Saturday, February 12, 2011

Winners (yes, more than one!) of THE ECHOES OF THE DEAD CONTEST

Remember last time when I said I’d never do a contest where I had to pick a favorite anything again??? Yeah…well, this is why…you guys are too clever. These echoes rocked!

First, I’m changing the rules a bit (unless anyone has any objections) and choosing THREE WINNERS...not just the one I’d originally posted!

So now there will be one random winner, one winner whose echo I’ve already used (although I won’t reveal what the exact echo is…I don’t want to be spoilery), and of course, the one winner whose echo I’d be most likely to use.

And in case you didn’t know, there were also entries on Goodreads, which you can check out here.

Note: Because ALL of these categories had multiple entries (even the favorite!), I used a super-fancy system in which I cut out each entry and dropped them into a hat. My daughter then chose the final winner. Yes, I know, how very high-tech of me!

So without further adieu, let’s do this thing:

First, the RANDOM WINNER, because that was the easiest to choose, is:

Jeanette (mrsjbruce at gmail dot com)

Congrats, Jeanette!!!!

Second, we’ll do the ECHO-I’VE-ALREADY-USED. There were five identical entries for this one, so again, the hat was employed, and the WINNER is:



And, last, but definitely not least (and certainly the most difficult to decide), the FAVORITE ECHO! And when I say favorite I mean that my crack team of panelists (myself and my family) narrowed it down and I chose the one that could most likely show up in a future book. I mean, if there is a future book, of course. *wink*

Again, there were two identical entries for this one (one from Blogger and one from Goodreads), but the echo I pulled from my fancy-dancy hat was:

Burnt Rubber (submitted by Sasha Switz) (Psst, Sasha, email me so I can get your mailing info!)

I mean, come on, burnt rubber is pretty distinctive...and gross. I kinda love it!

To the rest of you, I can’t thank you enough! And just because I didn’t list your echo here, DOES NOT mean it won’t show up in a book some day. I’ve added many of these to “the list”.

You all are the best!!!!!!!!


Buster815 said...

OMG 1st off Congratulations to to the others who one this comp!

Also an amazing thanks to Kim for giving all us fans the chance to enter this awesomely fun competition!!

Im still in shock!! i have been on the phone to family/friends screaming in excitment through the phone! what with my 1st loud scream that im sure woke up my neighbourhood and the screams on the phone im deffo felling a sore throat tommorow! Who cares lol (Screams!)

Thanks Again Kim! and congrats to all those that won too!

Buster815 said...

Oh totally forgot! here is my email:

Thanks! :)

Little Ms J said...

Desires keeps showing up on my Facebook sidebar. I LOVE it!

Congrats to Buster815!

Anonymous said...

Haha congrats everyone !

kjovus - my life with books said...

Congrats! It was fun to participate in this one.


Buster815 said...

Thanks Everyone! :)