Thursday, December 15, 2011

It’s a Festivus Miracle! (And Giveaway!!!)

Well, there I go again, really “connecting” with my younger readers by making a Seinfeld reference. Do young adults even know what Festivus is? Come on, the airing of grievances, the feats of strength, the Festivus pole? Really, nothing???

Oh well, I do have some great news. Look what I got on Tuesday (and, no, not for Festivus)…

Yes, you saw right, it’s my very first, shiny new ARC of THE LAST ECHO!!!

And because it’s the season for warm and fuzzy...and you know, giving...I’m thinking that means: GIVEAWAY!!!!

So here’s the deal: I’m going to give away not one, not two, but THREE of these brand-spanking new (and slightly petted), hot-off-the-presses ARCs just in time for the holidays. You can keep it, gift it, or swap it. It’s totally up to you. But first, you have to win it!

Here’s how...

From now until noon Pacific Time on Sunday, December 18th, you can earn points by:

2 points – Being or becoming a follower of the blog (this one, right here!)
2 points – For adding The Last Echo to your Goodreads "to-read" shelf
2 points – For being or becoming a follower on Goodreads (different from adding the book, mind you)
2 points – For being or becoming a Twitter follower (c’mon, all the cool kids are doing it!!!)
1 point – For Tweeting/Re-tweeting the contest (there’s a 1-point max here, so don’t send me your 20 points for tweeting ;)
1 point for telling me (in the comments) your favorite Body Finder moment (from any of the books...Enthralled included)
1 point for telling me (in the comments also) what you want for Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza/Festivus!

If you play your cards right, that’s a total of 11 (pretty darn easy!) points you can earn, folks! But remember, I need you to tally those points in your comment* for me and leave your email address so I know how to reach you if/when you win!!!

*I know this cross-posts all over the place, but leave your comment on the original Blogger post at (not on Goodreads, not on LiveJournal, not on get the idea!)

Oh, and yes, international entries welcome!

Winners will be chosen using on Sunday, December 18th!

And for those of you who don’t know what Festivus is, check this out:

('s the link in case you can't see the video!)


I emailed the winners yesterday but forgot to post them. So for those of you who were curious, here they are (and, yes, I did choose FIVE because I was feeling the holiday spirit!):

Ashley @ Book Labyrinth
Nikki A
Jennifer K
Sara (Twitter name: @Olive_Pearl)

Congrats, you guys! And I promise to have another giveaway. SOON!!!


Carina Olsen said...

Omg omg omg! Thank you so so so so much for having a contest :D I am dying to read this book. <3 The ARC looks so pretty :) See, I loved the Body Finder books. And The Pledge. And I am so excited about this :D

+2 Follower of the blog as Carina Olsen
+2 On my to-read shelf
+2 Follower on Goodreads as Carina Olsen
+2 Follow on twitter as @CarinaOlsen
+1 tweeted!/CarinaOlsen/statuses/147329980647473154
+1 My favorite moment.. hmm. There are so many. But yeah, I really liked the moment where Jay and Violet are in bed together (A) <3
+1 I want lots and lots of books for Christmas :D Although, right now I really want snow :p Hih :)

Total points: 11 :)

Love, Carina ~

Sara said...

I am so very excited for this book! Love The Body Finder series!

+2 Follow the blog: sarabara081

+2 On my goodreads to be read list:

+2 Goodreads follower/fan: Sara (sarabara081)

+2 Twitter follower: @sarabara081

+1 Tweet link:!/sarabara081/status/147332540578013184

+1 My favorite moments... I really enjoyed in The Body Finder when it was so obvious to us how Jay felt about Violet but she didn't see it. And then when they finally came together! Loved it!

+1 What do I want for Christmas? Well, I would love a money tree right about now, since everything around my house seems to b breaking all at once. LOL But since that is an impossibility, I would settle for some B&N giftcards so I can pick out some new books. :)

Total points: 11

Thanks for the giveaway and happy holidays! sarabara081(at)aol(dot)com

lostnthestacks said...

+2 follower of the blog as Lostnthestacks
+2 on to-read shelf
+2 on Goodreads follower as Ashly F.
+2 on twitter as @lostnthestax
+1 I want a new book bag for Christmas

=9 points



Anonymous said...

So I don't have a specific favorite moment, but I love the overall creepiness of The Body Finder series. Dead bodies, stalkers, serial killers - these books have it all. Can't wait to read The Last Echo!

For Christmas I want books, of course! I have a list a mile long, & I haven't read the Pledge yet so that was on there :)

+2 blog follower dani_nguyen
+2 added The Last Echo on Goodreads
+2 fan on Goodreads
+2 twitter follower @Dani_Nguyen
+1 RT'd the contest
+1 fave Body Finder moment
+1 what I want for xmas

+11 total for me
Thanks so much for the giveaway!

Traci @ The Reading Geek said...

Thank you for the contest!!

+2 Follower of the blog: Traci @ The Reading Geek
+2 Goodreads Shelf:
+2 Goodreads follower:
+2 Twitter Follower: @thereadinggeek
+1 Tweet:!/thereadinggeek/status/147349998344998912
+1: Favorite moment: In the Body Finder when Violet falls and scrapes her knees and Jay carries her back to the house and cleans her knees for her. I thought it was one of the sweetest momenets ever and the moment I fell in love with Jay.
+1: All I want for Christmas are books. I have a huge list of all the books I have been dying to read so I would even be happy with just one of the books from my list.

Total Points: 11

Crystal Cook said...

EEK!! I am SO excited for The Last Echo, this is one of my favorite series ever. :))) Thanks so much for the opportunity to win an ARC, I would be petting them too. :)

+2 I follow your blog
+2 on my to-read shelf at Goodreads
+2 Follower on Goodreads
+2 twitter follower as @crystalcookart
+1 tweeted!/CrystalCookArt
+1 my favorite moment: This is so hard, I loved so many of them, but the one that sticks out to me right now is the ending of Desires of the Dead when Violet sees Rafe watching her when she just asked Sarah how she knew how to find her. :))) I LOVE Rafe! (Although I LOVE Jay too:)
+1 I want some pink leg warmers that I just found on Etsy for Christmas. :D

Thanks again Kimberly! Can't wait for this book!

