Out of over 400 entries, I've narrowed it down to our one winner (using for the SUPER AWESOME PRIZE PACK...and that winner is...


(And in case there's any confusion about which "Julie!" I'm talkin' about, this "Julie!" left her comment on Andrew Auseon's post yesterday at 5:16PM. Yep, that "Julie!")

YAY!!! Congratulations, Julie! I'll be emailing you right away to get your mailing info, and I hope you enjoy all your goodies!

For the rest of you, don't worry, this isn't the end...I've got more guest bloggers coming up soon...and another super-hard-to-find ARC, that may or may not rhyme with SCHMARANORMALCY. (And, no, it's not CATCHING FIRE!)


Trini said…
Congrats Julie!
Malbebe said…
Congrats Julie! :)

And I always think I'm going to win... my day will come sometime soon. lol
Hannah S said…
Congrats, girly!
Love, Hannah
Congratulations, Julie! :-)

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