The Answers To Your Burning Questions...

In all the excitement of missing hamsters and new covers, you probably thought I forgot...but I didn't!

Here's the post you've all been waiting for, it's a little segment I like to call: "ASK KIM!"

You asked 'em and I'm answering!

Kelsey asked: What is your most embarrassing moment? Ever.


When I was 18, I was working at a video store (back when VHS tapes cost like 80 bucks, so the stores didn’t stock them on the shelves, we kept them behind the counters). This video store also had a “naughty room,” where the “adult materials” were kept. One day, this man came to the counter with his little video tag thingy to get his movie, and I quickly read it and said “Oh my god, you haven’t seen this yet? This is the best movie ever!”

Then I turned to get his video and realized that the tag didn’t say “Beverly Hills Cop” (starring blockbuster entertainer Eddie Murphy), it said “Beaverly Hills Cop” (a movie from the naughty room, which had an entirely different cast of entertainers).

I couldn’t even make eye contact with the guy after that. All I could think of was that he must be thinking: “Coolest chick ever!”

And just for the record, I never did watch the porno version of Beverly Hills Cop.

The Blogger Girlz: What did your friends and family think when you told them you were writing The Body Finder?

They said absolutely nothing, and you know why…because I didn’t tell them. Any of them! I was super-secretive about it, so only my husband and kids knew what I was up to. When I started telling people about my book deal, I got a lot of strange looks and comments like: “I didn’t even know you wrote.”

Shelli wanted to know what was my best and worst memory as a kid?

Strangely enough, both memories were tied to the same event. I was shot at!!! Okay, maybe they weren’t actually aiming for me, but when I was in the fifth grade our house was the target of a drive-by shooting. Bullets were fired in the middle of the night and the dent in our fridge was our perma-reminder of our close call. Pretty scary stuff, but you know what? It actually turned out to be a great story for a 10-year-old girl to tell her friends!

Shannon, Vania (Reverie), and Cara all want to know about “the dream”:

Ahh, the dream…it was…dare I say it, ever so magical. It was just me, N’Sync, and a thousand screaming fans. I don’t know why they chose to pull little ‘ol me on stage with them that night, but when JT put his hand out, I gladly accepted. The rest, shall we say, is history…

Yes, my dreams really are that deep. By the way, I was in my 30s (and the mother of three!) when I had this dream. *hangs head in shame*

Cara also wanted to know if I’ve had any weird encounters at a signing or an event.

Okay, so not weird, but surreal! When I was on the Supernatural Summer Tour, someone in the audience asked if we all knew each other before the tour. Kelley Armstrong took the mic and said, “I met Kimberly a year ago when she was in the audience at the last Supernatural Summer Tour,” and then she looked at me beside her and said, “and now she’s up here!”

WOW! That was kind of incredible to have it put in that perspective.

RA Nelson: What would you write about if you weren't terrified to do so?

I would probably write what most people would: a hard hitting expose on the church’s influence on rabbit breeding throughout history in third world countries. It would be huge and would expose all of the secret religious societies who have been supporting this for centuries.

But since I’m not an expert on rabbit breeding. Or third world countries. Or secret religious societies. Or pretty much…anything, you’ll have to wait for Dateline to break that story.

Stacy (from Girls in the Stacks) wants to know if I’m watching the World Cup and rooting for the USA?

Of course I was rooting for the USA! But I’m not actually watching it. It’s more like I’m covering my ears and trying not to let that god-awful buzzing sound take over my brain. How can anyone possibly consider that “cheering”???

My husband finds it so hilarious that the sound bothers me (since NOTHING ever bothers me like that) that he even downloaded an app on his iPhone to make the sound ALL. THE. TIME. So not cool!

And Sharli made it a speed round:

What was your first boyfriend like?
WOW! I had to go WAY BACK for my first boyfriend…all the way to first grade. His name was Scott and he was…well, somewhat reluctant. In hindsight, I don’t think he really wanted to be my boyfriend, but I had other plans. I forced him be my boyfriend. And to hold my hand. And sit by me during every “floor time” we had in class. And like so many boys after him, as soon as I was finished with, I dumped him like a hot potato. Poor Scott!

Good guys or bad boys? In fiction: Both! In real life: Good guys, always. But don’t confuse a nice guy with a whiny wimp. Just because he’s a nice guy doesn’t mean he lets you walk all over him, it just means he brings you chicken soup when you’re sick!

Have your kids read TBF? What did they think about it? My oldest daughter read it before it was even sold (I needed a beta reader in my target age group!). My son (17) is waiting for the audio version…umm, thanks, buddy! And I’ve let my youngest (9) read the first couple of chapters, just so she could see what it was like…but I kept telling her: “you know mommy made this up, right? It’s not real.” (Of course one of her friends in class actually read it cover-to-cover which I thought was hilarious!)

Oh, and Shannan, I plead the Fifth. On all accounts!


Kelsey Sutton said…
Ha great answers Kim :) Thanks for taking the time to reply to every one of us.
Oh my gosh, a drive by? Oh, that's so scary!

Thanks for posting! It's so much fun to learn more about authors :)
Cara said…
You were shot at?! I would've been scarred for life, although I can see how that gave you a great story.

Thanks for answering our questions! (c:
Elie said…
Wow, a drive by, that is scary. Great post. This was fun. Congrats by the way, the new cover is great. Love the pink.
Okay, the shooting thing sounds WAY scarier than it really was. Mostly because I slept through most of it (it was the middle of the night!).
Shannan said…
HA HA!! I loved my answer! You are too funny! Those questions and answers were facinating!! I loved this Q&A thing. You make me laugh!
Brianna Bruce said…
I think that's so cool that in a years' time or so you went from reader to author at Supernatural Summer! You're living the dream : )
im so buying the rabbit book!

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