Total points: 11


AmyC ~ said...

+2 following AmyC
+2 to read list
+2 follow on goodreads
+1 retweeted!/memoryofagldfsh
follow on twitter @memoryofagldfsh
+1 when Jay and Violet finally came together
+1 I want my kids to have fun and enjoy family ... to be happy

AmyC ~ said...

my total = 11

Kristina said...

+2 Blog Follower
+2 added on GR ToRead shlef
+2 Friend and follower of GR
+2 Twitter folower
+1 Tweeted!/Kr15tina/status/147355950565695488
+1 Favorite Moment: Wow that is a tough question, when Violet and Jay finally realized they were both being stupid
+1 Want for christmas: I have a huge book list, including The Pledge, but I also want some camera stuff for my new DSLR

Total Points: 11
myworldofbooks18 at hotmail dot com

A.J. said...

2 points – Blog follower: A.J.
2 points – Added TLE on GoodReads!
2 points – GoodReads follower: Alexa -
2 points – Twitter follower: @woven_
1 point – Tweet:!/woven_/status/147351576430903297

1 point - My favorite Body Finder moments definitely were the moments between Jay & Violet! Especially the kissy scenes! ;) I loved their relationship. :)

1 point - I want books! lol Or a gift card for books! :)

Total: 11

Thanks for the giveaway! :D


Vivien said...

OMG---I may have *squeed*
+2 OLD GFC: Vivien
+2 TBR:
+2 GR follower/fan: Vivien
+2 @deadtossedwaves
+1 tweeted:!/deadtossedwaves/status/147360809562021888
+1 My favorite part is the serial killer POV. I love getting an inside perspective.
+1 I want a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer...really bad :)

total= 11

deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

Rachel Naddeo said...

Thank you so muuch for this giveaway and doing it internationally =D

+2 follower of the blog as Kel Naddeo
+2 on my to-read shelf
+2 follower on goodreads
+2 follower on twitter as @keelnaddeo
+1 I want books and a camera for christmas :)

Nicole said...

My favorite Body Finder moment is really any alone moment with Violet and Jay! And for Christmas, I want a lifetime supply of Amazon and/or Barnes & Noble gift cards so I'd never have to worry about how much money I'm spending on books and to avoid money lectures with my father. I cannot wait for the Last Echo, and they look so beautiful!! :) Thanks for having the giveaway!

+2 – Following GFC under Nicole Mainardi

+2 – Added The Last Echo to my Goodreads "to-read" shelf

+2 – For being a follower on Goodreads (Nicole YAlover)

+2 – For being a Twitter follower (@nicole_mainardi)

+1 – For Tweeting the contest (!/nicole_mainardi/status/147381408871096320)

+1 - For telling my favorite Body Finder moment (at top)

+1 - For telling you what I want for Christmas! (at top)

Total = 11!

Thanks again for the giveaway :))


Ashley @ Book Labyrinth said...

Yay, how exciting!! Thanks for the giveaway. =)

+2 follower (GFC is not showing, but I believe I am... and either way I have your blog in my Google Reader)
+2 already added to-read
+2 friend and fan on Goodreads
+2 twitter follower (@BookLabyrinth)
+1 tweeted (!/BookLabyrinth/status/147385195941736449)
+1 fave moment... hmm, so many. Okay really it's the kissing scenes. But to be more specific, the picnic with the glow sticks! And when Violet goes to Jay's work and they make up. <3
+1 what I want for Christmas... I'm not too picky, but I did make a list of books/TV on DVD that I want. I really want S2 of Vampire Diaries, and I'm pretty sure my Mom ordered it for me, which is awesome.

Thanks again! =)

Hayley said...

No way, thanks SO much for the chance to win!! :)

+2 Follow blog: Hayley
+2 On my to-read shelf
+2 Follower on goodreads: Hayley(The Fable Faerie)
+2 Twitter: @TheFableFaerie
+1 tweeted!/TheFableFaerie/status/147388024777486336

+1 Favourite moment: When Violet meets Rafe, and every single moment that they are togehter <3
+1 I REALLY want The Pledge for christmas, I hope I get it :)

Total: 11 Woo-hoo

Valia Lind said...

I am seriously dying to read this book lady!!! Thanks so much for the chance!!!
Fave Body Finder Moment: When Jay is telling Vi that he was hoping she's figure out he wanted her, and hoping she wanted him as much as he wanted her. Really, any Jay/Vi moments! I love their relationship!
Christmas time: What I want for Christmas? Besides an iPad? Well, Last Echo of course! :-)

2 points – Being or becoming a follower of the blog (this one, right here!)
2 points – For adding The Last Echo to your Goodreads "to-read" shelf
2 points – For being or becoming a follower on Goodreads (different from adding the book, mind you)
2 points – For being or becoming a Twitter follower (c’mon, all the cool kids are doing it!!!)
1 point for telling me (in the comments) your favorite Body Finder moment (from any of the books...Enthralled included)
1 point for telling me (in the comments also) what you want for Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza/Festivus!

Total points: 10


Miss Page-Turner said...

+2 Blog Follower as Miss Page-Turner

+2 Adding The Last Echo to Goodreads to-read shelf

(Are you kidding me? I did that when it was still untitled! I WANT TO READ THAT BOOK!!! )

+2 Goodreads Follower as Miss Page-Turner

+2 Twitter follower as @mptscityofbooks

+1 Telling my favourite TBF moment

Vi & Jay’s first kiss!! I know it’s lame to pick such an obvious moment, but I was so excited to see them getting closer and to see that it finally happened. And I like that one scene when Jay says, he was just waiting for them to get together and that he knew it would happen eventually. Love confident (and hot. Jay is definitely hot!!) guys!

+1 Telling what I want for Christmas

This year my biggest wish has been granted already. I spent the past months in Switzerland as a semester abroad and I’m missing my family, friends, dog, (books) like crazy!! In a week I’m going home and it’s the best present to spend xmas with my family. It’s not just a phrase, I totally feel it! It’s pure joy when I think of going home (though Switzerland was awesome:))

Total entries = 10

Contact: goldie-mail(AT)web(DOT)de

Thank you for the chance xmas elf Kimberly!!

