Monday, February 2, 2015

A Writer's Life: Writing Resources

Writing Resources 

As writers we sometimes get a little frustrated with our own brains, which is completely normal! Most days there are just way too many ideas flying around in there to focus, and it's easy to get side-tracked or even completely overwhelmed. So here are four sites that I've found that can help with keeping on track, including tips, ideas, and even some cool prompts!

1. Fiction Writing Prompts for YA: 

This site has a few fun prompts that you can try out on your own! They're pretty helpful and simple, just getting back to the basics of contemporary YA. If you like realistic prompts, these will help! 

2. How to Write Young Adult Horror: 6 Tips

Here's something a little different- how to write YA horror! This is a great list of tips for any of you out there who want to try your hand at a young adult horror novel. Yikes! 

3. The Key Differences Between Middle Grade and Young Adult

If you're struggling with what audience you want to reach, this is a great article! It touches on some of the main differences between MG and YA. 

4. Inspiration: 6 Wise and Beautiful Quotes from YA Literature 

Looking for a little inspiration? These YA quotes are sure to inspire! If you're feeling a little dejected or in a writing slump, these will surely help :) 

I hope that these sites helped! If you have any tips or have had a particularly productive day of writing, give a shout out below! 


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