Presenting...THE LAST ECHO Book Trailer!!!

If you’ve watched my first two book trailers, then you know I’ve been blessed by the book trailer gods (otherwise known as the madly talented Vania Stoyanova of VLC Productions!). Well, Vania (with the help of HarperCollins) has created yet another incredible trailer for the upcoming release of THE LAST ECHO (coming next Tuesday, April 17th)! I mean, seriously, this is arguably my favorite of the bunch!

Check it out:

I don’t know about you guys, but this trailer makes me want to look over my shoulder even more than usual! 

All I can say is thankyouthankyouthankyou to Vania and HarperCollins--you've done it again!


Kelsey said…
So. COOL. Can't wait to read!
Excited to read it! The trailer looks great. Congrats Kimberly and Vania.
Awesome trailer for an awesome book :) The pitchfork part creeped me out *shivers*
Anonymous said…
Great trailer! So glad the release is almost here.
Just as creepy as the book. Love both! x
Kristina said…
wow that is amazingly creepy!
Unknown said…
The Last Echo is amazing and the trailer is perfect
Jessika said…
Have read the last echo now and I LOVE IT! Love all the three books, and I want more! Pleas tell me it comes a fourth book?!
Jessika - There is definitely a fourth book coming next year :)
Jessika said…
Really!!! YEAHI! I’m so happy right now, can't wait to read it!
I really love your books!