Today’s post is special. (Meaning: You should totally pay attention!)

I’ve invited an awesome guest blogger, rounded up some pretty cool prizes (maybe you could pick something comfy for your bed!), and now you will have the chance to win.

Guest blog + Prizes = EPIC WIN!!!

Now that’s my kind of math right there!

First, the guest blogger. When I joined the Debs in early 2009, I joined a group of amazing writers, one of whom was this outspoken, gregarious, warm, and hilarious lady named Aprilynne Pike. You might know her, author of NYT bestsellers WINGS and SPELLS?!?! Yeah, that’s her…

Well, I’ve invited Aprilynne today to introduce a fellow Harper gal, a Tenner debut author whose book comes out THIS might have heard a little something about this book too, it’s called PARANORMALCY by uber-blogger extraordinaire (and, yes, she is just as adorable in real life!) Kiersten White. (And it may or may not be involved in the contest I mentioned!)

Aprilynne actually blurbed PARANORMALCY, saying: “PARANORMALCY seduced me. The two sexy paranormals who vie for Evie’s affections each had their own victory: one won Evie’s heart and the other won mine.”

I’ve read it, and I have to agree, it’s freakin’ great!!!

So, here she is, everyone, my friend Aprilynne Pike with some hilarious (as only Aprilynne would see it!) advice on writing:

Writing is Exhausting!

We often hear among author circles about the need to eat healthy and exercise because well, the acronym BIC (Butt In Chair) means that a lot of us do keep our butts firmly in our chairs for several hours a day and . . . well, those butts tend to expand.:D (Not to mention that yummy snacks seriously help facilitate the writing process! No really! They do!)

No one seems to mention that writing is its own form of exercise. Not the kind of exercise that will give you nicely toned thighs or bulging biceps, but I maintain that writing is its own kind of physical exertion nonetheless. I remember when I was in the process of writing Wings, I had this one day. It was a dream day! A day when the scene was so crystallized in my head and the words were flowing and everything was perfect! I walked out of my office that day (in my pajamas *ahem*) and flung the door open and said, very melodramatically, “I wrote a good scene!” And I was exhausted! I was a little sweaty too. (I know, TMI, but it relates!)

Writing can be a seriously physical experience, especially when you are writing intense scenes. Case in point, I am in the process of writing the fourth Wings book (don’t worry, you aren’t behind the times. The third one isn’t out yet. Writers just have to stay WAY ahead of schedule.) and about ¾ of this book is climax. It is seriously intense. I come out of my office every day rather emotionally wrung out and physically tired!

On top of that, I live in Phoenix where it is currently about 111 degrees. Also, humid since it is monsoon season. (Note to self, I need to buy a fan for my office!)

So all you writers out there, do try to eat well and get exercise, but don’t start thinking you are just turning into a lazy slob if, no matter what you do, you feel terribly exhausted at the end of the day. Tell your friends that they should try killing people and making people fall in love and make-out every day! It’s a tough job, but luckily, I’m the one who gets to do it!

I told you, she’s awesome! And TMI, Aprilynne? Never! (Confession: I don’t really understand TMI…is there really such thing as TMI???)

Okay, moving on, here are the contest deets:

All you have to do is leave a comment, just one, and that’s it. A comment. Preferrably a nice one, because, c’mon, I’m gonna give you stuff.

What am I gonna give you, you ask???

1) A brand new, shiny ARC of PARANORMALCY!!!!!!! (Second confession: it may have been read once, but ever-so-gently…there’s not even a scuff!)

2) CSN has generously donated a $60 gift certificate to any one of their 200+ stores, so you can buy something like one of these snazzy reading lamps (or anything else you want!). How cool is that???

3) And to commemorate this awesome melding of Tenner and Deb love, I am also including a butt-load (yeah, a real measurement according to of Tenner and Deb bookmarks, including Princess for Hire, The Vespertine, Prophecy of Days, Losing Faith, Cinderella Society, Freefall, and a bunch more. Like I said, people, a butt-load…look it up.

You have until midnight on Thursday, August 12th to make your comment count!


