YAPALOOZA Coming Soon!!!

If you're in the Bellingham, WA area (and for those of you interested in today's geography lesson, that's just south of Vancouver, Canada), I'll be joining authors Teri Hall (THE LINE and AWAY), Denise Jaden (LOSING FAITH), and Alexa Martin (GIRL WONDER) this Friday night, May 6th, for Village Books' YApalooza!!! We'll be answering questions, giving away prizes, and what else? You guessed it, signing books! So come hang with us from 6:30 - 8:30PM!

Note: You should totally come see me, this is my first signing in Bellingham and I'm super excited!


Taryn said…
Let me introduce you to my thought process when I first heard about YApalooza:

Darn. Washington always has authors when I'm at college in KY. Wait. May 6. Wait . . . wait . . . OMG I'LL BE HOME THEN!

Wait. It's my sister's birthday.

Oh, she'll understand!

Woohoo, I get to go! I'm really excited :)
Teri Hall said…
I am so looking forward to meeting you, Kim!
YAY, Taryn, that's awesome! So glad you figured it out!!!!

Teri - Can't wait to meet you either...it'll be fun!

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