Umm…remember that one time when I said THE PLEDGE would be available six weeks early for those attending Wordstock in Oregon? Yeah, well…not so much…

Apparently there was a scheduling snafu and they won’t be printed in time.

[Insert pic of me crying, snot bubbles and all.]

Okay, so there is no such pic, but you get my point. I feel like such a loser that I said it, and now I have to take it back.

But I have something almost as good:

Free advanced reader copies of THE PLEDGE!!!

That’s better than having to buy them anyway, right? I’m still working on the exact number of ARCs that will be available and how exactly they’ll be given out, but they will be there which means I’m not a total liar!

And because I reallyreallyreallyreally want you to come, I’ll also be giving out other super-cool prizes and swag.

So…forgive me???


nothing like this biz, right...just when you THOUGHT you had it all under control...BLAM!!!! LOL! Good luck with everything!
Tere Kirkland said…
No snot bubbling pics necessary! ;) Totally understandable. These things happen.

Very much looking forward to an ARC contest for The Pledge. (Because I don't have enough ARCs already, and I have plenty of time to read. #sarcasm)

Best wishes, Kimberly!
Christine - Totally. I've learned to roll with the punches more from publishing than I ever did from raising kids. How telling is that???

Tere - I know what you mean about ARCs, I barely get through half of them. Yet I always want more!
LindsayWrites said…
Ahhh!!! I hope I can find you for an arc!!
Anonymous said…
Cue fangirl scream. I cannot wait for The Pledge!!! Can't wait for the ARC contest!!! and a person can't have enough ARCs!!!

can't wait!! :)
Lacey Devlin said…
I think it's a sign that you should come to Sydney instead... ;-)
Lynsey Newton said…
I don't want to return the ARC that I borrowed from a friend because I want to re-read it! I absolutely loved it and am recommending it to everyone who will listen! Hope it gets published in the UK too although I've just preordered the HB :)
Krystal said…
Sent you an email and am praying I can review for your book!
Krystal - My agent forwarded your email to my publicist, so *fingers crossed*

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