TEN THINGS I LEARNED ON TOUR (My Epic Picture Post!!!!)

1) Getting up at 3AM sucks, even if it's to do something really cool. Like the Supernatural Summer Tour. I may have cursed Harper on my way to the airport.

But this was my view at BORDERS in Dallas. Curse was lifted. Harper rocks!

I have a new BFF. It's official! She proposed, I accepted, Skittles were exchanged. That's Shannan (from Girls in the Stacks) sitting eagerly on the floor in front. (And, yes, she is just as adorable in person!!!)

2) FAN ART IS THE BEST! This girl drew Ellen Schreiber's MC Raven and brought it to the event. It. Was. Stunning!

Aprilynne Pike and I had way too much fun!!!

3) DALLAS ROCKS!!!!!!!!

I was the dork on tour taking pictures of everything.
(Including my Houston hotel room.)

We lost Aprilynne after Dallas, but look who we picked up in Houston...KELLEY ARMSTRONG (far right)!!!

Emilee from Penultimate Page (Do you not LOVE her hair??? I wanted to pet her. Would that have been weird?)

Cari, Cari, Cari. I warned you about the FlipCam:

A different kind of FAN ART, check out this incredible homage. Each nail is painted to express different scenes from our books! Dude!!!

And the lovely artist, Brittany.

What I learned #4) I paint my nails like a three-year-old. On crack. Brittany's got crazy mad-skills!

I was seriously worried that no one would be in my line, but LOOK!!!!!!

I wish I could have gotten pictures of EVERYONE!!!

5) HOUSTON ROCKS!!!!!!!!

6) Getting up at 3AM sucks...even when you disguise it as 5AM in a different time zone.

Umm, hello!?! I've never been a window display before.

Sara from The Hiding Spot!!! (Smart and adorable, a lethal combo!)

And Christina who won the Do The Write Thing Auction (and a Team Jay T-shirt!)...I was so excited to see her in the crowd!!!!

And this is the talented Elizabeth who won the Supernatural Summer writing contest. At 16! She'll be on the tour in no time!!!!

A quick stop at Coldstone with the lovely prize winner!

7) CHICAGO ROCKS!!!!!!!!

OMG, fellow Harper author (and 2009 Deb!) Cindy Pon met us in San Diego!!!!!!
8) The folks at Mysterious Galaxy informed me that my book had gone into its second printing! YAY Mysterious Galaxy! YAY for second printings!!! YAY Harper!!!!!

My agent-in-law Shannon Messenger came out to say hi. (Hi Shannon!!!)

9) SAN DIEGO ROCKS!!!!!!!!

10) Someone should give the rookie-on-tour packing instructions. It was clear I was the newbie when I showed up downstairs with a ginormous checked back, a laptop carry-on, and a huge purse. Everyone else had a small (carry-on sized) suitcase and a small handbag. Awesome!!!

Oh, and don't forget, there's still time to win an iPad on the Supernatural Summer site!


Melissa said…
What an amazing picture post. This sounds like an amazing book tour.

And we all know you were going to have people in your line - seems like you were the only one who didn't.
DJ D. said…
It looks and sounds like you had a great time! The Body Finder and yourself are so amazing and there was never a doubt in my mind that people would be lining up to see you! :-) I just wish I could've been one of them, haha! Anyways, thanks for the post. I enjoyed looking through the pictures and reading what you learned!
Samantha LeAnne said…
Awesome post! I think you were the only one that didn't know there would be people in your line! :P

And that hotel room is freaking AWESOME! Like seriously.
Tammy Blackwell said…
It was an awesome event. I'm so glad I got a chance to meet you in San Diego!
Michelle said…
Hey, there's me! =)

It was great to meet you in Houston!
Leigh Purtill said…
Those are great pics, Kimberly! Thanks for sharing. You look like you had an amazing (exhausting) time. And I for one think YOUR hair is pretty fab. :)
Wow, what a tour, Kimberly! Very excited for you - and HOW COOL IS THAT - fingernails depicting book scenes - WOWZA!
girl - im freaking out - your an author , a real author!!!! :)
Yay Kimberly! Yay The Body Finder! Yay for 2nd printings, great tours, long lines, serioulsy great hotel rooms, fabulous hair and cool nailpolish that Stacy bought me for my birthday, and Yay for BFF's!!! Btw, you missed my birthday. I'll say the fact that you called me adorable is my present. I'll take it. Coffee or ice cream will be consumed when you head this way again. Who am I kidding. It will totally be bundt cake! A huge, honking piece! <3 your BFF, Shannan w/ girlsinthestacks.com
Aw, it was SOOOO awesome to finally meet you. And that was one of the best signings I've been to. You guys rocked!

Thanks for posting all the pictures, now I feel like I saw the whole tour. And I'll try to remember that packing tip, should the need ever arise. :)

Yay for second printings. I'm not surprised!!!!!
Unknown said…
What great crowds! So exciting for all of you.
Heidi Willis said…
Amazing!! What a fantastic time! And how silly to worry no one would show up for you! :)
Anderson's was so much fun! Glad I got the chance to meet you :)
ReggieWrites said…
That was soooo cool! I looooved all the pictures! Everything looks sooooo cool!!! Seems like you had a fantabulous experience!
Wow, I wish I was there! So much fun! I love how one fan painted her nails representing the different scenes in the book! Too cool! :)
ShannAn - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! I can't believe I missed it!

ShannOn - Of course you'll need the tip...marvelous things will happen!!!

And Reggie - What happened? I thought I might get to (finally!) meet you on tour!!!!
Audrey said…
That hotel room looked awesome. I kind of want it as my personal room. I love purple.

It was great seeing you on tour! It was my first book signing. Ever. So I was ridiculously nervous while standing in line and such.

The Body Finder is AMAZING!!
Hardygirl said…

This looks amazing!

And, I had no idea they let authors stay in hotel rooms like that.

cindy said…
LOVE IT! so happy i could go hang out for a little while and meet all the other authors too!! fantastic post! can't wait to read your debut, kimberly!
Anne said…
I had so much fun meeting you! I posted some pictures on my blog from the Naperville stop.


Cant wait to catch you on your next visit to Illinois....Come back soon ! :)
Sandi said…
When Jessica described your book, I knew I had to have a signed first addition. Couldn't believe it was actually delivered to my front porch.Thank you for being so generous.
The great turnout on your tour didn't surprise me at all.
President of your Orting Fan Club