Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Bad Boy versus The Boy Next Door

Someone mentioned that Rafe (from DEAD SILENCE) is the hot bad-boy she just can't get enough of. It made me think of this guest post I did for Bewitched Books about Bad Boys v. Boys Next Door (like Jay!), and I thought I'd share that post here to see which you guys prefer, hot-and-broody or sweet-and-nerdy:
Boys...gotta love ‘em. And there’s no shortage of different kinds of boys. Tall boys, short boys, nerdy boys, athletic ones, and those who like kittens and volunteer in soup kitchens.

And then there are the bad ones, you know these guys—the kind who roll up on their Harley’s, unshaven—maybe without a shirt—who can make your jaw drop with just the wiggle of an eyebrow.

Then there are the other ones, too. That boy you’ve known most of your life. The one who actually gets your inside jokes, remembers your birthday, and carries your books. He sneaks in under the radar, wiggling his way into your heart when you don’t see him coming, until, before you know it, you can’t remember what it’s like to live without him.

Now, let’s break this down, shall we? We’ll call today’s lesson…The Weird Science of Boys:

Bad Boys:

He drinks extra-black coffee from Styrofoam cups and most definitely does not recycle.

He wears Levi 501s and whatever t-shirt that is laying on the floor next to his bed (which is most definitely not made).

He’s cocky, arrogant, and has abs of steel, but never has to work out!

He lives by his own rules and to hell with the consequences! 

He says what he wants, when he wants, and it still makes your heart race.

He shows the world his bad attitude but only shows you his heart of gold. 

The Boy Next Door:

He drinks a double-shot mocha, but also brings you your favorite drink, which he always remembers.

He letters in track/baseball/football and wears his Varsity jacket everywhere. He’ll give it to you, though, if you’re cold.

He’s sweet and attentive and also has abs of steel. (He should take off his shirt more often!)

He’s a stickler for the rules and is most definitely someone who recycles.

He has a hard time finding the right thing to say—especially when it comes to you. It took him forever to tell you how he feels!

He wears his heart on his sleeve but when he finally gives it to you, you won’t ever want to give it back.

So there you have it...the good, the bad, and the Boy Next Door.

Which boy would you choose? I’m guessing there are a few of you out there who would like one of each, am I right???


Sheepa said...

BOY NEXT DOOR!!! Always.

Megan Hornyak said...

oh I LOVE the bad boy! I am sucha sucker for them they will always win my heart!

Aydrea said...

Hands down the boy next door!

Liliana said...

Umm, can't I just have them both?? lol

Tamako said...

Boy next door! Bad boys are drama and trouble even if they can be super hot lol.

Leanna (Daisy Chain Book Reviews) said...

I used to fall for those bad boys every time, but then I met Jay and everything changed. ;)

Kimberly Derting said...

Ha--I love these! I'm a sucker for the good guy, but the good guy who doesn't put up with too much crap!

Little Ms J said...

I always fall for the bad boy because the boy next door gets tired of me talking about why the bad boy hasn't text me back! ;-)


Kimberly Derting said...

Why does that not surprise me, Jeanette?!?

Online PhD UK Programs by Helen Jones said...

I love this post! This is seriously the most accurate description of these two types of boys. I love it. Also with the boy next door you get the nerdy best friends.

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Alma said...

This is cool!

Kimberly Derting said...

Glad you liked it :)

Anonymous said...

I have mine he is a combination. Of both

Anonymous said...

mine is a combination of both, looks like a boy next door but definitely a bad boy and always a sweetie

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