Monday, November 17, 2014

A Writer's Life: Fun Products

Writer's Block? Plot Stress? Have No Fear! 

So the second week of NaNoWriMo has come to a close, and I hope all of you participating didn't drink too much coffee or stay up too late, (but let's face it, you probably did). November is always a stressful month for us writers, and in order to alleviate a little bit of that stress, I went online and searched for some hilarious products we might love! So here you have it, five fantastic finds that only a stressed writer would appreciate:

1.  This superb mug - because let's all admit, it drives us crazy.

2. This great T-shirt - I mean come on, it's the truth right?

3. This necklace, because we can never say it enough...

4. This clock, because, like the mug, it's a very important concept.

5. This bag because it's so true.

Needless to say, these five products may just be the best things ever created. Not only will they lift your mood, but maybe they'll even be a little bit helpful in helping you reach your word count goal! (Mug for coffee, bag for notes, clock for keeping time while you sit in your office and brainstorm...just some ideas). 

So, to leave you all on a positive note and a little inspiration, here are some top notch opening lines from stellar YA novels: 

Best and good luck to all writers this week! 

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