What's Up???

I posted some of our vacation photos on Facebook, but thought I’d share a couple of my favorites here too. One of my favorite things (besides having giraffes and zebras right outside our hotel room balcony!) was the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. (I’m sorry, did I just out myself as a Potter disciple?!?)

It. Was. Incredible! Like walking onto the set of one of the movies.

Maybe even better because there were rides. And food.

Okay, the rides I could’ve done without. Or at least The Forbidden Journey. It’s one of those virtual reality rides, where they strap you in and the screen plays this amazing special effects “journey” while the ride moves. Let’s just say I may have gotten a little motion sick on it.

Fine. A LOT motion sick.

Oh, and don’t ask me anything about the ride because my eyes were shut the entire time. Not because I was scared, I just didn’t want to puke on anyone. YAY.

One of the nights my husband surprised my daughter (and me) with reservations at the Medieval Times Dinner, which I totally thought would be cheesy. But Abby loved it so much it was hard not to fall under its charms. Her knight even bestowed his favor upon her (you know, gave her the little sash from the tip of his lance). She was positively glowing with her new knightly crush! Way cooler than I expected!

(I'm totally thinking I need a throne now.)

Also, this past weekend, we added a new kitten to the family line-up.

*cue the awwws*

I know. Adorable, isn’t she? So you totally understand why there was no way I could say no when we were at my nephew’s birthday party and they had kittens and my daughter asked if we could take her home, right???

The conversation went something like this:

Abby: “Please, mommy! She’ll be the last pet I ever get.”

Me: “Absolutely not.”

Abby: “Just look at her little face.”

Me (looking for a very long time, and then under my breath): “Fine.”

Abby: “Pleeeeaasseee…I…. Wait. What? Did you just say yes?”

My husband was pretty cool about it, especially considering we just showed up with her. No phone calls…no warning at all. I figured I was either getting a new cat or a lease on an apartment (for him, not me, since I need the space for all our cats!).

And now we have an adorable little kitten!

But my big news is that I went to the university this week and picked up our oldest daughter’s cap and gown for commencement. I can’t believe my baby is graduating college next week! When did she stop being this...???

I may be feeling a tad nostalgic.

What's up with you???


Gina said…
I'm so jealous that you were at Harry Potter world! Although I'm going to Mexico soon, and I so wish the third Body Finder was already out so I could take it to the beach with me!
Gina - I wish it were out too, because that would mean I could leave my revision cave and enjoy some of the sun we've been having. Blergh! Have fun in Mexico!!!
Cari said…
I'm glad you had a good vacation! The kitten so cute!
Anonymous said…
I am heading over to Harry Potter tomorrow to celebrate my birthday early :) My Mom was rad enough to get me an annual pass (I live in Celebration- only a short ride to Universal), so I can go over there anytime!

I can't wait for tomorrow, though. I have my best friend from NJ coming and my best friend from here coming as well.
Anonymous said…
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Jennifer A said…
Your new kitty is gorgeous! Awwww! I don't think I could have said no, either.

SO jealous you got to visit the the wiarding world of Harry Potter! Awesome!
I want to go to the Harry Potter world so bad. I am jealous. And your new kitten- her eyes are so funny in the picture, its so cute!

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