Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Writer's Life: Fun Ways to Get into Character

Getting into Character 

There are lots of great things about being a writer, what with all the fictional worlds and intriguing plot twists constantly on our minds. But sometimes the simplest things, like the inner workings of a our newest protagonist, can stump us up. So, here are a few ways you can "get into the head" of your protagonist, and gain a wealth of writing material! 

1. Have a Character Q&A

Before you get started on a new chapter, write a little interview with your protagonist. Ask her questions and get some answers, then when you're done take a second read over what you wrote. Sometimes the answers start to write themselves, and that's when your character begins to gain momentum. 

2. Create a Playlist

What would your character's favorite music be? What about music that reminds you of her? Create a play-list of about ten songs that embodies your protag and play it while you write- these might help you get a better feel for your character.

3. Journal Entries

Find a cheap spiral notebook and start a "Character Journal." Write in it from your character's POV a little each day as a sort of brainstorming exercise before you take a crack at that next chapter. If you're feeling fancy, pick out a notebook that your character would, and try to match your handwriting to their personality. 

4. Do a Little Day-Dreaming

Most of the time us writers find our heads in the clouds- and for good reason. Day-dreaming is one of the best ways to get into your character's head, because you can make up anything you want. Ideas and feelings flow freely and without constraint in your mind, so your character has space to roam. 

And there you have a few basics of character bonding! Try a few of them and see if any work for you, because one of the hardest things for a writer to do is get to know a protagonist that you're going to have to put through some crazy plot twists. Good luck!

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BookOwl93 said...

These helpful tips are simply amazing! I definitely need to do the interview your character and journal entries written from the character. Hopefully it will help shape this character I've had stuck on my mind lately. Thanks Kimberly! ^_^