All three authors came out to my book signing this weekend in Portland (and I came home with some new books!).

Okay, so GREAT EVENT!!!!

Like I said, the lovely Lisa Schroeder (picked up a signed copy of It's Raining Cupcakes for my daughter), Suzanne Young (if you haven't read The Naughty List you totally I'm just waiting till June for So Many Boys), and LK Madigan (I FINALLY got my copy of Flash Burnout) all came to my signing at Powell's, as did SO MANY great readers and reviewers!!! (I was so nervous about no one showing up, and this was WAY more than I could have hoped thanks, guys!)

Me looking all authorly in my reading glasses. (Or blind...whatever.)

Lisa Schroeder, Sara Gundell (Novel Novice), and LK Madigan

Me and Sara (we did a video interview beforehand and that should be up on her site Novel Novice soon!)

I love the I AM NOT A SERIAL KILLER in the background!

Suzanne Young, Me, Lisa Schroeder, and Violet (The Eager Reader)

Suzanne, Me, Lisa, and Candace (Candace's Book Blog)

After such a whirlwind day, Easter was all down-time. We ate candy for breakfast, ordered pizza for a late lunch, watched The Fantastic Mr. Fox, and made chocolate chip cookies around dinnertime. My youngest stayed in her pajamas the entire day.

And thanks to the movie, I have a favorite new expression: What the Cuss??? (Trust me, it's WAY more kid-friendly than some of the other things I say.)


Besides the fact that you mentioned me in your blog post (uh, twice?!) -- you get extra special bonus points and cupcakes for spelling my name write. As in, without an "h" ... it's a big deal in my little world. :)
PJ Hoover said…
Oh, it looks like such a blast! I'm glad you had such an amazing time.
Heidi Willis said…
What a fantastic time!! I love the I Am Not A Serial Killer in the background!! Classic!

And I totally loved the line, "What the cuss!" Of course, George sounds way better saying it than me. I need to get cooler!
Aw, that looks like so much fun!! :)
Candace said…
I totally didn't notice that I'm not a Serial Killer in the background but now you that you pointed it out I can't stop laughing!
Thanks for mentioning me and the link! Your awesome! I loved meeting you and the other authors and can't wait for the next time!
I'm getting ready to post my giveaway right now. (Which means it'll be up before bedtime tonight, LOL) Feel free to spread the word!
Look there's my girl Candace in the last picture!! How cool!
Little Ms J said…
I vote authorly. Love the specs and your version of Easter! Trevor and I crashed a easter brunch at a golf club that has geriatric members. It was a lot of fun, but I think I'd rather be sitting on your couch in my pj's waiting for the cookies!
Hahaha looks like a fun time :)
Violet said…
It was wonderful to meet you! I am so glad those pictures turned out well & I still love that "I Am Not a Serial Killer" photo so much! Thank you for sharing a link to The Eager Readers! :)

My contest for a signed copy of The Body Finder is posted here and will run through 4/30. I am so excited to help spread The Body Finder love! :)