Saturday, April 7, 2012

Top Eight Favorite (and Two Least Favorite) Things About Easter

Favorite: Candy for breakfast, lunch, dinner…and dessert

Least Favorite: Getting up at the crack of dawn for an Easter egg hunt. Why can’t kids sleep past 7AM on holidays??? 

Least Favorite: Trying to figure out if any of the eggs are AWOL. The idea of finding one (or three!) of those suckers stuck in couch cushions/on window ledges/buried in plant containers months later...well, gross

Favorite: Hardboiled eggs = deviled eggs, egg salad sandwiches, and just plain ol’ hardboiled eggs. For weeks! 

Favorite: Chocolate Bunnies. I’m not sure why I love eating chocolate in the shape of rabbits, but I totally do! 

Favorite: Leftover candy. For lunch…the Monday after Easter. 

Favorite: It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown! Because who doesn’t love a good Charlie Brown holiday special??? 

Favorite: Hanging with the family. There are only a few days of the year where our entire family gathers to spend the day together, eating, watching movies, and just hanging out. 

Favorite: Leftover candy for dinner...for pretty much the rest of the week. Apparently, the Easter Bunny brings us way too much! 

Favorite: Game of Thrones. Need I say more??? (Of course, this show can only be watched after our daughter comes down from her sugar high and finally goes to bed.) 

And here's an adorable little bunny for your viewing pleasure...

Happy Easter, everyone!!!


Britt said...

^_^ OH MY GOODNESS THAT BUNNY! Well...I'm a bit too old for Easter egg hunts and have no little ones, so I only get to enjoy all the great things without all the bad ones ;)

Sheepa said...

Hahahah! I have to wait for my mum to go to bed so I can watch Game of Thrones. I WISH it was a show the whole family could sit down and watch, they don't mind blood and gore but it's the "AWKWARD!!!" scenes that just would kill it.

Mundie Moms said...

Have a lovely Easter!

Kimberly Derting said...

Britt - I know, when I saw the bunny I wanted to hug him!!

Sheepa - Yes, my kids can handle the gore, but the awkward...not so much.

MM - You too <3

Kristina said...

Oh my goodness what a cute little bunny, I want one!

My favorite thing about Easter is my whole family getting together and having lots of fun. We always do a raw egg toss, which is fun and funnier when it crack on someone else. The newest tradition we have been starting is the beer hunt for the older cousins (who are legal). I hide the beer very hard for these ones since I don't drink.

Kimberly Derting said...

Kristina - I have never heard of a raw egg toss or a beer hunt, but both sound HILARIOUS!!!