Kirkus Loved THE PLEDGE!!!!

I just got my first really, really big review of THE PLEDGE...and IT WAS A GOOD ONE! Kirkus had all kinds of nice things to say:


Author: Derting, Kimberly

A girl reluctantly faces her destiny in this gripping dystopian fantasy.

Seventeen-year-old “Charlie” knows she has unusual, even dangerous, powers. In the far future, in a land controlled by a brutal and ancient queen, the common language of Englaise may be spoken and understood freely, but all upper classes have their own languages. If a lower-class person even looks up when such languages are spoken they are subject to execution. Charlie can understand all languages, a fact she hides to protect her life. As war descends on her city, Charlie hides with handsome Max, a member of an upper class who pledges to protect her. But why? When Charlie discovers a vast underground rebel camp she also learns a highly guarded secret: She herself may be the cause of the rebellion. Derting (Desires of the Dead, 2011, etc.) keeps her story consistently engaging through vivid description and brisk pacing, propelling Charlie through her adventure. She throws enough romance into the mix to satisfy but keeps the main focus on suspense. Although some of the plot depends on the paranormal, turning the story more into a fantasy than a dystopia, the author keeps readers involved all the way by gradually increasing the emotional pressure on Charlie.

More great suspense from a prolific new writer with a vibrant imagination. (Dystopian fantasy. 12 & up)

YAY!!! Kinda makes me wanna kiss Kirkus on the lips!

And check this out, you can enter to win a signed advance copy of this "gripping dystopian fantasy" over on Goodreads.

Can I just say it again? YAY!!!!!


Yay! Congrats on the great review! :)
Ingrid reads. said…
Congrats! That's fantastic! Can't wait to read the book too haha
Anonymous said…
yay! I'm excited to read the pledge and have planned to read it once it's out I entered the goodreads giveaway even though I've never won one yet and I think I this is the second one I've entered for the pledged
Amanda Milner said…
Double YAY! Very awesome! :)
AWESOME! Kirkus? WOWZA. Now I am even more excited for it.
Little Ms J said…
You are such a stud!

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