Thursday, March 21, 2013

DEAD SILENCE Launch Party!!!

Dead SilenceSo it's that time again...launch party time! Only this time it's bittersweet because we're celebrating the end (probably!) of the Body Finder series.

DEAD SILENCE, which releases on April 16th, is the fourth and (most likely!) final installment in Violet's journey, and we need you to come help us send this series off with a bang!

Dying to find out what happened after the ending of THE LAST ECHO? Well, now's your chance to snag one of the first copies of DEAD SILENCE. Haven't read the first book in the series yet? No problem, this is the perfect time to come and get your full set...and to have them all signed. Or maybe you just want some cookies and a good laugh. Well, at least we'll have cookies... ;)

Seriously, I couldn't have done any of this without you guys, so ending the series (for now, at least!) without you would be a real bummer. Come say goodbye with me. We'll laugh, we'll cry, we'll dance. Okay, yeah, no one wants me to dance, but you get the idea. We'll have a great time!

And did I mention the prizes; because of course there'll be prizes!!!
And you know me, I'll probably get caught up in the excitement and blurt out some secret I'm not supposed to, like that time I accidentally told everyone the title of DEAD SILENCE before it had been made public.

So please join me on Friday, April 19th at 7:00PM at Garfield Books in Tacoma. It's a great store with a great staff—the perfect place to say goodbye (possibly!) to the Body Finder gang.

208 Garfield Street, Suite 101
Tacoma, WA, 98444
(253) 535-7665

Can't make it all the way to Tacoma because you live in Schenectady, New York (or some other inconvenient, faraway location)? Not a problem. Garfield Books is taking phone orders for signed and/or personalized copies.

So, no excuses, people! Clear your calendars and circle this event in bold-tip Sharpie, and we'll see you there on April 19th!!!

Oh, and remember that great picture of all of us in our BODY FINDER shirts at the first launch party? 

Well, we're doing shirts again! And whether you can make it or not, here's how you can order your DEAD SILENCE t-shirts, hoodies, and bags.

I hope to see you all there!



starryeyedjen said...

What's with all the (probably!), (most likely!) and (possibly!)? I just finished Dead Silence, and you can't leave me hanging like that! Pretty please!?! Tell me there's going to be more of Violet and Jay and Rafe and Chelsea!!!!! And why WOULDN'T there be more? Don't you have more of their story to write? ;)

Kimberly Derting said...

This is the last book planned at the moment, but I am a never-say-never kind of gal...especially since I love these characters so much, Jen!

Curling Up With a Good Book said...

OK I am officially depressed!!!! Dead Silence was the best out of the entire series and then we dont get any more?? OH PLEASE PLEASE!!!! Please dont stop writing The Body Finder series!!

Olivia (The Reading Enchantress) said...

I wish I could make it, Kimberly! It was wonderful getting to meet you on The Dark Days Tour (Dayton) last year and I've been addicted to everything Body Finders since. I'll definitely be ordering a copy to complete my collection. However, there would be no love lost if I needed to order a book five next year ;) I hope the launch party is fabulous!

Kimberly Derting said...

Okay, YAY, CUWaGB - I'm so glad you loved DEAD SILENCE. I could hug you right now!

And Olivia, I wish you could come too! Maybe I'll get back to Dayton again :)

Icenek0 said...

Wish I could join you Kim!!! But I can't wait to read this book!! I've held off on The Pledge so I won't be out of books you've written! Congrats on all the success WHOOOOO BOOK LAUNCH PARTY!

Christinabean said...

Good luck this Friday with your launch! I wish I could be there...any chance you will be coming to Canada this year?

coffeelover said...

Please nooooo!!! Say it isn't so that this is the last book :( :( It can't end! I need more! I literally did a happy dance when I got the book on my kindle! My chest constricted from all the feels at the end... it can't be!! I need more!! :( I'll... I'll.... GIVE YOU COFFEE! and uhm.... follow you around with an umbrella (it is Washington after all) and uhh.... be so VERY sad if there's no more Violet and Jay and Rafe and everyone :(



Tyler Anne said...

Hi kim... its one of ur ordinary fans... I just can't wait to read dead silence... but if you really wanted to you could make an interesting spin off from one of the characters... I think that would be cool!