Okay, so I’ve been thinking…I’ve got this book coming out in March (a little something called DESIRES OF THE DEAD). And yes, I know that’s still very far away, but I’ve got a dilemma and could really use your help.

DESIRES OF THE DEAD has this great tagline:

The missing dead call to Violet.

They want to be found…

But I also need a “catch phrase” of sorts…you know, something that I can use as a fun one-liner for signings, on my websites, maybe even for my swag.

With THE BODY FINDER, it was:

What is your echo?

I love that…it’s dark and mysterious…and yeah, just a tad morbid. I want something like that for DotD, but you know what??? I got nothing!

So, unless you want me sending out posters that say “Don’t party too hard!” and signing books with “Have a nice summer” I’m gonna need your help. All I’m looking for is that perfect blend of cool and creepy. That shouldn’t be too hard, right???

Fine, it IS hard but I’m willing to pay for your help. Okay, so maybe not pay exactly, but definitely bribe you with fabulous prizes.

So, for my Writer’s Block Contest, I want you guys to come up with that perfect one-liner (even though I’ll probably tell everyone that I came up with it myself! ;). Be creative, be clever, and you can even be sinister if you must. And in return, I’ll give my top two favorite “catch phrases” each a special Harper prize pack.

FIRST PLACE will receive:

Wait for it….an ARC of UNEARTHLY by Cynthia Hand!!!!!!! (Oh, and did I mention that I’m blurbing this book??? Yeah, I loved it THAT much!!!)

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS by Sara Shepard (This is the new one with the way cool TV series cover).

And PRETTY DEAD by Francesca Lia Block.


KISSES FROM HELL, an awesome anthology by Kelley Armstrong, Richelle Mead, Alyson Noel, Kristin Cast, and Francesca Lia Block.

An ARC of VAMPIRE CRUSH by A.M. Robinson.

And the first 7 chapters of BRIGHT YOUNG THINGS by Anna Godbersen. (I love this cool mini-ARC!)

Unfortunately I have to limit the prize packs to US residents only, but here’s the thing, I really want you International folks to help me too, so I’ve come up with a compromise. If you’re an International reader and I choose your “catch phrase” for first or second place, I’ll send you a gift certificate worth $20USD for the online bookseller of your choice (in lieu of the prize packs). See, I didn’t forget you!!!

And just in case you’re like me (and like to do a little research) here’s where you can find more info about DESIRES OF THE DEAD:



Okay you guys, you have until Friday, November 5th, now get out there and Creep. Me. Out!


basma aal said…
"The fearful truth is underneath the dangerous darkness"
Email: basma.aal@gmail.com
Anonymous said…
How about, "They're still here"?
Email: WritingOwls611@gmail.com
The dead are calling.
email: frenzyofnoise@gmail.com
Chloe said…
It's not over yet.

There's no rest for someone who can sense the dead.

Do you hear the their call? / Do you hear the call of the dead?

Echoes go on forever / The echoes never end

There are more killers where that came from.

Brittany said…
"The dead still call..."
"Do you sense them?"
"Sense the dead"
"secrets don't make friends, even if they are dead"

Germaine Dulac said…
"They're waiting for you..."
"Desire was never so haunting."
"Their desire will haunt you."
"Who haunts you?"
"Follow the echo."

DJ D. said…
"even the dead have secrets"

"secrets are best kept with the dead"

"secrets don't stay buried"

I seem to have a thing for the word "secrets".
Marsha Sigman said…
If it were Violet's tag line, it should be "Don't call me, I'll call you."
or "Don't die near me."
Which both seem a little rude...lol.

But my fav and best effort would be, "What do you desire?"

It sort of follows the first tagline you used. Can't wait to read the book!
Eden said…
"Where will the echoes bring her?"

"She hears them, but who hears her?"

"The truth always bring the fateful echoes."

"Can her light parallel the dark echoes?"

Awesome Contest!
How about, "What's your desire?" or "What do they desire?"

ebriggs23 at gmail.com
My first thought was "what is your desire" to follow along with the Body Finder catch phrase. Second thought was "how will you help?"

I am sure I will think of something brilliant at 2:00 am and forget about it by morning. ;)

good luck.

