My Epic SMART CHICKS Wrap-Up Post!!!

So, while The Smart Chicks Kick-It Tour is far from over, my part is finished. And, OHMYGOD OHMYGOD OHMYGOD, I had a blast!!! But rather than bore you with the details, I’m just gonna show you:

In Scottsdale (on a day that topped 110 degrees!), I had lunch with Little Miss J (Jeanette) and her infamous friend, Amie.

Later that night, the two of them braved almost 300 screaming girls to stand in line and say hi again. That’s true friendship!

Poisoned Pen Books had these great Smart Chicks Kick-It (Get it??? "Kick-It" so they had boots. Clever!) cookies waiting for us in the “green room” (a room which I have to say was not green at all).

They also dazzled our eyes with these cute and sparkly tattoos that were painted on nearly everyone in line. (Clearly it doesn’t take much to please me, cookies and sparkles and I am a happy, happy girl!)

The Late Bloomer gals, Jen and Espe (pictured here with all the Smart Chicks) along with Aprilynne Pike (who was camera shy) introduced me to GELATO after the event. Who knew how delicious gelato was??? Honestly, I can’t stop craving it now. Thanks a lot, you guys!

The next day we were off to Menlo Park minus Sarah Rees Brennan and Holly Black...but we picked up Melissa de la Cruz, Margie Stohl, and Kami Garcia. Oh, and Vania!

Backstage we showed off our jewelry and our shoes…

…we read the paper (really, this was for an interview)…

And then we were on…

I have no idea what Alyson was saying, but it must have been HI-larious! (at least the photo was)

Okay, Zoe tried to tell me she dyed her hair to match my Desires of the Dead cover, and I don’t know if that was true or not, but I’m vain enough that I’ve convinced myself to be flattered. So, YAY Zoe!!!

Even famous author (and fellow Tenner!) Heidi Kling came out to see us! (See, I told you Vania was there!)

And if you want to see more from these stops, Smart Chick Jackson Pearce has put together these awesome video montages (I wish I had half of Jackson's video makin' skillz!):


Looks like a blast beyond words!
Anonymous said…
Looks like you had a totally fab time and what a great turnout! :)

DJ D. said…
Wow! Great turn outs! And it looked like you all had a blast! I'm glad you had a good time. :-)
Mundie Moms said…
How fun! I love seeing the pictures. I had such a blast at the Austin, TX and The Woodlands, TX stops. You ladies are all so amazing and so fun to hang out with. I hope you guys continue the tradition next year.
Annette said…
Was SF the biggest? If so, AZ was the funniest! Okay does that sound like I'm still in the 5th grade?
Annette - I think they were about the same (size and funny-wise), but I'm pretty sure Austin and Houston blew both of them out of the water...each of those cities had nearly 500 people!!!
Shirley Shimer said…
Kimberly--I just wanted to thank you for the bookplates! They came in the mail today and immediately went on my book and the book I'm buying for a friend. They are so awesome and you are awesome for taking the time to do this!

What a blast! I used to live in Scottsdale and I have to say, the winters were MUCH nicer than the summers :) Looks like you guys had fun on your tour. Next time, you have to hit Santa Barbara!!
Little Ms J said…
I love the photos of your stops! So adorable with the shoes and the smiles and the SCREAMING GIRLS. My girls and I agreed that the best part of the entire signing (other than seeing your cute self) was seeing how many girls are still passionate about books like we all were when we were their age. I loved it!

P.S. I really wish I'd done the three quarter turn like you and Amie! I look like I could lean over and gobble you up in one bite.
Shirley - Glad you got 'em!

Sherrie - Yes, SB would be great :)

And LMJ - You're crazy! You're so dang hot!!!
Zoe said…
Haha. It was originally pink but the color started to fade, and I re-dyed it pink. I was going to dye it blue, but decided to re-dye it pink because it matched your book cover.

It was awesome meeting you!