Monica said…
OMG, loved the contest! I'm from brazil and i love your blog. Wish me lucky!
name: monica
Kate said…
A workout is a workout no matter how you do it, physically or mentally. I love the idea that authors put so much of themselves in books and I am glad (as an aspiring author) that it's okay that it's not easy all the time. Thanks for the great guest post!

sithereandread (at) gmail (dot) com
Anonymous said…
I am dying to read Paranormalcy!
This comment has been removed by the author.
LOL. That is so funny! But it completely makes sense that writing would be that intense. READING scenes like that make me sweat!!! :)

Great post!

Loved the post and loved the blurb! Can't wait to read paranormalcy!

- Darla
Robin Reul said…
Great's can most definitely work up a sweat....creating a universe is hard work! But there is no better feeling in the world. Would love to read PARANORMALCY.

robin.reul (at) gmail (dot) com
Cassay said…
I love Wings and Spells I can't wait for the new book. Thanks for the contest

Cassandra c
cassandra dot crouser at yahoo dot ca
sRy_ said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lynsey Newton said…
I firmly believe that chocolate is FUEL for writers. So I completely understand that! Thanks for the contest :)

Liz. R said…
I definitely agree that writing is a workout of its own. I can imagine that it's very mentally exhausting! Great post, thanks!

So I'm not crazy. Writing really is hard work! Lovely guest post.

lauren51990 AT aol DOT com
Anonymous said…
I love the blurb Aprilynne did for Paranormalcy. Also some great advice.

- Sandy
Anya said…
Wow what a great guest post! And awesome giveaway which I hope is international lol

ally said…
I didn't understand the TMI part *am lost* but the other parts of the guest post were very insightful for us non-writers :D! It's nice to know you get to work out every once in a while ;)!

Nicole said…
Thanks for the post, it made me feel a lot better of being exhausted after sitting on my butt all day while typing my book on the computer. And those snacks do get pretty tempting, especially when I get a little block. Oh, and I love both of your guys' books! :)
Hannah S. said…
I laughed-out-loud several times while reading this post! Thanks for the laughs! (and the contest!!) :)

Love, Hannah
This is such a nice post (and contest!). Thanks so much :)

Anonymous said…
Writing is *definitely* a workout--if only mentally for some of us. =D But it's a far more FUN workout than physical for most of us. (*note to self: you still have to actually work out, missy.*)
mireyahwolfe @ gmail . com
WulfLuva said…
I can't wait to read Paranormalcy! Kiersten White's book has been praised soooo much that I'm just dying to get my shorty, stubby hands on it!
Mariah said…
Great contest and guest post! Writing is exertion I mean you basically have to live multiple peoples loves for them.
Tina said…
It's so interesting that writing was compared to a workout... it is really tiring, but the beautiful thing is that when I pick up a book I'm rejuvenated. I've heard great things about Paranormalcy and am really looking forward to reading it!
melodiourevelry (at) gmail (dot) com
basma aal said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
basma aal said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
basma aal said…
That is a great contest.
Its hard to sit all the time without doing exercise but I mean you're at the same time practicing your love for writing


basma(dot)aal (at)gmail (dot)com
"Tell your friends that they should try killing people and making people fall in love and make-out every day!"

Lol, I love that! Writing definitely isn't the easiest thing to do and it's very exhausting, but it is worth it when you come up with that awesome however-many pages :)
Orchid said…
Ooh, a workout for the mind, I like it. Now I feel lazy for not making any progress on my short story. Great post.

hauntingorchid (at) aol (dot) com
Sarah Enni said…
AH, I love this post! Good to know I'm not the only one prone to making melodramatic statements about my writing while wearing pajamas.

And Paranormalcy eee! I am so very excited about this book!
Sarah Enni said…
ooops, forgot:
Libby said…
That so very generous of you.
Thanks for this awsome giveaway!
I really enjoy paranormal/supernatural YA books.
So this is a great taste of book or me.

Heather said…
The pajama part is hilarious! haha
thanks for the giveaway!
Annie McElfresh said…
YAYAAYAYAYAYA! Awesome contest! Thanks for throwing this! :)
Anonymous said…
Amazing Giveaway!! I don't mind if the book has been used ;)
~Sara S

Anonymous said…
This book is my NUMBER ONE on my wishlist!! I gotta have it!

