Thursday, January 15, 2015

That YA Dorm Life: Fictional Love Triangle Rules

The Fictional Love Triangle Rules 

So in honor of one of my new reads, Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi, I'm going to share something that I like to call the "Fictional Love Triangle Rules." Now, this is a very serious matter. Many good YA series have that scandalous love triangle, usually comprised of the main character, her love interest, and the unpredictable bad guy chasing her (my personal favorite). All three of these characters vie for our attention, ultimately causing us to go crazy with the love triangle blues- that is, we have no idea who we want to win! So, in order to stop the madness, I am hereby declaring the rules of YA love triangles: 

Rule Number One: Don't Dismiss the Nice Guy

Sure, Nice Guy isn't that exciting at first. He's cute and sweet and trying to save our main girl. But hey- there's something to be said about the dependable character who is always there as support, you think. And then suddenly BAM- he's a crime fighting tattoo artist with a troubled past. So open your mind and let this side of the love triangle in, because he might just turn out to be a page turner!

Rule Number Two: Don't be Afraid of the Bad Guy

On a similar note, a lot of YA villains are ridiculously charming. Don't be afraid to jump on the villainous fan-wagon* if you so desire, because chances are that will be one heck of a ride. Personally, I tend to go for Team (insert dastardly villain here), simply because I love watching their unpredictable shenanigans throughout the story. And the witty banter doesn't hurt. 

*Fan-Wagon: an unidentified, invisible wagon that fans of a certain love interest jump on. 
For example: "I am Team Warner, I jumped on the Warner/Juliette fan-wagon.

Rule Number Three: Embrace your Fictional Emotions

Now, we all know what these are- the fictional blues. After the book you are reading is over, you may get a sudden urge to express ship the sequel to your house, or, worse yet, there is no sequel! That was the last book. In which case, the fictional feels will flood your brain and force you into a fictional frenzy! But have no fear, because as long as you understand that the fictional blues will only last until you pick up your next book, you are safe. 

Rule Number Four: Stay Loyal to Your Ship

As a closing remark, rule number four is quite simple: stay loyal to your lovely ship. Once you ship a couple, you know in your heart that's the fictional pairing you want, so stick with it and captain that ship all the way to shore! Chances are they will end up together and your YA dreams will come true. Or not. In which case at least there's still real life. 

And there it is! A few of my "Fictional Love Triangle Rules." Follow some of these while you are reading and you may just ship it to the end!

Have a YA day!


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