The Spread-The-Word-And-Win-Some-Stuff Giveaway!!!

A while back I promised you international folks a shot at a giveaway, and I am nothing if not honest, so here goes!

Here’s the deal, I got these super sweet WORDS ARE THE MOST DANGEROUS WEAPON OF ALL T-shirts for The Pledge yesterday and I kinda love them.

Which means...

I wanna share.

So I’m offering up my biggest swag pack yet, including one of these awesome T-shirts, along with a signed finished copy of THE PLEDGE (so shiny!), a Passport (which will mean something once you’ve read the book), stickers, and bookmarks!!!

In exchange, all you have to do is help me spread the word for my launch party, which is in just TWO DAYS (Sunday, Nov. 20th at noon!).

It doesn’t matter if you’re in Boston, somewhere in Europe, or if you’re reading this blog from the streets of Ludania …you ALL have the same chance to win!

Note: No entries allowed from Ludania because my post office doesn’t ship to countries I make up in my books. :)

All you have to do is post a quick message about my launch party (preferably with link) (even better with the pretty launch party poster!) on your:

Google Plus

(Okay, yeah, I made that last one up! But you get the point...any social networking site will do!)

Just post here** in the comment section which site(s) you used and include the user name(s) you posted with...and VOILA you’re entered! Easy peasy.

But you only have two days. This giveaway is open to EVERYONE and ends at noon Pacific Time on Sunday, November 20th. You can earn one point for EACH social networking site you post to, so get out there and start Flarping!!!

**This message cross-posts, so be sure to post comments on the original blog post at!

Congrats to Petra @ Safari Poet! You won!!!


Denise Z said…
Congratulations on release day!! will do my best to spread the word:)
A.J. said…
I posted about it on...



A.J. said…

Bailey said…
I spread the word on Twitter and my blog!


My blog post:
Anonymous said…
Congrats on your release & thanks for the chance to win!



We've incorporated it with our swag giveaway!



Congrats on the launch!!
Poppy said…
Posted on Twitter and Tumblr! Congrats on your book launch. Hope it's all that you dreamed it would be!!/mspoppy/status/137619535636336640
District YA said…
How Fab :D So wish I could be at the launch :( Hopefully you'll come over to the UK at sometime!!

I have spread the word.....




leanne . luce21 @ gmail . com
sablelexi said…
Congratulations on the new release. I tweeted about your launch party here:!/sablelexi/status/137621464164732929

jlynettes @ hotmail . com
ephrielle said…

Blog post

my review of The Pledge

Tere Kirkland said…
I will spread the word, but don't need to enter. I finished The Pledge yesterday and it was so great! I really couldn't find anything not to like about it.

Thanks for a wonderfully satisfying read, Kimberly!
Katherine said…
Thanks for an amazing giveaway!
Twitter -katherine0175
Angie said…
Thanks for the giveaway!


Email: osnapitzAngiex3(AT)aol(DOT)com
Unknown said…
Hi! Good luck with the launch party! I'm sure it's going to be as epic as your books! I posted on:

Twitter - @Sonette123

Facebook - Sonette Lancaster

Blog -

juliababyjen said…
Love this! Posted on my Facebook!
Jane Speare said…
Awesome! I posted it:



Anonymous said…
Congrats on your release and thank you for the chance :-)

Twitter: @safaripoet)
Tumblr: Safari Poet
Google Plus: Petra Poet
Facebook: Petra Poet
Krispy said…
Congrats! Totally excited to read The Pledge. Thanks for the giveaway!

I tweeted about it. I'm @kangaru.

Francesca said…
Thank you the giveway!
lemondedefrancesca @

My Twitter : @francesca_fr!/Francesca_fr/status/137658003045351425

My Google + : Francesca G

My Wordpress blog : The World of Francesca

My Facebook : Le monde de Francesca
akoss said…
This is the 3rd time I'm hearing about your book today.
I tweeted about your giveaway and release date.!/akossket/status/137665040399601664

ank272 (at) live (dot) com
Gabbie said…

I spread the word on twitter under @Gabelle_M!/Gabelle_M/status/137672674603319296

Gabbie-ethela AT hotmail DOT com
Sullivan McPig said…
I tweeted:!/SullivanMcPig/status/137675205165318144

Congratulations about The Pledge release day! I wish I could attend, but live in Europe
I'm not really a social person, so I posted only on one site I can:


Vivien said…
Congrats!! I cannot wait :)


deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com
Unknown said…
Your poster is now on my blog at:

On my facebook:
(I also tagged you)

and on twitter:!/AJmylittlegirl/status/137710013694222336

I really hope I win. This is really exciting!!
Nicole Mainardi said…
Congrats on the release day! I can't wait to read The Pledge :)

I posted it on Twitter:!/nicole_mainardi/status/137746435021078529

Erica said…
I posted on my tumblr here :)
Carina Olsen said…
Omg, I would love love love to win this. <33 Thank you for having an international giveaway :D <3 you.
I posted on twitter:!/CarinaOlsen/statuses/137842086127996928 :)
Love, Carina ~
Spav said…

Lacey Devlin said…
Hi Kimberly,

I love the shirts! Hope you have an epically epic launch.


Rochelle Muller said…
Thanx for offering the Giveaway!! :)
Posted on twitter: (Username RocMuller)!/RocMuller/status/1...
Posted on Facebook: (Don't know how to get the url link in order to confirm). (Rochelle Muller on fb)
Teril said…
Congrats! I loved it!
Posted on my FB:

terilhack at yahoo dot com
momof5 said…
Left it on my blog and on my FB page!!/jessica.croskey
Megan said…
Way to go!! I love what you're doing and i love your books!

Jen R. said…
Aww, I so wish I could join! Sadly, I'm on the other half of the world. :( I helped spread the word anyway! :D!/NightBookThief/status/138064332952059905

If I'm lucky and win somehow win this awesome giveaway, I might feel a bit better about not being able to go. :)

basma aal said…
I posted it here

Brittany said…
Can't wait to read this! It's next on my list.
blog post:


flarp: ;)
richhayes said…
posted on twitter under txrich, good luck on the book
OMG, Britt, your entry cracked me up!
Rachel said…
Oh no!!! Missed the deadline, ugh better luck next time I suppose......
Anna said…
I posted mine on the facebook page before I left for the event!

Peace, Love, Teen Fiction.
Congratulations to Petra @ Safari Poet. chose your number!!! I'll be contacting you shortly :)