-Elizabeth :)

Liz said…
I loved the post, you are quite an awesome writer ;D
plus I have been waiting for this one

Never That Easy said…
my first visit to your site, and it's a contest. Count me in!
Alison said…
Pretty epic guest post, not gonna lie :D Haha I know that it's a workout writing ! I'm attempting to write my own story and you get so into that it's kinda like a sport. You have to practice and stuff and when you do really well, you feel good (haha, did that make any sense?!) Oh and there's gonna be a 4th book?! Yay!

Pretty awesome contest here, so thank you very much!

oooo Paranormalcy is AWESOME!! And I love April's guest post! It's so true that sometimes you end up just a little sweaty after writing... SO glad I'm not alone in that, lol.
Megan said…
Great post! I danced for eight years and I don't think my body, or mind, ever went through the same amount of stress then as it does now that I write.

It wears you out and boggles your mind. When you can't focus nothing else works. It gets to you.
Becky said…
I haven't read Wings yet but I've been meaning to for ages and now I definitely have to. Thanks for the guest post and the contest! I hadn't ever thought about writing as physical activity, but I guess it really kind of is. :)

Kristina said…
HI!!! I love your books and all the the other authors books, my summer is almost up. I will have to read these books this school year. :)
Email address:

Name: Kristina
This comment has been removed by the author.
What a fabulous contest! And great prizes!

Aprilynne, you are absolutely right - writing is exhausting but in a good way. Do wish it helped with sculpting the butt, though. That would be nice!

- Jennifer
jsfoushee (at) gmail (dot) com
Sharli said…
It totally makes sense. Even more so when the author really cares for his characters, I guess.
I think as a reader, you can really tell when an author breaks a sweat while writing the book.

Thank you for the guest post and the giveaway!
entrelibros_blog at
Christina said…
Thanks so much for the contest! I can't wait for Paranormalcy!

elizabeth said…
It makes sense that writing can be exhausting, but rewarding in the end.

Thanks for the contest!

swordsforfighting at yahoo dot como
Vivien said…
That is the best blurb I have ever read. I already had this book on my wish list, but now I'm doubly anticipating its release. I can't wait for the next Wings book either :) Thanks for the hilarious post. I can just imagine the mental workout you get from writing. Thankfully it's well worth it.
Maggie said…
Oh, Aprilynne is one of my favorite authors! So is Kiersten! Both of their books are pretty snazztastic.

And that is SO TRUE about writing being tiring. I mean seriously, if you're writing a fight scene, then you (mentally) act out the scene. And then your arms are tired, and you maybe pulled a muscle in your leg kicking or you knocked your head on a keyboard (or maybe that's just because you're frustrated...)

Great post! And great prizes! I'd love to be entered :)
Emily said…
I've heard awesome things about Paranormalcy.

I know blogging isn't REALLY the same thing as writing a novel, but I've noticed that when I blog frequently, my writing improves. And it is a mental workout to find the right words to describe a novel.
Martha Lawson said…
Awesome contest!! Please enter me for it.

I follow on gfc

mlawson17 at hotmail dot com
Ooo, I <3 the guest post and prizes! Paranormalcy is gonna rock!!! Wish me luck!!! *fingers crossed* :)

donnas said…
Awesome post, best things Ive read today. I loved Wings and am really looking forward to Paranormalcy. And that is one great lamp.

Donna S
bacchus76 at myself dot com
Meredith said…
Thank goodness I'm not the only one who feels exhausted after a good writing day! I love this post. It's so true that mental workouts can be as tiring as physical ones, and just as rewarding.

Thanks for the giveaway!
I'd love to be entered for the giveaway!

