Here it is, the prize pack I never posted! I thought you might want to see it in all its glory...


You have the sweet "Team Jay" T-shirt (kind of hard to see since I brilliantly decided to take the pic on a black background!), a signed hardcover of The Body Finder, 2 TBF rubber bracelets (also tough to see, but I promise they're there), TBF stickers (handprint and flower), assorted bookmarks, and...

The super-hard-to-find ARC of FIRELIGHT!!!!!

Okay, check out the bookmarks: I have signed Josh Berk-marks (The Dark Days of Hamburger Halpin), signed Jenn Hubbard's The Secret Year, Saundra Mitchell's Shadowed Summer, and an awesome (tasseled) Prophecy of Days by Christy Raedeke.

And all you have to do is leave a comment in any (or all) of the following guest posts:

Saundra Mitchell
Lisa & Laura
Little Ms. J
Katie & Sarah Frances
LK Madigan

On Friday you'll have your last chance to enter, when I host guest blogger Andrew Auseon (author of Freak Magnet).

Please don't try to enter on this post, your entry won't count. And also, just one entry per post please.

I will take the last comments at Midnight on Friday, July 16th and post the winner on Saturday, July 17th!!!


omg i want that so bad O____O
Tere Kirkland said…
Awesome swag photo! How could anyone resist?
Jenny N. said…
The prize looks so good.
Anne said…
I am drooling at the site of that pack of goodies...lol
Good luck you guys!!!
Malbebe said…
Ohhh I want this prize! I would totally wear the Team Jay shirt and enjoy everything else. :)
Anonymous said…
not to be rude and all...but why is there a team jay? there's no tangible love triangle in TBF--which i loved--at all. just that one guy.
Anonymous - That's kind of the joke of it ;)

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