Britta said...

Thanks so much!

(2) Follower of Blog
(2) Adding to Good-reads
(2) Follower on Goodreads
(2) Twitter Follower
(1) I want a Kindle for christmas
(1) Favorite moment is the scene in the snow at the end of Desires of the Dead (not to give anything away... you know the one).

Danielle said...

I can not wait for the book!!

2 for my to read shelf on goodreads

2 for asking to follow you on goodreads as Danielle Garrett

2 for following you on twitter as @danielle_swims

1 my favorite moment in the body finder books is when Jay cleans off Violet's knee after she falls running. I think that is sooo sweet.

1 I really really want a cat for Christmas

8 points total!

Nikki A said...

+2 follow the blog:Nikki A
+2 on my goodreads shelf:Nikki
+2 follow on goodreads
+2 follow on twitter:@nikkipickles45
+1 tweeted:!/nikkipickles45/status/147402008020779008
+1 My favorite moment from the Body Finder is the suspense when Violet is running in the woods!
+1 I want Harry Potter Lego years 5-7 for the Wii! I am so excited the second part came out!
Thanks so much! Total:11

Petra @ Safari Poet said...

Thank you so much for the chance! I'm anticipating this so much the release date feels like it might as well be April 2013.

+2 Blog Follower: Safari Poet
+2 Have The Last Echo on my Goodreads TR shelf: Petra (Safari Poet)
+2 Being a follower on Goodreads: Petra (Safari Poet)
+2 Twitter follower: safaripoet
+1 Tweeting the contest:

+1 Favorite Body Finder moment: That's pretty much any moment involving Violet and Jay. I love the scene where Jay talks about them being together was always inevitable and he was just waiting for her Violet to want him as much much as he wanted her. {sigh}

+1 What I want for Christmas: This ARC (of course). Something more likely and unlikely at the same time is a DSLR camera, but already know that's not going to happen. I can dream though :-)

Total: 11

magan bagan said...

2 points – Blog follower (magan bagan)

2 points – On my to-red list (Megan (maganbagan))

2 points – Friend on Goodreads (same name as above)

2 points – Follow on Twitter (maganbagan)

1 point – Tweeted about the contest!/maganbagan/status/147393706805301248

1 point - My favorite moment was when Jay finally made Violet admit her feelings for him. It was cute and playful and just what she needed.

1 point - I definitely want more books! I read way too much, but I love it, and you can never have too many books :)

So that's 11 points! Yay!


Thanks for the giveaway, Kim!

Nereyda1003 said...

2 points for having TLE on my Goodreads bookshelf, 2 points for following you on Goodreads.My favorite part is in TBF when Jay tells Violet he’s always loved her, he was just waiting for her to figure it out too (awww!) and I want BOOKS for Christmas, and this ARC.If I win you can reach me at out my book blog at .I have a review of The Pledge. I tried following your blog for another 2 points but I can’t figure out how.I think I should get the 2 point for trying anyway.

6 points for me (unless you want to give me 2 more for trying to follow your blog)

Nereyda1003 said...

my Goodreads name is Nereyda1003
6 points

Erin said...

Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway!!

+2 Blog follower - Erin
+2 added The Last Echo to Goodreads shelf -
+2 Follower on Goodreads - Erin (bookklovr22)
+2 Follower on Twitter - @parnormbooknook
+1 Tweeted about contest -!/parnormbooknook/status/147434266559660034
+1 I want a Barnes & Noble gift card for Christmas, so I can buy lots of books
Total points: 10

Jessy said...

Thanks so much! I can't wait to find out what happens next.

+2- GFC Follower (Jessy)
+2- On my Goodreads to-read list
+2- Goodreads follower (Jessica)
+1- Twitter follower (@emma015)
+1-My favorite part of THe Body Finder was when we got to see into the killers mind.
+1-I want an iPad for Christmas

11 points

findjessyhere at gmail dot com

.Ambur. said...

+2 - Blog Follower (.Ambur.)
+2 - have The Last Echo as to-read on Goodreads, and I have since it was still Untitled ;)
+2 - for following you on GR (Ambur Hostyn)
+2 - Twitter follower (@AmburHostyn)
+1 - for tweeting:!/AmburHostyn/status/147456674855256065
+1 - Oh there are so many awesome moments, but I think one of my favourite ones was when Jay and Violet kissed for the first time, and all their "study" sessions. hehe :)
+1 - Hmmm, I'm actually most looking for some time away from school to spend with my family, but I really want books mostly for Christmas...and some socks. My ankle socks are not cutting it in this colder weather. :P

So, 11 points. :)

Thanks so much for the giveaway, Kim! It's awesome to get the chance to win an ARC of The Last Echo, and Happy Festivus to you....and don't worry, I've watched Seinfeld before, and I totally know what Festivus is. :)

Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

Gahhh!!! omgmgomgomg!!! Im hyperventilating right now!! thank you soo much you're awesome!! Im soo excited for The Last Echo!! (The Pledge was AMAZING by the way!!)

+2 Already follow your blog (Lisaa)
+2 Already on my to read shelf
+2 Already follow on goodreads
+1 I LOVE Rafe soo much so I was soo excited when I was reading Skin Contact it was amazing (and really sad)!! Do I haaaave to pick a fave part?? If so I pick RAFE!!
+1 BOOKS! Please books somebody buy me a book (everyone I know is a book-a-phobic)... maybe santa will (-_-)

wow i had to do like nothing... (i don't have twitter) Did I mention how you're awesome??

Merry Christmas :) :)

Anonymous said...

That's 8 points... my bad i got over excited... (0_0)

Rachel said...

OH MY GOSH I WANT THIS SO BAD!! MY copy of The Pledge just came today so it is a lovely lovely day and this contest just makes it LOVELIER.... is that a word? Nevermind.