P.S. - I think you meant CSN instead of CVS. Although, CVS is great for personal care items I'd rather win some cool furniture from CSN. ;)
Great giveaway. I've been wanting to read Paranormalcy

AllThingsUrbanFantasy AT gmail DOT com
Chloe said…
Ooh, awesome guest post and contest! I can't wait to read Paranormalcy... And I loved TBF by the way ;)

Laura said…
I've been a shy stalker of your blog for a long time, and now is the perfect time to finally make a comment!! I loved the Body Finder and have been dying to read Paranormalcy since I discovered Kirsten's blog a few months ago. Thanks for the give away! *fingers crossed*

Jamie said…
Thanks for the great post...and awesome contest! here's to hoping I win!
brandileigh2003 said…
OMG, Jess, thanks for pointing that's been corrected!!!!
kermit4110 said…
Great post!!!
I can't wait for Paranormalcy!!!
Lauren said…
Thanks for the great guest post and contest! I can't wait to read Paranormalcy!
Jacqueline C. said…
Interesting post! I always figured that writing was a mentally and emotionally exhausting process, but this is the first I've heard of it being physically tiring too.
This contest is AWSOME!I need to read paranormalacy!:D oh and I LOVE your book its AWSOME!ugg i hope i get to go to san francisco when you go to the signing:D

-Alejandra Salcedo

Maribeth said…
I cant wait to read Paranormalcy! It sounds so good!!! Great Guest Blog !
Okapi said…
Woah awesome contest! Thanks soo much for this post! It was really fun to read:)
I love Aprilynne! I met her a t a book signing once and she was hilarious and sweet. Aprilynne has a definite way with words and I don't mean just in her books! Thanks for this great post!

Erika Lynn said…
i love that a butt load is a word on urban dictionary, hilarious!
erika lynn
Anonymous said…
As an aspiring author I can agree that it's an exercise. I have such a hard time sitting in one place for a long period of time!
bookaholic said…
I love the post. Writing is obviously a very challenging and exhausting exercise!

Thank you so much for the giveaway! Have been dying to read Paranormalcy!
Miss Bookiverse said…
Awesome contest, I wanna win :D

bookoholiker AT gmail DOT com
Jack said…
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Bwyatt said…
I love Aprilynne too! Funny girl if I do say. And I also loved Wings and Spells! So original. And I'm totally in love with Tamani!

That said, Paranomalcy has been added to my "to read" list and I can't wait to read it. Definately looking forward to it.
Anonymous said…
Cool! Paranormalcy is deff on my list (:
Brianna Bruce said…
Oooh, I hope I'll win! This is fantastic. Thank you so much!
Kristin said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kristin said…
haha! This post was awesome! I knew writers put A TON of work and energy into their writing, but I never thought it resulted in actual SWEAT.

Keep these guest blogs coming! They're great!! (OMG, I just sounded like Tony the Tiger...)

C.A. Marshall said…
Maybe it should be required that all authors have one of those desks with an treadmill built-in... Or maybe I'll just have one more handful of gummy bears...

Desert Lioness said…
Oh man I want to read this SOO badly! Even more so now that you left such an awesome review. It was my Bday yesterday and I didn't get as many bookish things as I would have I am hoping giveaways would make up for that. Wish me luck!

I'm dying to read this! Hopefully it's as good as The Body Finder!
Max said…
thanks so much for the contest i love the interview, your reviews and blog. Please enter me as international after all the unbelivable 5 star reviews i'm even more more excited for paranormalcy and suspence kills
Elizabeth Ryann said…
Um, awesome free stuff AND a fun new blog to read? That's definitely the sort of thing I can get behind.

ElizabethRyann (at) gmail (dot) com.
Blueicegal ♥ said…
Thank you for the contest * loved the body finder swag btw so double thanks* :)
Blueicegal ♥ said…
oops and my email :D
Jessica said…
Great contest!!
Lacey said…
Well, I must say writing is quite Strenuous,especially when you have this scene or chapter planned perfectly out in your head. You rush to your laptop and you just type away, whisking your characters into battles you deem fit and even sometimes break out the kleenax box because you lose a friend. Trust me I understand. Especially when you get an idea and your busy and by the time you get to writing it down, said idea is gone. Poof! Disappeared in thin air.

So I have to agree with you Pike, writing is in it's own way a form of exercise.

Anyways! I want Paranormalcy, I keep hearing fantastic reviews!! Pick me!!

