FLASHBACK, Love Poem!!!

Today we’re kickin’ it up a notch! That’s right, peeps, I’m talkin’ Old School Love Day! The kind of Old School Love that makes you do things like…

…lock yourself in your bedroom and write really cheesy poetry while listening to The Scorpions belt out classics like “No One Like You.”

And this time it wasn’t about Cheryl and Russ. This time I was the one in love, so this poem cuts right to the heart of the matter. It was just me, that stone-cold-fox Brad, and all of my hopes and dreams. (Sadly, I can just imagine my 16-year-old self with tears streaming down my cheeks as I composed this little gem.)

And note the silver pen, which surely = True Love Always.

Also note my random use of semicolons, which clearly I had no idea how to use.

The pic: Homecoming Dance 1984. The guy next to me was neither my date nor Brad (although I do like how he gave me a shout-out when he signed my yearbook). My date was the poor guy standing behind me…also not Brad.

The poem, in case you couldn’t read it:


You’re my dream;
with all your charms.
The one I want so.
In my arms.

Far in Dreamland;
I can see,
you knealing down;
in front of me.

You take my hand,
give me your heart;
you promise that,
we’ll never part.

You say you love me,
I wish it true,
In Dreamland,
All because of you!

(Why couldn’t Brad just love me back??? Maybe if he'd seen the poem...)


jberk said…
I like how everyone in your high school was named Brad or Chad. I'm sorry: Chadd. I'm going to write a love poem about his mustache.
Heidi Willis said…
I think my sister had the exact same dress for prom!!

And I love how that pen actually scanned glittery!!

Again I say, you are so brave!!
I love these flashbacks! :) Sometimes I'll come across some of my old poetry. Boy was I dramatic. Haha.
Tam said…
I'm pretty sure you stole that from the highschool edition of MY poetry anthology. Seriously; Same pen, same handwriting; Same random placement of semicolons. Good one;

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