Tuesday, May 19, 2015

#BooksArentDangerous (Only 7 More Days!)

#BooksArentDangerous is the brainchild of authors Margaret Stohl and Kami Garcia, who in lieu of heading out on a costly tour to promote their new book DANGEROUS DECEPTION, opted instead to campaign to put books in the hands of kids-in-need.

But here's the deal, they need your help!

How, you ask?

Easy! Simply post a selfie to Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook of you with a book...any book, with the hashtag "Books Aren't Dangerous." Like this:


(See? Even someone over 30  40  not-a-teen, like me, can do it.)

But don't forget the hashtag. And the selfie. And the book. Help put books in the hands of these kids!

So get out there and post...only 7 days left, you guys!!!


Delores Hope said...

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Roha@TEFL certification said...

It's a simple way to support the book. I hope children will like it and have learned precious things.

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