This Just In: Science and Girls Belong Together!!!!

If you know anything about me, you might have guessed I’m not a great secret keeper. In fact, keeping secrets makes me want to explode! So for the past few months I’ve been pretty quiet about what I’ve been working on because I’ve had one of those secrets, and rather than risk blurting it out, it’s easier to just keep my giant trap shut.

But all that secret-keeping nonsense is over with, because the news has finally broken:

We have no idea who will be illustrating our picture book babies, but what we can say is that Shelli and I are crazy excited to be working with Virginia Duncan at Greenwillow. And we can’t wait to share our feisty, science-loving girl with all of you!






Rebecca said…
This sounds like a great series of books! Congrats!

~a female scientist :)
lisa Merry said…
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