+2? I have tried to follow this blog multiple times, but some error always occurs. I repel technology for some reason. But I stalk you and your blog weekly if not daily so does that kinda count? (Pleaseeeeeeeeeee)
+2 To-read most definitely!!!
+2 Follower on Goodreads as "Rachel". My picture is a purple eye (because I'm watching you! not really because that would be creepy....)
+1 Favorite moment is in the first book when Jay and Violet finally get together. They are adorable!
+1 I really want footie pajamas. It's cold in college :(

For a grand total of 8!
There would be more, but I reject Twitter. It would just be one more thing to distract me from my semester paper.

Alrighty, hopefully I win! And merry Christmas to you :)

<3 Rachel ~

Andie said...

2 points – Added it way back in June.
2 points – Already a fan! Hannah(Andie) (TheWorldBehindAShelf)
2 points – @andietwbas
1 point for telling me (in the comments): Would definitely be when Violet was a child and found her first body.
1 point for telling me (in the comments also) what you want for Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza/Festivus! Desires of the Dead ;)

+8 for me!


Erica said...

I cannot wait for The Last Echo!!

2 points – blog follower
2 points – It's been on my to read shelf for awhile
2 points – Follower on gooreads
2 points – follower on twitter @thebookcellarx
1 point – tweeted!/thebookcellarx/status/147498193465253888
1 point - I really love all the Jay and Violet moments, they're my favorite :)
1 point - I want books for christmas - that's all I asked for, along with 2 dvds :)


thebookcellar @

Anonymous said...

Would it surprise you that I have a t-shirt that says "Festivus for the rest of us"? My dad and I loved Seinfeld, it's one of his favorite episodes!

-Blog follower via Google Reader
-Added The Last Echo to Goodreads shelf (Have since it was listed on Goodreads!)
-Twitter Follower @caffelattequeen
-Goodreads fan/follower

-Favorite Body Finder moment? Rafe's appearance! I can't wait to learn more about him! I should also mention that I loved his story in Enthralled.

-For Christmas I'd love to at the very least to receive one of the novels on my wish list (which is soley compiled of Barnes & Nobles Leather Bound Classic titles). Have you seen them? They are gorgeous!

Total points: 10

email: venturinhawendy (at) gmail (dot) com

Thanks for hosting the giveaway, Kimberly! I'm really excited for The Last Echo!

Happy Holidays~
A Cupcake and a Latte: Young Adult Reviews!

A Simple Love of Reading said...

Thank you for the giveaway, and Happy Holidays to you and your family!

+ 2 Follower :A Simple Love of Reading

+2 Goodreads Shelf:

+2 Goodreads follower:

+2 Twitter follower:!/SimpleLoveBlog

+1 Tweeted:!/SimpleLoveBlog/status/147501465567625216

+1 Favorite moment: In The Body Finder; when Violet falls in the woods and Jay gives her "first aid" by putting a bandaid on her knee...I LOVE the tension in that moment!

+1 Christmas Wish: Other than books you mean? Well, that would be for my kids to have a Merry Christmas even though money is tight this year.

Total points = 11


Jessirae said...

Yay! I can't wait for The Last Echo to come out. I miss Jay. Really really badly. I need a fix. lol Thanks so much for this giveaway!

+2 Follower of your blog as Jessirae

+2 The Last Echo on GR to-read shelf:

+2 Follower on Goodreads: Jessirae Lloyd

+2 Follower on twitter: @xjessirae

+1 Tweeted the Giveaway:!/xjessirae/status/147513234465890304

+1 Favorite moment in TBF: When Jay goes after Violet when she walks away after Jay saved her from Grady and they kiss for the first time as more than just best friends <3 I can never ever forget that part.

+1 What I want for Christmas: A box of books! :D

Thanks again!


Total of 11 points! woo hoo!

Krista said...

I love this series
+2 follower of blog
+2 on goodreads tbr shelf
+2 follow on goodreads
+1 favorite moment when Violet was walking in the dark and Jay drives up gets out of car and they finally kiss
+1 what I want for Christmas -- to win one of these ARC's!

Total points 8


Sarah Kalaitzidis said...

2 points – I fallowed your blog as red_tigergirl2 or Sarah Kalaitzidis not sure which appears XD

2 points – Adding The Last Echo to my Goodreads "to-read" shelf - my name is Sarah Kalaitzidis on there

2 points – For being or becoming a follower on Goodreads - I fallowed you my name is above ^^

2 points – For being or becoming a Twitter follower - I'm a twitter fallower name is red_tigergirl2

1 point – For Tweeting/Re-tweeting the contest - I have just retreeted the contests ^^ same name as above.

1 What I want most for christmas is more and more books. I can't get enough of reading books and I love reading so much!

Total points - 10

Thanks for the giveaway!!! my email is:

Kari (Flamingo1325) said...

2 points – I follow your blog!

2 points – So added to my GR list!

2 points – GR follower (fan?)

2 points – You know I twitter stalk you.

1 point – tweet:!/flamingo1325/statuses/147530102580842496

1 point - Fave TBF moment: The very first killer POV scene in book 1. Its chilling.

1 point - Main holiday gift I want: a new camera. Mine is like 10 years old, seriously.

11 points

flamingo1325 at gmail dot com

Christi said...

+2 GFC follower (Christi Aldellizzi or Christi the Teen Librarian)
+2 Added to Goodreads
+2fan on Goodreads
+2 follow on Twitter (@ChristiTeenLib) points –
+1? I don't have one favorite moment, but I love the overall plot and story development
+1 I would like a Keurig for Christmas :)

10 points! Thanks for the giveaway!

Krystal Larson said...

I'm dying to review your book on my own blog =o :)
Blog Follower: Krystal Larson
Goodreads added book: Krystal Carson
Goodreads Fan: Krystal Carson
twitter: Icecream1891
My favorite moment: When Violet is first starting to figure out the whole mystery, in each book. I've always loved strong heroines.

Holiday Wishlist: I'm dying for about 8-10 books (I've had to narrow it down -.-) and a toy for my puppy.

Thank you for the awesome contest and Happy Holidays!


Lisa said...

