Sooo, I hear this a lot: Is THE LAST ECHO the last book in the BODY FINDER series?

What in the world would give you that impression???  Could it possibly be the use of the word “last” in the title? Is it the foreboding sense the title gives that someone might die...maybe even Violet (which sort of, by default, would end the series I suppose)?

I mean, c’mon...it’s just a title.  It’s not like the book is called THE FINAL ECHO or VIOLET WILL DIE, or anything.  Am I right? Now, those sound like the end of a series!  

But in all seriousness, THE LAST ECHO is most definitely not the last book in the series.  If it were, I probably wouldn’t already know the title to the fourth book, which I do.  It’s going to be called....





(Actually, I can’t say yet, unless I want to feel the full wrath of HarperCollins…which I totally do not. But I love that you thought I might tell you!)    

Now some of you already knew all of this. And if you’ve read an early version of THE LAST ECHO, you’ve probably figured it out anyway.  But I kinda have to admit it might’ve been a silly move on my part to give the book a title that makes it sound like the last one. So, why did I do it?

Honestly, it was just a line from the book.  I struggle with titles, so when my editors and I were brainstorming, this line came up and it fit. Really well. And we all loved it!  But clearly, we never really thought it through since we all knew there would be at least one more book after THE LAST ECHO. 

And after that…who knows?

No really, I don’t think anyone knows yet.  :)  

Oh, and for those of you keeping track...ONLY 37 MORE DAYS!!!!!!


juliababyjen said…
I knew there was another book coming..its shows it on Goodreads! Even though we don't have the title yet! I am hoping there are more books in the Body Finder series beyond the first 4. I love this series!
Leanna Elle said…
I knew TLE wasn't the final book, but I still got a little scared when I first saw the title!
Kristina said…
When are you going a local event? I hope soon!
Alba said…
Oh you TEASER! lol
I can't wait to read the Last Echo! X_X it's sooooo cool that you already know the tittle of the next book!
I seriously cannot wait to start the wait for that book hehehehe
~again the cover of The Essence? drool worthy! won't even get tired of saying that!~

I never thought of this book as the last but maybe is because I stalk you and Grace from (Peace, Love, Teen Fiction) and had most likely engraved in/on my brain that there is IN FACT another book after this one but I get why people would think it's the last one...some followers have asked me as well! I'm just so happy it's NOT! XD
Okay this post cracked me up because honestly I never thought that The Last Echo was the last book in the series. The thought never crossed my mind. The funniest thing is when I first started reading I read it wrong and thought it said that it WAS the last book in the series and I was like WHAT?!?!?! Hahaha. XD
Yesterday, someone came over to where I was working and was talking about THE HUNGER GAMES. I handed her a sheet I made of other books you might like if you enjoy the series and she said she had just purchased THE BODY FINDER. I was like, "Oh, then one book you'll totally want to read on this sheet is THE PLEDGE. It's by the same author and it was actually one of my favorite dystopian novels this past year because I loved the fantasy element!" She got really excited and I was so happy to talk you up! <3
Kristina - I'm still working on it!

A Backwards Story (I feel weird calling you that) - That's an awesome story!!! Thanks for being my pusher...I mean for telling readers about my books, lol!