"what does your echo desire?"
Sherry said…
How about:

The dead desire too

Shirley Shimer said…
The pleas of graves.

There is no "dead". Only slightly dead.

Terror still lives when you’re dead.

Clutched by the calls of the grave, stalked (or hunted) by footsteps of monsters.

The souls of the dead crying out for redemption.

Screams, the color of terror.

Who will find them when she’s gone?

How can she stop the horror?

What happens when no one can hear the echos?

Who’s calling to you?

Email: slightlynorsk@gmail.com
ReggieWrites said…
This is SO AWESOME Kim =))) Hope you find the perfect tagline =))) Here's my go at it:

Do you hear that echo?
Can you feel the dead's desire?
Do you hear the call of the dead?

Reggie =)))
Elizabeth said…
"The truth can be murder"
email: elb.lizbrown@gmail.com
Unknown said…
they are no longer here......but what keeps them Alive
Christina said…
Ok, I'll give it a shot. Sorry if some of them have already been said. I haven't read all of the other posts.

"The danger of desire."

"Tangled in echoes."

"What's your deadly desire?"

"The echoes call."

And...murder she wrote; that's all I've got. lol
Christina said…
I lied. Here's a few more.

"The dead are calling."

"Come find them." / "Can you find them?"

"Follow the echo(es)."

Oh. and my email is christinaferko(at)gmail(dot)com
Mariah said…
"everyone has a secret"

"the dead never really die"

"Echos never leave"

"The people may be gone but the echos are all around"

"Echos are all around"

a_readers_adventure at yahoo dot com
Rambling Wraith said…
Off the top of my head, and yes I did just scalp myself.

When the dead come calling, will you answer?

Taking this one to the grave.

How deep is desire?

Deadly desire is best left buried.

Echoes and imprints... Can you dig it?

Email: wraithfaery@aol.com
Lynn said…
The Echoes are back.

cause i think it compliments the first book's tagline

I'm just popping in to say you guys are killing me (no pun intended!)...these are WAY BETTER than I'd hoped for! You're going to make this really really really tough!!!
Tegan said…
"don't get caught in the echo."

"Find your desires"

Taffy said…
Lots of great ideas!

Confessions aren't dead.

Who will answer your call?

Who will hear your echo?

Did you miss their call?

The dead are calling.

Christina said…
Ps.- my husband tells me that "murder she wrote" isn't a phrase used to convey something is done/concluded so yeah. lolinsit if I'm wrong then, that's what I get for having a foreign dad who always makes up his own phrases like that.
Anonymous said…
Oooh...haha this is actually harder than I though it would be. I've been reading what other people wrote and some of them are really good !

Here's what I came up with:

"Craving the echo, or desiring the truth?"

Awesome contest! Thank you :) And I hope you find the message that calls out to you!

Miranda said…
Who will she find next?

How many will find?

She finds the echoes, but who wil find her?

What do the dead desire?


Precious said…
"Will she follow the voice of the dead?"

"Will she follow the dead's call?"

"What's your call?"

"What's your deadly desire?"

"Desires of the Dead echo."

Thank you! You didn't forget us, international peeps!

Shirley Shimer said…
The reverberations of the dead.

A static of echos.

Shirley Shimer said…
Some more:

Who carries your echo?

Are you next?

The music of the dead.

Will she find you, next?

The echos will find you.

The haunted dead.

email: Slightlynorsk@gmail.com
Eliza Mellark said…
Once a killer, always an echo.

Email: emellark@gmail.com
Kulsuma said…
AWESOME idea for a contest!:D

Who says secrets stay buried?

The dead don't stay buried.

Can YOU hear them calling?

Once dead, twice the dread.

Echo on!

The Echoes Reverberate.

No such thing as dead.

Dead or alive, you should be scared.

Attention: This is a message from beyond the grave.

I'm grave serious.

Deadly desire/ Deathly desire.

How much do you desire this book?

They're waiting for you...

You can call on me.

Thanks for including international readers!
Unknown said…
there are things that keep them alive.... even if they are no longer here its not a sound its not a color its an echo..... that keeps them here
Unknown said…
they are alive even if we dont see them or hear them they are here with us its an echo that stays here
Nicole Mainardi said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nicole Mainardi said…
"Listen for the echoes; the desires of the dead."

