I’m putting together my playlist for Desires of the Dead. That’s something I didn’t to for The Body Finder even though there are definitely songs that I associate with it. Mostly, I listened to A LOT of Evanescence while I was writing TBF. But there is one song in particular that I always associate with the killer’s scenes: Possum Kingdom by The Toadies. It just has this super creepy vibe about it…the promises not to hurt the girl, the contradicting messages, the dark and sinister tone. So, if you know me at all, you have to know that I LOVE it!

The new playlist is hard. My taste is so eclectic, and while part of me feels like I should at least try to be edgy and cool, I don’t want to be a total fake either. So I’ll probably end up including ALL of the songs I use to “get me in the mood” (you know, for writing)…and then you guys can laugh at what a geek I really am!


I love Possum Kingdom! Oh and the song Tyler from that same album. They both fit with your TBF killer well!
Rachel said…
Loveee it! :) I can totally see it for the killer scenes, it's the right lyrics but it's a laid back rhythm which is very surreal for the killer!
DJ D. said…
Evanescence = <3
I'm looking forward to seeing what other songs you have in store for us! :-)
Lenore - I finally listened to Tyler...yes, totally creepy-stalkery!
Looksie Lovitz said…
I recommend Echoes by Klaxons and Violet! by Jeremy Messersmith. PERFECT for Desires of the Dead. When I reviewed it on my blog I add playlists and those were 2 of the ones I picked. :)
Hey LL - I'm totally checking those out!