A Couple of Housekeeping Items

First off, the contest for the ARC of DESIRES is now closed, and can I just say WOW, you guys!?!?! Almost 200 entries, and I haven't even started to tally the total number of points, but just...WOW!!! I'm going to try to have all those sorted out and announce the winner by tomorrow morning! YAY!!!!!

Second, if you're in the Mukilteo (muck-il-TEE-o) (yes, everything in the Northwest does have an Indian name!) area, I'm on a Romance in Fiction panel today with several other authors at the Mukilteo Library at 1:00PM. Seriously, I'd love to see you there!!!

And lastly, tomorrow is the launch party for my fellow Tenner, author Mindi Scott's book FREEFALL at the amazing Third Place Books in Seattle (see-AT-tl) (you're welcome!). The party starts at 5:30. I wouldn't miss it, and neither should you!