Lynsey Newton said…
OK, this is what I have so far...

Desires of the Dead...

Stirring up the echoes
Resonating within
Resonates within us all
Infinite Echoes
Only the living can help
Ignore at your peril
The only way to find out what they are is to ask...
The only way to make them go away is to give them what they want
Can you give them what they want?
What if you don’t give them what they want?
Imprinted on us all
Hear the echoes
Hear the whispers
Coveted by the living
Could you give them what they want? Would you?

I might be back if I can think of other suggestions

Lynsey Newton said…
A couple more...

Echoes from the Past
Can you sense them?
Lynsey Newton said…
ok I like this one...

Desires of the Dead....laced with the living.

Enough now, I'm going to bed LOL
Lynsey Newton said…
Should have been..

Desires of the dead...interlaced with the living..

*really going now*
I am having too much fun with this challenge......

Desires don't die (D3)
Anonymous said…
What would you do for a shot at desire?

Chasing echoes is to die for.

In death do they desire.

Desire is deafening.
F said…
Got echoes?
Can you keep the secret?
You can't hide from the echoes
Check for a pulse...

Lynsey Newton said…
Desires of the Dead...wanting never dies
Lynsey Newton said…
How about this..

Desires of the Dead...don't leave them wanting.
Monica said…
What is your deadly disire?
Deadly desires have deadly consequences.

I can see why you having touble I've only read the synopsis and the prologue and this is all I can come up with and you wrote the book.

Hope this helps.
Bwyatt said…
This is fun!

"Will your desires echo?"

"May your desires echo."

Thanks Kim! Big fun stuff!!!

britneywyatt [at] gmail [dot] com
Monica said…
Can you sense them?
desires can be deadly.
the call continues.
Anne R. said…
^^Or "the echoes continue..."

For Violet: "how may I help you?"

isabookwhore at gmail.com
Anonymous said…
Brrrrrwwwwww... that's a drumroll.

Do you dare desire?

And that's my entry.


Unknown said…
"Do you sense what the bereft of life long for?"

"How do you surmount the unknown?"

"The yearning of the non living...do you sense it?"

Wonderful Contest!
Hailey said…
Hm, don't laugh! :P
Here's my attempt...

"You can't kill desire."

Email: haileydanielle@cox.net
Hailey said…
Sort of similar, but...

"Desire never dies."

Hailey said…
One more try. (:

Echoes are forever.

Hailey said…
Gr, this is addicting!

What's your final desire?


The dead are deafening.

Hannah S. said…
Okay, I'm so horrible at these, so I'm not gonna even bother trying, (unless, of course, I think of one actually, well, GOOD) so I'd rather give you a song that might inspire you maybe...?

Dead Hearts by Stars
I don't know what it is (eh, it may or may not have to do with the "dead" part. Oh! And both the song and the book are amazing!) but whenever I hear it I think of THE BODY FINDER. :)

Good luck on your quest, K!
Love, Hannah
Suzanne Young said…
"Stay cool and sweet!" ? That what you're going for? :-)

Hm... how about:

"Be careful what you listen for"

I'm not good at this. Can't wait to see the winner, though!
Lesley said…
"Call to desire"
"Desire the silence"
"the answer is in the echoes"

and then fun one cause it's the first thing I thought of:
"Who are you gonna call?"
Ghostbusters! ;D

"DESIRES OF THE DEAD- Still seeking revelation(/revenge) or already craving for eternal rest?"

Expresses restlessness in two very different ways, one hauting and one more quiet and pleasing...
That's my catch phrase, catchy huh?:D
April X said…
The dead whisper their secrets. Can you hear them?

April X said…
Do your secrets die with you?

April X said…
The dead are restless. Can you fulfill their desires?
Britta said…
( filling in They want to be found...)
Will you search?

They dead are waiting.

Would you answer their call?
(Or- will you answer their call?)

The imprinted are all around you.

Their not done yet.

They still call.

It is not over.
Britta said…
oops! By "their not done yet" I meant "They are not done yet"
Nicole Mainardi said…
Ok another one:
"Do your desires die with you? Or do they slowly fester(/decay) until they can be heard?"

"Can you hear them? The desires of the dead?"

Thanks! Good luck on picking one :)