COME SEE ME THIS WEEKEND (and you could walk away with an ARC of DESIRES OF THE DEAD!)

So this Saturday, I’ll be doing a pre-Halloween signing with the wonderful and talented Denise Jaden, Chelsea Campbell, Mindi Scott, and Karen Kincy at Uppercase Books in Snohomish. What’s in it for you, you ask???

Well, not only will I be passing out candy and goodies (it is Halloween after all!), but last week my editor sent me an extra ARC of DESIRES OF THE DEAD that she just happened to find while she was cleaning her office...and I’m going to give it away to one attendee!!!

That’s right, come to the signing this Saturday and you could win an advance copy of DESIRES! Come on, people, how easy is that???

And while you’re there, you can also pick up the following signed books (which make great holiday presents!):

See you in Snohomish on Saturday!!!


Elizabeth said…
This makes me sad that its not near TN, but have fun at the signing!
ReggieWrites said…
I wish I could goooooo!!!!!!!!! =)))))) LOL =) Make sure to take pics!!! =))))))))