Friday, January 9, 2015

Ashley's Intro: That YA Dorm Life

That YA Dorm Life 

Hello all! My name is Ashley, college student and author's assistant extraordinaire,  all wrapped up in a short, YA fiction-loving package. I'm here to share with you all the fun facts and interesting territory that comes with being a YA fiction obsessed college student! I know everything from how to squeeze six, (or more), mahogany book shelves into your matchbox dorm room, to fitting time around your hectic class schedule for finding new reads. So, to kick off my grand debut, I'll share with you three things I've learned in my 3 years of being a YA college girl. 

1. There's No Such Thing as "No More Space" 

It's true. When it comes to books, there will always be room in your dorm. It's like this magical void of literary space that just keeps expanding- Narnia wardrobes, eat your heart out. However, you may have to get a little creative. All you have to do is unpack all of your books, look around your four-walled cement room, and mutter these words: 

"I am in Belle's library. This is Beauty and the Beast." 

And Bam! You've got it. Who says Belle's library has to be huge? Perhaps the surface-to-book ratio is all that matters, and if that's the case, you're a winner. 

2. The Book Budget

Yes, yes this does exist. And no, I'm not talking about college textbooks. You see, in a college town, there are discount book stores and Barnes and Nobles on every street corner, just calling your name in twinkling green block letters. It's a gorgeous thing. But, before you get too antsy, it's good to write down your "Book Budget" rules. Here's how mine go:

1. For every five discounted YA books, you may buy one full price. 
3. Okay, for every five paperbacks you may have one hardcover. 

Yeah. I have a lot of hardcovers. 

3. The Starbucks Shuffle

So a lot of college campuses have their own personal Starbucks, which is awesome. Mine just so happens to be one of those, and I have my designated seat/drink combination that I love to stick with when I go to read. However, there's always a slight problem: 

I can't look up from my book long enough to order and sit down. 

Right. Okay. So this is what I like to call "The Starbucks Shuffle." You have to pause in between pages while waiting for the line to move, casually tell the barista your drink order (correctly) without spacing out, and make it to your seat by the window without tripping because Four/Adam/Ignifex just raised his eyebrows at Trys/Juliette/Nyx. 

Good luck. 

And there it is everyone! A little introduction into my life as a college YA student, (aka: that crazy blonde child who treats her books like her children). I hope that anyone reading this can either A) glean a few good tips from it, or B) laugh at the weirdness that is me. 

Have a YA day! 


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