pledge. :-)
Chel said…
Congrats! But I bet you'll get more of that perfect stars once the book is released. :)
Tracy.H said…
congrats. I can not wait to get my hands on this one!!!!!!!!
Heidi Willis said…
I love all those explanation points... like this wasn't totally expected. :) Okay - so maybe YOU were on edge, but I totally knew this was coming.

The google alert is a very funny thing, eh? I get massive upticks in mine after every major natural disaster. As in... "Now that the tornadoes are gone, we are trying to get back to some kind of normal life." :)
Laine said…
Im so inlove with your work, The Body finder was phenomenal! I just wish i could read the The desires of the dead because Im here in
Australia and its usually late to come out here! arrrghh

good job miss kimberly.
more power
bibliopunkk said…
Squee! I made your blog! Glad you liked the review, and congrats on the pre-buzz for the book. You deserve it... the book is really something.

- Krys

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