Monday, November 24, 2014

A Writer's Life: Hitting that Wall?

Writer's Life: Hitting that Wall?

So if you're anything like me, I tend to get stuck on certain scenes fairly easily. One character confesses something to another, a wall comes down, and suddenly I don't know how to kick my protagonist into action. The usual. But hey- no worries! Us writers are prepared for word battle and come loaded with tons of tips to stave off that pesky writer's block. Here are a few, I hope they help! 

1. Take a Step Back

Sometimes taking a step back and not writing for a few hours is simply the easiest way to go. If you take a small break you won't be stressed to come up with the "perfect dialogue" that you need- and perhaps you might even draw some inspiration form the world around you. 

2. Ask a Friend

We all have that one hardcore reader-friend who loves to pick at ideas. Sit down with a couple cups of coffee and run your latest scene by them- perhaps they can help you sort of all of your thoughts. 

3. YA Method Acting

What better way to get into the mind of your character than to pretend to be them? Try speaking like your character for 15 minutes; to friends, family, the baristas at Starbucks. What would he/she say? Order? How would your character interact with others? All fun stuff, just don't get too carried away!

4. Just Keep Writing

Sometimes we are a little too hard on ourselves and think a little too much. Not to worry! Maybe the best dialogue isn't that difficult to master- just keep writing and something natural will come to you.

5. Go to Bed Thinking of your Scene

This is probably the best trick I've used to help myself through writer's block. If I'm stuck on a certain scene or can't get into the head of a certain character, I lay down that night and start off my own dream. I picture the setting, the dialogue, and the events, and just let my brain run wild. Sometimes I even wind up dreaming about my characters, and that can go in so many directions! 

So there you have it fellow writers, a few tips and tricks for getting past that sticky scene you just can't seem to find the words for. I'll close with a few blogs and lists with plenty of other good tips for letting your ideas flow!

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