+2 points – following the blog as jlhsperry624
+2 points – For adding The Last Echo to your Goodreads "to-read" shelf
+2 points – Goodreads follower Lisa Sperry
+2 points – Twitter follower @jlhsperry623
+1 point – For Tweeting!/jlhsperry624/status/147691316338372608
+1 favorite Body Finder moment- I can't think of one favorite moment because this is one of my favorite series and I love so much about it
+1 for Christmas my 4 year old insists I want Barbies but I'm pretty sure Santa will be bringing me some books instead :)


heavenisabookstore said...

First of all, I knew exactly what Festivus was - course I am a bit older than a teenager. lol My favorite part is when Violet is running in the park and she "feels" an echo. She can't see them, but she can feel them. It was so creepy and yet so fascinating! And who would not love a SIGNED COPY of the last book in this series for xmas??

I am a blog follower as Heavenisabookstore

I have The Last Echo on my list of books to read (heavenisabookstore)

I am a follower on GoodReads

I am a twitter follower heavenisabookst

I tweeted about the giveaway!!/Heavenisabookst/status/147693476639809537

I told my fav Body Finder moment above

Gave my want for Xmas above


Thanks again,

Anonymous said...

+2 follower of the blog as Maribeth
+2 on my to-read shelf
+2 follower on goodreads as maribeth
+2 follower on twitter @maribeth20
+1 tweeted (don't know how to paste the link but its under my name @maribeth 20)
+1 my favorite moment is everything! But i really like the books because they are so unique to any other paranormal romance. Serial killers, special abilities, romance, its all amazing. I love the chemistry between Jay and Violet!
+1 I have a book list I am banking on for christmas :-)

Anonymous said...

2 points – FOLLOWER - Grace
2 points – To read shelf - beachtwin110
2 points – beachtwin110
2 points – Twitter as @beachtwin110
1 point – Twitter as @beachtwin110, RT your tweet
1 point - My favorite moment was when Violet was talking to her uncle after he killed somebody (in Desires of the Dead) and even though it makes her feel bad to feel the echo, she stays around him because she loves him. I just think that's sweet that her family and her support each other like that.
1 point - I want Scrivener, my own domain name, audiobooks, books, and pointe shoes.
Thank you so much! I'm so excited! Plus, my sister likes books, but doesn't usually love them, and she's obsessed with these books.

♥Iffath said...

+2 Blog follower (♥Iffath)
+2 Added The Last Echo to my Goodreads shelf (Iffath Ahmed)
+2 Goodreads follower (Iffath Ahmed)
+2 Twitter follower (@lovereadingx)
+1 Retweeted (!/kimberlyderting/status/147328324044197888 - @lovereadingx)
+1 Favourite moment? When Jay and Violet first kissed <3
+1 I would love a gift card for books! Because i can't afford them myself, haha XD

Total: 11

Thank you so much for the giveaway! I cannot wait to read The Last Echo! The ARC is gorgeous!!!

starryeyedjen said...

I can't wait for this book! I just read The Pledge and it just made me more excited for the next Body Finder book. :)

+2 GFC follower - starryeyedjen
+2 been on my to-read shelf for awhile: (174th, I believe it said)
+2 fan & friend on GR:
+2 twitter follower - starryeyedjen
+1 tweeted:!/starryeyedjen/status/147699457578901504
+1 my fave moment: not really a moment, persay, but just knowing how Jay felt about Violet and how utterly clueless she was, thinking she felt that way about him and he only saw her as a friend
+1 Xmas wish: books, books, and more books. Oh, and to find the time to read them all. :)

Total = 11

Thanks for the awesome giveaway and happy holidays!


Renee said...

11 points yea I finally did all of them =} I'm so excited for this contest.. My favorite chapter is # 18 in the desire of the dead where they finally connect as a true couple.... For Christmas I just want to finish all my shopping in time.

Noneofyourbizz said...

I can't wait for The Last Echo!

+2 follower of the blog - as Anne-Marie Mathiesen
+2 on my to-read-shelf -
+2 follower on Goodreads - (we're friends)
+1 tweeted -!/AnmarXD
+1 favorite moment - When they finally get together of course.
+1 For christmas I want books. Of course. And ice skates.

Total points: 11
Merry Christmas

Anna said...

I can't find the blog follower button, but you know I stalk you anyways, so we can just count that. ;) I've had The Last Echo on my GR shelf forever, I also follow you on goodreads and twitter. No tweet though. Kim, I can't choose just ONE moment in the books as my favorite I LOVE THE WHOLE THING!!! But I do so love the chapters from the killer's point of view, <3 And what do I want for Christmas...well, an ARC of the Last Echo would be perfect, you know how much I love your books. But something one can BUY, umm...can I buy you at the store, or maybe Abby? Cause I think we wouuld get along GREAT, she's really a cool kid! (I'm not creepy!) Okay, seriously though, I want a pug, cause as you know super pug died over the summer, and we're all very sad, and we need another one. You remember super pug, right? Your biggest fan? Well, his real name was Blakely, but my younger brother called him Super Pug. If you wanted to pitch in for one we wouldn't mind, he could be the Body Finder mascot! And how many books have mascots, like, NONE, so your book would be EXTRA special! Oh, and just in case you don't want to read that whole crazy post that's 10 points for me!

~Grace <3

Gisele Alv said...

OMG! OMG! The Last Echo! YAYY! Please count me in!! :D

+2 Blog Follower Gisele Alvarado
+2 On my to-read shelf:
+2 Follower on Goodreads Gisele Alv
+2 Follow on Twitter: @Gisselle_Alv
+1 tweeted:!/Gisselle_Alv/status/147721914507464704
+1 My favorite moment: i don't know if im crazy, but there is always a bittersweet feeling when you break up with the person you love, when Jay and Violet break up i was crying for that, it was so so sad, and I felt what she was going through, i think that was my fav moment.
+1 I would love to have books BOOKS! But the Last Echo will be beyond perfect!! :)

11 entries!! Crossing fingers!

Thank you so much for this awesome giveaway! And for international entries!


HayleyAG said...

