Signed Copies of TBF and DESIRES OF THE DEAD (Limited Time)

I'm assuming that if you can’t make it to my MEGA EPIC LAUNCH PARTY it's because you're bedridden. Or extremely agoraphobic. Or, you know, don't live in the area. Whatever. But don’t fear, you can still get a signed copy of DESIRES OF THE DEAD or the upcoming paperback release of THE BODY FINDER.

How, you ask?

Well, get this! I’ve made arrangements with the Barnes & Noble hosting the MEGA EPIC LAUNCH PARTY to take phone orders for you. So now you, good readers, can pre-order your copy and have it shipped directly to your home. You know, since you're severely agoraphobic and all.

Note: Be specific on the phone! If you want your book(s) personalized, be sure to give the correct name spelling. If you don’t want it personalized (just signed), be specific about that too! Shipping will be $3.99 for the first book, $.99 for each additional book. I’m assuming that’s US residents only, sorry international peeps! Call (253) 839-2535 to place your order.

AND...Speaking of launch parties, don’t forget: It’s gonna be MEGA EPIC! If you're not bedridden or agoraphobic (and if you live in the area), join me on Saturday, February 19th. I’ve got GREAT prizes lined up, so you’ll totally wanna be there!!!


Marsha Sigman said…
Great. I pre-ordered my copy a few days ago. Couldn't stand to wait
Kelsey said…
Are you doing any book signings in the UK? Please say yes, no one ever comes here lol
Marsha - Aw, I'm sorry I didn't know a little sooner!

Kelsey - Umm, how much would I love that? I wish it were up to me!!!
Heather said…
I just called the number and the lady I spoke with was unsure but would contact me tomorrow. So, hopefully I will get my signed order in tomorrow. I had a feeling I needed to wait to order it. Glad I did. Can't wait to talk with someone tomorrow about it!! Thanks Kimberly for looking out for those of us who live far away!! :o)
Heather - We just worked the details out, maybe not everyone there knows how to set it up yet. I'm glad you waited too!!!
Kristin Rae said…
I might just have to do this, since it doesn't look like you are coming to Houston this year (I found out you were here last year AFTER, and you were right down the street at my B&N!! grrrrr yes I'm still bitter).

I'll wait a little bit for B&N to get their act together. :)
GothGirl said…
You should so come to England. It would be totally epic. Totally couldn't put TBF down. Can't wait to read TDOD
Little Ms J said…
I'm so excited for you! I'll just have to try and meet you up again to get DESIRES signed.
Heather said…
SNAP!! Just placed my order. They will call me when the order is in and you sign it. I told them to just put my name and then have you put whatever you would normally sign. Can't wait!! Once I get this in I will have both books signed!! Thanks again for hooking us up!!!
Thank you for doing this. :) I just ordered my copy from your B and N. Wish we could be there Saturday - it will be a great party.
YAY my copy arrived today. Thanks its awesome!
K and J

PS my wife made your cookies (We call them Body Finder cookies) yesterday, they are soooooooo good. And because the recipe is easy she actually likes to make them.
I'm glad you got it, Kenny. I actually guessed that it was from you before I saw the note! :)

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