Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Pledge Countdown and a Teaser...

It's getting close now...The Pledge comes out in just 34 days!!! So I thought I'd commemorate by sharing my own Tuesday Teaser:

Brooklynn’s voice drew my attention. “What kind of evidence did they find?” she asked Aron, her voice tight. News of Cheyenne’s imprisonment was making everyone edgy.

Unfortunately, however, Cheyenne wasn’t alone. Whispers of disloyalty to the crown had begun to take root, starting like a virus and spreading like a plague. It infected and corrupted ordinary citizens, as rewards were being offered to those willing to report anyone they suspected of subversion. People turned against one another, seeking information against friends, neighbors, even family members, in order to gain favor with the queen. Trust had become a commodity few could afford.

real evidence—the kind that could be substantiated beyond petty gossip—was deadly.
“They found maps in her possession. Maps belonging to the resistance.”

Brook’s lips tightened and her head dropped. “Damn.”

But I wasn’t convinced. “How can they be certain they’re rebel maps? Who told you this?”

He looked up, and his sorrowful gold-flecked eyes stared back at me. “Her brother told me. It was her father who turned her in.”


Shelli (srjohannes) said...

yay - i finally get to read it in person (not on my pdf) and hld it in my grubby littel hands (since I didnt get a REAL ARC - (curse you S&S boo hiss!) :)

Anonymous said...

wow sounds like an amazing book

Kimberly Derting said...

Sorry, Shelli, I wish I was in control of the ARCs...EVERYONE would have them!

Thanks Anon :)