I'm Coming to New York!

Couldn’t quite hear that??? Let me say it again with a few more exclamation points!


In case you can’t tell, I’m extremely excited for my upcoming trip to the Big Apple. Not only do I get to hang out in such a fabulous city with yummy food (need restaurant recommendations please), I also get to visit the legendary BOOKS OF WONDER (yes, THAT Books of Wonder) where I’ll be signing with mega-superstar Lisa Schroeder on Thursday, June 30th at 6:00PM. (Her newest book, THE DAY BEFORE, comes out that week. Be the first get a signed copy!)

I know…I’m excited too!!! I hope you guys will come out and shower us with New York-style love!!!!

Or chocolate. You should totally shower us with chocolate.

See you then!


Cari said…
So excited!
Danielle said…
You know, D.C isn't too far away from New York if you wanted to stop by...or even better, you could go to the Borders near my house!!!
This is so weird...I have two of the same posts!

Danielle - I would love to come see you in DC. Maybe soon...???

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