Omg sooooooooo excited! (Crosses fingers)

+1 My favourite moment in The Body Finder is Chapter 27, I especially like this chapter because we get to see how much Jay cares for Violet from his own perspective (swoon)

+1 I would very much like a new bookcase for Christmas (the one I have right now is leaning very far to the right hahah)

+2 Follow your blog
+2 On my to-read shelf
+2 Follow on Goodreads as Hayley Gillis
+1 I tweeted!

Total 11 points! :)

Happy Holidays Everyone!


Anonymous said...

OMG !!!! Thank you SO much Kimbely !!!! I am dying to read the Last Echo !
+2 Follower of the blog as Ifrah.
+2 added The Last Echo to my Goodreads "to-read" shelf.
+2 Following you on Goodreads.
+2 Following you on Twitter.
+1 I loved every bit of the Body Finder series <3 !!!
Total points:9

Anonymous said...

Forgot me e-mail :

mromero said...

Thank you for holding this contest I've been dying to read The Last Echo. I won an ARC of Enthralled over the summer and I would love to review the ARC for this also.

2 points – Follow under mromero

2 points – on my to-read shelf #29

2 points – following under mromero

2 points – following under mtrw12

1 point –!/mtrw12/status/147744938463985666

1 point My favorite moment in the Body Finder series is when Jay tells Violet he loves her.

1 point I want books from my to-read shelf on goodreads for christmas.

Total points: 11

Renee said...

Help if I read all of the contest lol
2 points for following blog
2 points for following on goodreads
2 points for adding to my reading list on goodreads
2 points for following you on twitter :)
1 point for my favorite part in your book
1 point for telling you what I want for Christmas
Then my email
Now I think I did it right=}

Kimberly Derting said...

Can I just tell you guys how much I'm enjoying reading these?!? I hope everyone gets EVERYTHING on their wishlists!

Ash said...

+2 Goodreads Follower as Ashley McKinsey

+2 Follower on Twitter as Ash_Ash

+I want the R2D2 xbox and of course tons of books. :D


Kristin Feliz said...

2 points - Follower as Kristin Feliz
2 points - Added to Goodreads shelf (GrowingUpYA)
2 points - Followe/Friend on Goodreads (GrowingUpYA)
2 points - Twitter follower (GrowingUpYA)
1 point - My favorite moment is from The Body Finder. The first time Jay and Violet kiss. Um, I swoon. It was really cute!
1 point - All I want for Christmas is a brand new journal :D

Carla E. said...

You are AMAZING!! Thank you so much for having this giveaway!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!! Here are my results:
+2 for following the blog as Carla E. (cami9273)
+2 for having The last echo on my to be read list
+2 for being a fan on Goodreads under Carla Egleston (cami9273)
+2 for following you on Twitter (cami9273)
+1 for retweeting the giveaway.
+1 My all time favorite moment of the book was to see the love that Jay feels for Violet (when she had no clue) and the moments leading up to them realizing how they feel about each other!! I absolutely love them!!!
+1 For Christmas I want a Canon Rebel T3i camera!! hehehe!!

Total= 11 points!!!

Thanks again for doing this!! Your books are absolutely amazing!!
-Carla Egleston (

Sarah (Escaping Through Books) said...

Wow, I don't think I've ever wanted to win a contest quite as much as I want to win this one! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

+2 Follower of the blog (GFC name: Sarah (Escaping Through Books))
+2 The Last Echo on my Goodreads "to-read" shelf (
+2 Goodreads follower
+2 Twitter follower (twitter name @escapingbooks)
+1 Favorite Body Finder moment - I liked when Jay beat up Grady in The Body Finder and then Jay and Violet get together...
+1 I want books for Christmas (Clockwork Prince, Crossed, Tiger's Voyage, the list goes on...)

Total: 10

escapingthroughbooks (at) gmail (dot) com

Chick Lit Teens said...

What a pretty ARC! I am so excited for this book. It is one of my most anticipated releases of the coming year. :)

+2 Blog Follower
+2 Last Echo on To-Read list
+2 Twitter Follower
+1 My favorite moment was when Jay and Violet first kissed. So cute! <3

Total: 7 points


Pewter Wolf said...

Oh Wow! How exciting! Thank you Kimberly for doing this contest! That is so kind of you! So excited to see what happens next to Violet and Jay.

right, the counting-up:

+2 for following the blog (Pewter Wolf)
+2 for having Last Echo on my To Read Goodreads list
+2 for being a follower on Goodreads (
+1 for tweeting the contest (!/PewterWolf13/status/147818518216323073)
+1 for fave scene. Now, I must be weird as the first scene that popped into my head was a scary scene where, in Body Finder, the serial killer follows then abducts a girl and we all thought it was Violet (she stormed away from the party). I have no idea why I love that scene. I think it's because it was one of those "heart in your mouth" moments and I love those moments...
+1 for Christmas. A DVD of a stand-up comedian, Sarah Millican. That's all, really. I am useless for gifts!

So, that's 11. Thank you again for the contest. Merry Christmas everyone!


LovesBooks96 said...

Thanks so much for the opportunity to win this beautiful ARC!!

+2 Blog follower: LovesBooks96
+2 To-read:
+2 Goodreads Follower: Pavan
+2 Twitter Follower: LovesBooks96
+1 Tweeted:
+1 Favourite Moment: When Jay helped Violet after she fell in book 1 and treated her like she was the most precious person in the world
+1 I would like books but besides that I really want The Outsiders movie which is based On the book by S.E Hinton. I love the book so much but have never seen the movie

Thanks again,

andimjulie said...

2 points – Being or becoming a follower of the blog = Julie Murphy
2 points – For adding The Last Echo to your Goodreads "to-read" shelf= CHECK!
2 points – For being or becoming a follower on Goodreads = CHECK! (Julie Murphy)
2 points – For being or becoming a Twitter follower = CHECK! (@andimjulie)
1 point – For Tweeting/Re-tweeting the contest!/andimjulie
1 point for telling me your favorite Body Finder moment = I'm going to have to go with with when Jay got his new car- he was so proud! ADORABLE! or basically alllll of it... does that count?
1 point for telling me (in the comments also) what you want for Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza/Festivus! = I want some new TOMS and a copy of The Night Circus!

lollybees3 said...

