Monday, December 15, 2014

A Writer's Life: Why I Love Coffee Shops

Why I Love Coffee Shops

There's more to a good writing session than a chair and a table- I really believe that it's the setting and atmosphere that set the mood for great writing, too. That's why I'm a huge proponent of mixing up your writing space! Get out and discover new local coffee shops and book stores that you can sit and loiter in for a while. Sip some coffee, write a few chapters, then maybe even browse when you're done. Here are a few reasons why coffee shops and writing make great friends: 

1. A Change in Scenery Provides a New Outlook

When you stay in the same writing corner for weeks, your perspective tends to get a little bleak. Same walls, same chair, same people,(or lack thereof)- you get the picture. But if you stray past your normal writing world boundaries and discover a new little shop to write in, you'll have observations galore at your fingertips! And who knows- maybe that quirky barista who put a funny name on your cup may worm her way into your next chapter. 

2. New Spaces are Filled with Life

Whenever I find a new writing space that works for me, I find myself filled with way more energy than if I had just stayed at home. There's something to be said for the comfort of my own couch, but there's also something about a comfy little nook in a coffee shop that just spurs good writing. It's new, cozy, and a breath of fresh air from the norm. 

3. Food, food, food

Now this one's a given! Whenever you find a new space to write in you discover a new coffee menu, and maybe even a few delicious desserts or sandwiches. It's possible to sit in a shop for hours and much on tasty new foods, all while accomplishing a whole day's worth of work. Bonus! 

4. Coffee Shops are Stimulating

Whether it's the ear-pricking conversation going on a few tables away, or the way the couple eating their sandwiches next to you interacts, there will always be something to pay attention to in a small shop. And I've found that these distractions aren't quite so bad as my TV or internet at home- on the contrary, they tend to give me inspiration. Every little life observation counts, and strangers are perfect to draw from!

And there are a few reasons why coffee shops rock my writing world! Sometimes just packing up your computer and notes and heading off to a new place can really help stimulate  your fiction. Give it a try and comment what happens!


Dazzling Mage said...

Love this-- and it's so true!

Thanks for sharing Kimberly.

BookOwl93 said...

I have yet to write or try writing at a coffee shop. But it sounds like such a great idea! ^_^