YA Spooktacular

I almost forgot to mention that I'm participating in this really cool Halloween event called YA Spooktacular. It's a collaborative story called DARKNESS that's being told in 13 different parts, with each part being written by a different author. It starts here with author Heather Brewer's (The Chronicle's of Vladmir Tod) contribution. Mine is the second part, which you can read here.

Each day for 13 days a new section will be added and while you're there you can enter to win all kinds of great prizes. There's a second story (with different authors) called A SOUL LAID BARE, which starts here.

The whole thing is really kind of awesome!


Guinevere said…
That's so cool! I'm looking forward to reading all the segments.
Britta said…
Wow. I am defiantly going to check it out right now!
Elizabeth said…
Your part was good, and this is a great halloween event!
Miles McG said…
Sounds great! :) I'll have to check it out.

Also, I awarded you two awards on my blog. You can check them out here (totally optional):