+2 I follow your blog at lollybees3
+2 The Last Echo has been on my goodreads shelf forever
+2 I'm your friend on goodreads that counts right?
+2 Follower on Twitter @MissyRissy_rox
+1 I Tweeted:
+1 Hmmm my favorite moment that hard but if I had to choose it would be in Desires of the Dead when Jay and Violet had the glowstick picnic :)
+1 I have a list of 10 books I want for Christmas and of course the Pledge is on it but winning The Last Echo would be the best present ever :)
11 points total

WulfLuva said...

I'm so excited! And I just can't hide it!

+2 I'm a follower (WulfLuva)
+2 It's on my goodreads pg and my 2012 must haves! (Rachelle Hayes)
+2 added you as a friend and am a fan, not sure which one you wanted
+2 I'm a twitter follower (@WulfLuva93)
+1 when Jay and Violet kiss for the first time, of course ;)
+1 I want a $100 shopping spree on Amazon, or maybe a laptop...

Total: 10

oreo_93 at hotmail dot com

Baggins said...

This is an awesome giveaway, thanks so much!

+2 I'm a blog follower (GFC Name: Baggins)
+2 I added THE LAST ECHO to my "to-read" shelf on Goodreads (as Kim Waters)
+2 I follow you on Goodreads (as Kim Waters)
+2 I follow you on Twitter (@bookishbaggins)
+1 I tweeted:!/bookishbaggins/status/147869138755399680
+1 I don't know about fave moments - I reckon those are all the tension filled and sweet moments between Jay & Violet - but there's a scene in THE BODY FINDER that has always stuck with me, when Violet is out running and senses the killer is right there and after her. That was so intense and creepy, I remember my heart speeding up!!
+1 For Xmas I'm hoping Santa brings me an iPad and books...lots of books and book vouchers to spend on more books!

Total entries = 11

Thanks again!


caroline said...

OMG I love your books I got everyone one for christmas hehehehe:)

2 points – caroline
2 points – been on my shelf since it was available:)
2 points – I am soo a fan on goodreads:-)
2 points – I joined just for you Caroline V Brucks
1 point – retweeted it but my facebook mailing and gift giving/book club I think has done a lot better:-)
1 point Enthralled the story about rafes past I am so excited to know more. I can't wait.
1 point I would love the book but I also hope to give my 3 year old and hubby an awesome christmas this year:)

11 points Total


linda_michelle_ said...

2p follower on the blog
2p added to to-read list on Goodreads
2p follower on Goodreads
2x1p for coments :)

Total: 8 p

Favorite Body Finder moment is in the fist book, after the party when Violet ang Jay start talking to eash other again :)

A few years ago (I think its been 7-8 years) me and my friends started a tradition to meet and have our own christmas one or two days before the "real" christmas. This year it seems hat its going to be hard to find that time so what I mostly want for thic christmas is to find that time and have our chrismas. (I know its not like "peace on earth" or "stop world hunger" but its what I want, to meet my 'family' all of us togheter for the first time in a long time)


Chloe said...

So excited to read The Last Echo!! Thanks for the contest :D

+2 Blog Follower (Chloe Palka)
+2 On my to-read shelf
+2 Friend/follower on Goodreads (Chloe Palka)
+2 Twitter Follower (@chloeeesays)
+1 Tweeted!/chloeeesays/status/147931833676476416
+1 I love all the steamy Jay/Violet moments... like doing "homework" in Desires of the Dead ;)
+1 I'm hoping for a Wii, some books, and a tea set for Christmas!



Francesca said...

Thank you so much for the contest Kimberly, i'm crossing fingers!

2 points – For adding The Last Echo to your Goodreads "to-read" shelf

2 points – I'm a follower and a friend on Goodreads :

2 points – I'm a Twitter follower :!/Francesca_fr

1 point – I Re-tweeted the contest :!/Francesca_fr/status/147977858202075136

1 point : my favorite Body Finder moment is the night of Violet and Jay together in Desires of the Dead :p

1 point : I want a new laptop for Christmas

Total : 9 points

My email :

Susan Light said...

2 points – Blog follower Susan Light
2 points – On my TBR List @ Goodreads
2 points – Susan Light (Goodreads_
2 points – Twitter follower books4susie
1 point – Tweeting/Re-tweeting t!/books4susie/status/148106741077381120
1 point for telling me (in the comments) your favorite Body Finder moment (DEFINITELY Violet and Jay's first kiss
1 point for telling me (in the comments also) what you want for Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza/Festivus! No SNOW this year on Christmas! And lots of books!

sara said...

Beyond excited for THE LAST ECHO!!
+2 Blog Follower
+2 to-read shelf
+2 Goodreads follower
+2 Twitter Follower @Olive_Pearl
+2 RT'd contest on twiiter

+9 Points

Thanks for the giveaway!!!

harvestmoon21 said...

This is the best thing ever! Thank you very much for doing this for us. Your books are such an inspiration.

+2 for following the blog
+2 for the book being on my shelf
+2 for being a follower on Goodreads
I would have 3 points for being on twitter but I don't have an account and I really don't want to make one.
+1 My favorite moment would have to be when Violet trips in the woods and then it's 'Jay to the rescue!' The moment is just so tender and sweet that it just makes me want to squeal like a little fangirl :)
+1 What I want for Christmas is to not be sick this year. Every year I get sick and am completely miserable so it would be nice if I could actually enjoy it this year.

Total points: 8 I hope that's good enough :/


Diannosaurreads said...

+2 on my goodread shelf
+2 follow on goodreads- DianaK
+2 following on twitter- Diannosaurr
+1 my favorite scene was with Violet and Jay when Jay finally kisses Violet <3333333333333
+1 an Amazon giftcard! So I can preorder the last echo :)

Jill of The O.W.L. said...

2 points – Being a follower of the blog
2 points – For adding The Last Echo to your Goodreads "to-read" shelf (yaforowl)
2 points – For being a follower on Goodreads (yaforowl)
2 points – For being a Twitter follower (justkeepreading)
1 point for telling me your favorite Body Finder moment
1 point for telling me what you want for Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza/Festivus!

