Monday, October 15, 2012


I got my paperback copies of THE PLEDGE, and realized it comes out in just 15 DAYS!!! Which, of course, totally started me thinking about some other important upcoming dates:

15 days till THE PLEDGE releases in paperback!!!

16 days to Halloween

22 days to Election Day

38 days to Thanksgiving

67 days till the World Ends (12/21/12) (Numbers don’t lie!)

And in case you think you’ll still be around after the apocalypse, you have just 71 shopping days till Christmas!

That leaves 77 days till New Years Eve, and just 78 days till we turn the page on the calendar and it’ll be 2013...

...which means...

Only 78 days till THE ESSENCE hits online booksellers or a bookstore near you!!!!! 

That's right, people, only 78 more days!!!!!

Let’s just hope the Mayans miscalculated…


Diane J. said...

I'm banking on the theory the Mayans ran out of calendar space...because I can't fathom not being around to read anymore.

Those are some great countdowns! You Rock!

Kimberly Derting said...

I have to go with you on that one. I'm still Christmas shopping... ;)