Back from the Pacific Northwest Writer's Conference

Great conference, great classes, great panels...what more could a girl want? Maybe some ice for my aching backside! After sitting (and sitting some more) for three days, all I can say is HOLY CRAP my butt is sore. I know, I know...there are people out there who sit for eight hours a day, five days a week. I'm just not one of them. Plus, I don't have my very own cubicle with a Ziggy poster to make it all worthwhile.

My fave was an impromptu class on World Building, given by the coolest panel of urban fantasy writers (who are probably a little cooler than the rest of us anyway just by virtue of the kick-ass stuff they write). They broke us into little groups and assigned us our very own writer (I got Kat Richardson -- who rocked by the way!) and we got to play author.

I will say, thank God I didn't have to pitch this weekend, so at least I could sit and absorb the knowledge and wisdom from the presenters without feeling like I might throw up in my mouth from nervous tension.