Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Celebrating A NEED SO BEAUTIFUL with Random Acts of Kindness...

In honor of the release of A NEED SO BEAUTIFUL (a book I loved!) a bunch of us are celebrating the random acts of kindness that touched our lives...and giving away some super awesome stuff!!!

For some reason, this act is the one that always stands out for me:

My best friend and I were out late one Saturday night, and while driving home we got lost in the warehouse district of Seattle. To top things off, we got a flat tire in the pouring rain—seriously the conditions were monsoon-like! It was nearly three in the morning and there was absolutely no one around. And I mean no one. There was really no reason for anyone (including us!) to be passing through that part of town at that hour.

Now, for those of you who don’t remember, this was back in the day…you know, before cell phones. (Gasp!) So here we were, two young girls who had no idea how to change a tire (honestly, I don’t even think we knew if we had a spare tire), stranded in the dark in the middle of nowhere. We got out and walked for a bit, looking for a payphone, but as far as we could see, there were none so we’d retreated back to the car where it was dry.

We finally decided to just wait it out till morning, knowing our parents would kill us. Knowing anyone could come along and do god-knows-what to us.

And then, from totally out of nowhere, we saw headlights cutting through the downpour and heading right for us (I know, this sounds like something straight out of THE BODY FINDER, right?). A car pulled up slowly, a man rolled down his window, and asked if we need help.

We nervously explained our situation to the stranger, and without hesitation he parked his car, got out, and began changing our tire. And remember, it was coming down in buckets, so he got completely SOAKED in the process! We couldn’t thank him enough, it had been almost too much to ask of a total stranger, and yet he’d offered.

He was like a superhero or a guardian angel or a…Good Samaritan or something.

Whatever he was, the world definitely needs more like him.

And guess what??? There's a contest to go with this Random Acts Celebration!!!

Check out the prizes:

Three lucky winners will get a signed copy of A NEED SO BEAUTIFUL, in addition to one of the following (US Only for the signed copies). The remaining prizes from below will go to one winner each. And because every participant has a different story for who has changed their life, definitely be sure you check out every one's post, then be sure to spread the kindness.

*First Chapter Critique from Lisa and Laura Roecker
*Query Letter Critique from Shannon Messenger
*Signed copy of Invincible Summer from Hannah Moskowitz
*First Chapter Critique and a Skype Chat from Keri Mikulski
*Signed copy of Tell Me a Secret with signed art print from Holly Cupala
*Signed copy of Chasing Brooklyn from Lisa Schroeder
*The Pledge Swag Pack including ARC from Kimberly Derting
*First 3 chapter critique from Jessica at Confessions of a Bookaholic
*Hourglass by Myra McEntire from Corrine at Lost for Words
*ARC of Wolfsbane from Jessi at The Elliott Review
*2 Header/Button Packs from Jessica at Hopelessly Devoted Bibliophile
*First 3 chapters Critique from Cindy at Books Complete Me
*YA Lit Swag Bag from Sara at Novel Novice
*First 15 pages Critique from Kari at a Good Addiction
*Signed ARC of Hereafter (to a different winner) from Kari at a Good Addiction
*Daisy Whitney is also giving away five copies of the book on her facebook page and blog!

(Did you guys see that??? I'm giving away an ARC of THE PLEDGE, along with the very first swag pack!)

Here are the deets:

Earn one extra entry for each of the following:
Take a picture of any author's book in the wild and tweet it to Kari at a Good Addiction (@flamingo1325) and the author
Post a positive Amazon review for a book you loved
Donate a book to a library or classroom
Tweet a good deed you plan to do this week, using the #ANeedSoBeautiful hashtag

Earn 10 extra entries for each of the following:
Take a picture of A NEED SO BEAUTIFUL in the wild and tweet it to Kari and Suzanne Young
Post an Amazon review for A NEED SO BEAUTIFUL
Donate a copy of A NEED SO BEAUTIFUL to a library or classroom

To enter, just fill out THIS form! Note: This is the same form no matter what blog you enter from, so please only enter once, and please wait until you have all your links, etc to enter.

Contest starts today, and ends June 28.

*Don't forget you MUST use the contest form to enter...comments left on this blog are much appreciated but won't be tallied!

**I would love to hear about random acts of kindness that affected your life!!!


Diane J. said...

Ooooooo (drooling)! I totally feel like Homer Simpson over a donut....Pledge....swag....oooooo! And a whole slew of awesomeness.

I'm sharing an Act of Kindness, even though you didn't ask, because I wasn't able to thank the man properly.

When I first moved to Washington I lived in Olalla. Young, married, and scrimping pennies, we didn't take very good care of our truck. The tires were so bald the cord was showing. It snowed. I was trying to get home from work (late at night, about 12:30) and I pulled over to chain up because
I couldn't get traction for the hill. This older gentleman in a brand new F-350 (tags still in the window) pulled over to help me. He helped me chain up and then he told me to drive his truck to the top of the hill and he followed in my rattletrap of a truck. Did I mention the section of road had a steep drop off? Very sweet and trusting man.

Hannah said...

I'm confused. What is this time before cell phones that you speak of? I do not know of this era.


Awesome giveaway!


Kimberly Derting said...

Diane - I love that there are people out there willing to help!

Hannah - AHAHAHA! AND we had to walk to school...uphill, both ways ;)