Okay, yes, that title was my lame attempt at a joke…but GUESS WHAT???

The Body Finder will soon be available in audiobook format!!!! (Get it..."Hear Ye"...audiobook??? Umm, yeah...)

So this week, not only did I sign the contract with my new audio publisher, Audible Inc., but I also got to listen to some very talented actresses audition as they read from my book. Both of those things alone are SUPER COOL, but it also means that we’re that much closer to seeing…err…hearing...The Body Finder! And I don't know about you guys, but I LOVE audiobooks!!!

I don’t have the release date yet for TBF (I’ll post the deets when I have them), but Desires of the Dead audio version will be available simultaneously with its release on March 15th. YAY!!!!!

Let me just say: Welcome to the TBF family, Audible!!!!!


Unknown said…
Congratulations! I'm ready for movie news. I am sure The Body Finder would make a great movie.
Yay! Congrats!!!! I LOVE audiobooks I listen to them ALL the time! :-)
Elizabeth said…
Congrats! That is so awesome! I'm sure it will a great audiobook to own
lisa and laura said…
Whoo hoo! I love books on tape! And I'm with Cari....waiting for the movie/tv series announcement.
Britta said…
yay! But I must say, don't be one of those audio books where there is only one person talking and says everyone else's quotations in her same voice. I HATE those
Little Ms J said…
Yay! You have so much great stuff happening, lady! I'm pleased as punch. Ok, I never ever say that so this is obviously a big deal.
Cari and LiLa - Yes, I like the way you ladies think!!!

Britta - I agree, I like a little variation in the voices, otherwise I get confused. Maybe that's just me... ;)