Thursday, January 22, 2015

That YA Dorm Life: Book Nerd Nightmares

The Top Five Book Nerd Nightmares

If you are anything like me, then you have shelves and shelves of books and they are all your literary children. Each one is special and unique, with different covers and personalities, and you love each and every one equally. 


Only, what happens on a college campus to our precious books is not always pretty. Here are five of the most terrifying book nerd nightmares, from the mouth of a fellow bibliophile and college student: 

1. The Dog Ears

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Yep. I said it. People will borrow your book and dog ear your pages and ohmygoshmakeitstop. One minute you're discussing your favorite YA reads, the next moment they're handing back your book and its pages are scarred for life. Um, no thanks.

2. Two Words: The Rain

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Picture this: you're out for a peaceful walk in the park, just you and your new book. You're on chapter nine, and your favorite ship is about to become real, when a sudden strike of thunder and torrent of rain drenches every last beautiful page. Sobs ensue.

3. That One Who Takes the Jacket Off

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No. No no no no no. Why did you borrow my book and take the jacket off? "Oh, the jacket annoys me." Um, I don't think that's an excuse to publicly humiliate my beautiful new edition of Divergent. Please, for the sake of literacy, cover her up! 

4. The Makeshift Coaster

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I have no words for this one. 



5. And, Finally, the Bottom of the Book-Bag

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This one is just devastating. You finally get that copy of your favorite book, the one with the shiny new cover and the crisp, pristine pages. And then....the bottom of your book-bag swallows it whole. Ouch. It's like someone has taken your hopes and dreams and folded them up at the bottom of that book-bag, too. 

And so, fellow book lovers, I hope that I have not scared  you too badly. Indeed, these situations are easy to avoid with copious book shelves and a watchful eye. 

Good luck! 


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