PICTURE POST: HarperTeen's Dark Days of Winter, Seattle Stop!!!

Yesterday was HarperTeen's second stop in the Dark Days of Winter Tour, and HOLY SNAP! what an awesome turnout, Seattle!

Here's Cynthia Hand, me, and Ellen Schreiber introducing ourselves:

My daughter (our Staff Photog) kept taking pics of the backs of our heads, so Cynthia and I caught her in the act:

Our official photographer (aka. my nine-year-old daughter):

Ellen, Cynthia, Candace from Candace's Book Blog who came to the event to live Tweet, blog, and interview us for HarperTeen (Thanks, Candace!), and me:

And my new favorite fan (yes, I mean the puppy!):

Thanks so much to the folks at BORDERS in Redmond, the event was fantastic!

And, seriously, I can't wait see those of you in (or anywhere near!) Chicago, Minneapolis, and Miami in March for the rest of the Dark Days of Winter stops!!!


Unknown said…
Hi Kimberly :)
Thank you for sharing the pictures!
It looks like a great event & a fun time. I LOVED the "No Autographs" on the back of your daughter's shirt.
Love & Best Wishes,
Avery said…
I am so jealous! You all really should come to Canada (specifically London, or Toronto- I will make the gazillion hour trek to see you if you did!)
Heather said…
Looks like you guys had a great time. I am jealous too!! I don't see a stop anywhere near LA or TX. :o( Maybe soon!! Glad you had fun!!
Amber said…
I'm coming to Miami and I can't even wait!
Candace said…
It was great to seer you!
Anna said…
Oh hey, it's my puppy! :D He was very glad to meet you (it meant he got treats for being a good boy. xD)
It was great seeing you again. <3 I'll see you next month too. :D
Bwyatt said…
Hey Kim! I wanted to thank you for answering my question (asked by Candace) about writing a series. I found it very interesting that you all planned on writing a series. I cannot wait to read DoD, and I totally loved TBF.
Aww, I wish it were up to me, I'd come see you all!

Brit - They were all great questions!
Anna - He is SO cute! So glad you brought him!!!

Candace - Great seeing you too :)

And AJ - YAY, I'll see you there!!!