Favorite moment: When they FINALLY end up together in The Body Finder!!! So sweet.

Want for Christmas: a new piercing or tattoo!! :)

10 points total

themgowl at gmail dot com

Vy (Vy's Blog) said...

+2 GFC: Vy (Vy's Blog)
+2 My Goodreads To-Read Shelf
+2 Goodreads Follower
+2 Twitter: @VysBlog
+1 Tweet:
+1 Favorite Body Finder moment:
When Jay confessed he tried to make Violet jealous!
+1 What I want for Christmas:
BOOKS!!!! <3

Total = 11 points

vysblog (at) gmail (dot) com

Thank you Kimberly!!!

none said...

+2 Von (Mr. Book Wonder) added Last Echo on "to-read" shelf

+2 Von (Mr. Book Wonder) following Kimberly Derting

+2 @mrbookwonder following @kimberlyderting

+1 @mrbookwonder retweeting

+1 Von (Mr. Book Wonder) commenting for Christmas wishlist.

I badly really want to get all the books in my wishlist before Christmas.



Jennifer said...

I'm so excited for this book and getting the opportunity to seeing you again next month at Powells.

+2 Follower as Jennifer
+2 Added on my to be read on Goodreads; Jennifer K
+2 Follower on Goodreads: Jennifer K
+2 Twitter; jcalvert719
+1 My favorite moment was when Jay and Violet became more than just friends.
+1 I wanted a Kindle Fire for Christmas and my husband just surprised me with it last night.

Total: 11


Melody @ Scared Of The Shadows said...

+2 Follower of the blog as Scared Of The Shadows
+2 On my to-read shelf
+2 Follower on Goodreads as Melody Yang
+2 Follow on twitter as @xFireKiss
+1 tweeted!/xFireKiss/status/148213175928627200
+1 My favorite moment in the Body Finder series was when Jay and Violet Finally got together and shared their feelings about each other. =)
+1 For Christmas I want lots of books because reading books make me truly happy. =)

Total Points: 11


Hannah Lorraine said...

Thanks SO much for the giveaway!

+2 Blog Follower - Hannah Lorraine
+2 On my to-read shelf -
+2 Follower on Goodreads - Hannah (In the Best Worlds)
+2 Twitter follower - @inthebestworlds
+1 Tweeted -!/inthebestworlds/status/148224788492595200
+1 Favorite moment? When Jay and Violet finally get together =))
+1 My Christmas list is entirely made of books - Right now I really want The Girl of Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson.
(I've already given Desires of the Dead and The Pledge as Christmas presents! They were a hit!)

Total - 11

Happy Holidays!

Lena Marsteller said...

I think I follow this blog - Lena Marsteller +2
on my to read self, on goodreads +2
fan/follower on goodreads +2 Lena Marsteller
follower on twitter +2 @LenaMarsteller
I reweeted +1!/inthebestworlds/status/148224788492595200
I want kindle for christmas +1

Total points is 10


JessicaLou said...

I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS BOOK!! I love Violet and Jay and cant wait to continue their story!! Thank you SO much for having a giveaway!!
+2 for being on my goodreads to read shelf!
+2 for becoming a fan/following you on goodreads
+2 for already being a follower on twitter @jessicaRconley
+1 for retweeting about the contest!/jessicaRconley
+1 my favorite Body Finder moment is when Jay and Violet kiss for the first time (it was a que fireworks =)kind of moment)
+1 For Christmas I want the Pledge book 2 to come out sooner!!vI loved the first one and can't wait to read more!!
that's a total of 9 points!! *crosses fingers*

Anonymous said...

Kimberly--It was such a thrill to meet you last month in Federal Way and get signed books! Thanks for having this contest.

+2 following blog (I subscribed to the feed)
+2 Last Echo on GoodReads 'to read' list
+2 GoodReads follower
+2 Twitter follower @LibrarianSherri
+1 tweeted contest!/LibrarianSherri/status/148262373709455362

+1 Favorite moment(s): I love the tenderness and tension shown in the relationship between Violet and Jay; It was fun reading about their turning moment from being just friends to dating. I liked when she finally shared her secret.

+1 For Christmas, I want some snow! As you know here in Washington we don't get a lot south of Seattle, but I want some pearly white flakes!

Sherri Ashlock

Mickey @ imabookshark said...

+2 for following the blog - Mickey @ imabookshark
+2 on my TBR goodreads shelf:
+2 follower on goodreads
+2 follow on twitter (@imabookshark)
+1 tweeted:!/imabookshark/status/148412253882949632
+1 Favorite moment: when they finally figure out they're supposed to be together! :o)
+1 For Christmas I want a printer so I can become an extreme couponer.. LOL ;o)

=11 points!

THANK YOU! I can't wait for this book!

Mickey @
imabookshark AT yahoo DOT com

Mary Huff said...

Following blog=2pts

Adding last Echo to Goodread "to read list=2pts

Following on Goodreads=2pts

Following on Twitter=2pts

What I want for Christmas-more books=1pt


Thanks for the contest!!

Crystal said...

2 points – blog follower: Crystal
2 points – The Last Echo to your Goodreads "to-read" shelf (Crystal Fulcher on Goodreads)
2 points – For being or becoming a follower on Goodreads (Crystal Fulcher)
2 points – For being or becoming a Twitter follower (@cfulcher)
1 point : I want a Kindle Fire for Christmas :)

9 points total

Thanks for the giveaway.


Pam Vickers said...

I already follow you everywhere!
Here's my tweet:!/Pam_Vickers/status/148478386786938880

I loved when Violet finally realized Jay had feelings for her, too.

And the last question is silly! I want an ARC of The Last Echo!

Total of 11 points.

Marthapao said...

Awesome giveaway!
I follow you on Goodreads as Martha and have the book on my TBR list.
I follow you on twitter as @marthapao.
I so want a Kindle for Christmas!

Total= 7 points

Kimberly Derting said...

ENTRIES ARE CLOSED...I'm tallying the points now. Good luck, everyone, and thanks for sharing your favorite memories and Christmas wishes!!!