THE PLEDGE Reading Guide

Deadly secrets, check.

Revolution and assassinations, check and check again.

Diabolical queen who would stop at nothing to remain on the throne, check and mate.

Simon & Schuster has posted the ULTIMATE READING GROUP GUIDE for THE PLEDGE, great for schools, libraries, and, you guessed it, book clubs. (Editorial note: book clubs may want to skip the part about making a collage to inspire others to read the book. Or not. Just sayin'.) (Another editorial note: I added the "Ultimate" to the "Ultimate Reading Group Guide." I think it sounds cooler that way. And way more ultimate.)
Seriously, though, this is a great guide if you're reading the book as a group (any group). And if you happen to be using it in the classroom, it meets the Common Core Curriculum Standards. Again, just sayin'. 

I'll keep the link posted in my sidebar. You know, for when your classroom, library reading group, or book club is choosing its next fun beach read ;) 


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