THE PLEDGE #3 Has a Title...

Not sure if you’ve seen this yet, but the title for the final book in the Pledge trilogy is already out there in cyberspace. It’s up on Goodreads, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble...clearly, I was the last one to get the memo that it was okay to share!

But I’m sharing now, baby...

First we had THE PLEDGE, in which Charlie faces an evil queen.

Then we had THE ESSENCE, where Charlie takes on a would-be assassin.

And now....




We have.......


I gotta say, I love this title! It fits this book (which is my favorite book of the entire trilogy!) to a T.

Finding the perfect title wasn’t easy. I had my share of late-night brainstorming sessions with friends, family members, and eventually, my editor too. I think we would all agree that the titles we were throwing out just weren’t working. It was actually my cover designer, the brilliant Michael McCartney, who just so happens to be a linguist, who finally came up with THE OFFERING

And man, oh man, was it...perfect! 

So, thanks, Michael. Not only do you give me some of the most breathtaking covers, but now you name my books too!

And just wait’ll you see the cover. Michael has OUTDONE himself! And this time, maybe, just maybe, I’ll get to show all of you this beautiful cover before it’s posted somewhere online.

Or maybe not :)


*So excited*

I love the series! ...but that title sounds ominous. Can't wait to read it!

DJ D. said…
LOVE. LOVE. LOVE! Can't wait to see the cover!
Thanks! And I seriously can't wait to share it, DJ--it's crazy gorgeous!!!
The story has been a fa-nominal read!
When do you think The Offering will be released?
Thanks Jessica! It looks like we have a January 7th release date :)

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