My name: Lacey
Katelyn Burton said…
I love this! A chance to win Paranormalcy by Kiersten White? Totally in! I read her blog almost every day and I've been waiting forever to get my hands on Paranormalcy. Thanks Kimberly for having an amazing contest :)

Katelyn Burton
Alyssa said…
Great post and contest!
Anonymous said…
Wow. Now, this book looks more interesting than I first assumed. Thank you for the opportunity. I found your blog writing to be simply and amusing. -Critic

Name: Tori, or Victoria
Violet said…
Such a great guest post! Aprilynne is adorable and hilarious. Thank you both for exhausting yourselves in order to provide us with such deliciously fun books. And double thanks for writing the make-out scenes that help jolt your readers' heart rates up a notch or two also. I adore Jay & Violet and Laurel & Tamani. Can't wait to read the third Wings novel and Desires of the Dead. :)

Anonymous said…
Great post! And who doesn't love a contest to win an awesome book!

Sarah said…
Great contest! And the buzz around Paranormalcy is fantastic. I can't wait to read it!
Rachel said…
I am a huge fan of Aprilynne and your blog. I am currently working on my first novel as well, so any sort of writing info helps. Plus, you both are quite entertaining and I enjoy spending my time reading your blogs. Keep up the awesome work you both! I wish I was able to catch Kiersten White's book signing in Oceanside, CA the end of this month, but I will be moving back to IL a few days before-hand. I can't WAIT to read her book. I read some blurbs on it and it sounds fantastic!
Aja said…
I loved Aprilynne's blurb on Paranormalcy! It made me really curious, so I looked up Paranormalcy and read the book description and some reviews and now I can't wait to read it. I also enjoyed the guest post and I am excited for this contest!
Anonymous said…
I agree that writing can be exhausting. Great Contest !
Mariana said…
That so very generous of you.
Thanks for this awsome giveaway!

Louise said…
*clapping and whistling* I love Aprilynne Pike! Loved Wings & Spells. I'm super excited for Paranormalcy!

Thanks for this awesome giveaway! :)
Ok I've entered like 5 million contests for this book. I'm going to rub my lucky gnome tonight and hope I get it this time!!!

mb @ marybethsmith . com
Anonymous said…
I'm giving this a shot!! I would really, really, really love to get a copy of this book!


Make my comment count? I'm lucky if it can slepp. I mean, spell.
Anonymous said…
Great post! Aprilynne is great, and I can't wait to read Paranormalcy!!!

name: Nicole
Erik said…
Thanks for the guest post (and the awesome blurb)! Love Kiersten's blog too.

gabrywrites said…
Aprilynne is great! You are great also, Kimberly. And not to mention Kiersten White too because she just is. TRU FAX for all of you. And writing really is exhausting, so I agree with you. (Ooh look prizes!

Awriter said…
I'm really excited for Paranormalcy, I've been hearing so much about it lately!

Chelsea Dawn said…
YES! oh HEEEECK yes :D I am so ridiculously excited for this book that it's not even funny! :D
ohlookbook (at) gmail (dot) com

:) Thank you so much for the opportunity!
Ivy Hawthorn said…
I can't wait to read paranormalcy! An ARC would be even cooler! I also adore wings and spells! The two authors are amazing!

Alex said…
Ohh Paranormalcy?! I want to read that book really bad! Thanks for the giveaway!

Alex @
Vivian Mahoney said…
Aprilynne Pike gave fantastic advice on Creating Mythologies over at WriteOnCon. And now to read her thoughts on writing and exercise?

I love it! My stomach is shrinking already!

Thanks for putting together a great contest.
mcdonaldrenee said…
I love these authors!! Thanks for the contest.

mcdonaldrenee1 (at) gmail (dot) com
Mandy said…
teensy question: is it open internationally? :)
loved the guest post - will definitely be looking into her books! xD
Christina said…
I LOVE Aprilynne's series!

And I'm dying to read Paranormalcy.

Christina said…
Every time you read Paranormalcy a vampire looses his sparkle and man ups.

Love all of you guys' blog (and books)!


(side note: Just a joke. I love those glittering vamps too ;p )
Jessy said…
I thin I would love living in Phoenix because I loathe the cold weather. I am in San Francisco now and it's nothing but fog!

findjessyhere at gmail dot com

lynne reed said…
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